What is self-love?

It’s about being your “authentic self”. It’s about being honest to your inner child (subconscious mind that’s connected to the higher consciousness).

Right from the time we are born; there are decisions being taken about us, be it our name, language, school, education, career, marriage and the list is long. And what do we do? We start believing them to be our truth. We are conditioned in a way that we start seeking validation from others and to ensure that we remain accepted and appreciated by the external world; we start doing and following things that we believe we “should be” doing. In the process; we forget the inner child, we ignore it. We shut it’s voice, it’s calling.

Is this our truth? Are we authentic to our own emotions? For how long will we continue to live the life we “have to” and not the one that we “desire to”? When will we shift the focus from “outside” to “inside”?

No, it’s not gonna be easy. It takes a lot of effort, perseverance and sacrifices to shed the programming that has been done to us for years. It’s like peeling off the onion. With every layer that you peel off; you will have tears. Your mind that’s predominantly driven by the external world will keep judging and making you feel guilty whenever you practice self-love. Remember that even a caterpillar goes through a painful process, all by herself, before getting transformed into a butterfly.

So, the next time when you wanna take time off work, family and have ME-TIME; don’t feel bad about it. Don’t say yes when your heart wanna say no. Set healthy boundaries for yourself; let those who don’t appreciate those boundaries gradually move out of your life. Trust me, it will give space for the new soul tribes to enter; with whom your frequency will match. Next time; when you feel satisfied with your work; give a pat on your back, no matter what others say. Seek satisfaction.

Love yourself. You deserve it. ❤️

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