History of Rachel Chandler's family, building of the Port in Long beach, Epstein Connections, Celebrity pedogate and a secret service agent

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+Who is Jean luc Brunel?%0A%0AHis Bio states his modeling agency MC2 is,%0A%0A%3E a Miami-based modelling agency with offices in New York and Tel Aviv%0A%0Ahttp://www.mc2models.com/%0A%0A%3E But his career has sometimes been marred by controversy. A CBS 60 Minutes documentary once accused Brunel of sexually exploiting young women, an allegation he denied. %0A%0A%3E But Brunel%E2%80%99s close friendship with %5BJeffrey%5D Epstein has never been in doubt. The model scout%E2%80%99s name appears frequently in the flight logs kept for Epstein%E2%80%99s private jets and prison records show he visited Epstein 67 times when he was in jail. %0A%0A%3E The 30 December court filing relaying Roberts%E2%80%99 allegations, however, went further than the innuendo that has occasionally surrounded Brunel%E2%80%99s friendship with Epstein. It explicitly alleged that Epstein was effectively exploiting Brunel%E2%80%99s access to young women for the purposes of sex trafficking. %0A%0A%3E %E2%80%9CHe would bring young girls (ranging to ages as young as twelve) to the United States for sexual purposes and farm them out to his friends, especially Epstein,%E2%80%9D the filing states. %E2%80%9CBrunel would offer the girls %E2%80%98modeling%E2%80%99 jobs. Many of the girls came from poor countries or impoverished backgrounds, and he lured them in with a promise of making good money.%E2%80%9D %0A%0A%3E Roberts alleged she was forced to have sex with Brunel, too, and was made to %E2%80%9Cobserve%E2%80%9D the French model scout engaging in %E2%80%9Csexual acts with dozens of underage girls%E2%80%9D.%0A%0A
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