Contest: Tell Us About Your Favorite Football Team

We all know the popularity of football. Football is a team sport. It is a widely known and popular game globally. It is the official name of the sport governed by the International Football Federation (FIFA).Several competitions are held every week in our community. And we pay more attention to the issues of competition. We try to organize competitions on topics that all users can happily participate in.

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Today's competition topic: Tell Us About Your Favorite Football Team

  • Enter the name of your favorite football team. Write down in detail why you like this team.

Rules for this Contest:

  • Make sure you add at least 250 words in your post.
  • Share your post through AROUND THE WORLD
  • No plagiarism or abuse of copyright will be allowed.
  • Any language is permitted for the writing of this contest.
  • The contest is opened for all participants in Steem.
  • use tag: #steemplayfootball
  • Put the link of your entry into the comment session of this post ⬇ for easy identification.

                 The contest ends on 27th June 2021


1st Place 7 STEEM
2nd Place 5 STEEM
3rd Place 4 STEEM
4th Place 3 STEEM
5th Place 2 STEEM

All participants in this competition will be awarded 0.200 Steem Reward.
I wish your participation.

Thank you!

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21.06.2021 08:08

A very beautiful contest I am very happy. I can discuss my favorite footballer team. I can express my skills here and learn about everyone's skills. Thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful contest.

21.06.2021 08:35

wow, great contest. i well attend this contest.

21.06.2021 08:38

This competition is awesome. I am willing to participate in this competition

21.06.2021 09:44

Great contest brother. I will attend this contest.

21.06.2021 11:18


I am loving this. Please this is my entry

Thank you.

21.06.2021 23:37


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22.06.2021 12:01

Buenas noches a todos, Excelente concurso gracias por todo el apoyo. excito y bendiciones compañeros.

23.06.2021 03:18

Hola amigos, buenas noches. Les dejo el enlace de mi participación.

Hello friends, good night. I leave the link of my participation.
La Vinotinto se lleva en el corazón/La Vinotinto is carried in the heart.Fuente
24.06.2021 02:09
25.06.2021 20:49

whatever you do there must be results

27.06.2021 04:51