NEW Arsenic Lullaby Collection- samples- progress shots- and Info

You want a good comic book collection? You want a comic book that you're going to remember for the rest of your life? You want one that's had some care, effort, pride and hard work put into it? Lemme just quick show you some of the work the went into just making the cover...and you multiply that in you head times 70 some other pages. I don't screw around when I put a book out. I put out the best I can to make sure you are entertained.






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The New collection of Arsenic Lullaby is ready to hit the shelf's and Time is running out to order yours!

...that's not just advertising jargon...there was a mix up and we didn't even know it was in the store's catalogs until like 4 days ago.

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I mentioned in the last blog ( ) that the new collection of Arsenic Lullaby got put into the catalogue...without me knowing/having time to promote it.

I tell ya, sometimes its like the very harmony of the universe is tuned to throwing a monkey wrench into everything I try to accomplish...which would be unfair if I was a good person trying to distribute self help books. But I'm not, so I will just press on against the cosmic forces of good. Time is short, so let's give this a f*cking whirl, eh?

Here's what ya need to know/understand. Even though it is 2019...the comic book industry works like this- Stores get a catalogue full of comics, they place their orders (after input from customers like you) the distributor gathers the orders, sends them to publishers ( that'd be me), I send them the books, they send them to the stores. one's figured out a better way, and I can't fight the ocean. when you wanna tell your stores to reserve your copy of Arsenic Lullaby "the Devil's only Friend".

"why can't we just order from you?"

Because...the comic book industry would collapse.

I mean, obviously the industry is not hinged on my niche dark humor book...society has not crumbled so far that my despicable stories are propping up an industry. But, we need to go through stores because we need to support comic book stores. BECAUSE...we need comic book stores.

The industry cannot survive without them. I truly believe that, and these are things I have thought through thoroughly. The industry needs stores for pragmatic reasons, and it needs them for moral.

The simple charm and break in the week of going to a comic book store and looking around and getting cool stuff...that is the core joy of this whole thing. It's what makes it a habit. It's what makes it a culture. It's what makes it an event. It's what allowed a book like mine to end up in peoples hands...them just looking around the shelves and going "what the fu..." and giving it a try.

The stores aren't just important, they are necessary .

This site below can show you your closest Comic Book Store.

IF there is now Comic Book Shop near you...this online service has been good to us in the past

Below are all sorts of samples and info about the new collection, and all the info your store could need.

IF you are outside the continental U.S. THIS is a great way to get Arsenic Lullaby, because I don't have to charge you through the nose on shipping. You just tell your store and the book gets sent to them and you just pay the cover price. UK, EU, New Zealand and Australia...I'm talking to you here.'s the goods!






Cthulhu awakens to destroy mankind, only to find out he overslept and we destroyed ourselves. All but one, very lonely, needy survivor.


Voodoo Joe, a powerful witch doctor living in the suburbs with a revenge for hire type business, takes on an apprentice. He does his best to train a middle aged professor on how to be evil, while his zombie fetus henchman is less than thrilled with the idea.

Click link below for a sneak preview pdf!

(pdf is in black and white, actual book will be in FULL COLOR!).

This preview is a story about a Demon who finds out that haunting an Ouija board kinda sucks...a lot.



ANYWAYS...I'm behind the eightball on promoting this. I have no idea right now where I put my contact info of comic book websites, podcasts, youtube channels that wanted to mention whatever new stuff I had coming if you are one of these PLEASE, by all means, contact me. That'll save me some precious time.

douglaspasz--at -

That's all for now.

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19.11.2019 08:56

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!

19.11.2019 15:28

Good luck with the pre-sales! How long does it take you to produce a page?

19.11.2019 18:37

thanks! tell yer comic book store...or someone. A page takes about 15hours from sketch to finished. here's a blog of mine going through doing a page

21.11.2019 02:45