Arsenic Lullaby at Comic - Con International! and some drawings

you can see me and my fine works at COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL NEXT WEEK!!! Booth 2200! Right in front of Door C. I'd give you and landmark of some sort like "I'm right next too..." but people keep dropping like flies so who the hell knows who'll be set up nearby. Not Mad magazine anymore. LOL

let's lookit the map...

cci2019floorwide shot.jpg

That is a big f*cking convention center...about 7 city blocks long. Let's zoom in a bit to see what's what around me...


Okay, so west of Image comics, north of Diamond Distribution...just go in door C and look for our giant banner, yeah?

there will be a 25% discount for all steemians who see me at the show Booth no.22oo

For the rest of you COUPON CODE - CCINT19- is good for 25% off anything on the online store. Get it now, because pretty much everything up there is going to be sold out after next week, except maybe the prints. In particular you'll wanna pay attention to the original artwork because I finally found/got around to putting some more pages up there. You'd think forgetting you have a particular piece of artwork would be strange, but it's not. Lemme show you something.

You see this page ( words redacted to avoid spoilers)...

I drew it twice, apparently...

Those are two different fully inked illustrations of the same damn page. Did I forget I drew it and drew it again? Did I see some mistake and decide to redo the whole thing? Odds are that was the case, given my own brand of neurosis . BUt it sure looks the same to me.

Both those pages are up for grabs, and a few others with Voodoo Joe, and a full three page Krampus story that I really should have put up during Xmas.

So, go to the store, look around, grab what you want while it's still avavilable, and if you're going to Comic-Con come see me. We have much to discuss.

Link to online store

link specifically to the original art at online store

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. Thanks in advance.

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