UPDATED. My Blueprint in Making Money Online.

Today I’ll share the exact steps I’m doing how I make money just by using my computer and the internet. My strategy of how I make money online. You will notice that though there are other more powerful strategies especially in advertising your products I use the low cost, low yield, easiest, but still effective advertising I know.

Create Your Own Website or Blog (OPTIONAL).

One way to build your brand, share your voice, and raise your reputation is to have your own website. You also have your own online real estate where you just don’t depend on your social media account or other social media platforms which eventually put your online business at their mercy.

The reason why I put this as an optional step is that in reality, you can still build a solid online business without a website of your own. All you need is to gather leads and nurture your leads by providing valuable content in a timely manner.

I will discuss more of the tool you need in order for you to get excellent results. It will be discussed under Products and Tools to Advertise. I will introduce a way to manage your leads and also an opportunity to earn just by using the compensation plan of the tool itself. Kind of, it will put you on the right track especially when you are starting.

Good thing is that creating a website or blog of your own is not that hard. In fact, I have created an ebook that you can download in PDF file, an easy step by step guide, and TOTALLY FREE. The Most Straightforward Step Step Guide on How to Create a Professional Blog or Website .

Another good news is that it is not that expensive to create a professional website either. You can start as low as $3.95 a month. That price is coming from my recommended website hosting site BlueHost. Just click the link to get you started.

Why Use Safelist Advertising?

Admittedly, you can get more and faster results when you can optimize your Google and Facebook ads. But this approach of advertising your products can be risky especially when you’re just starting. You can burn a lot of money if you do not know how to tweak and optimize your ads with Facebook and Google ads type of advertising.

I’d like to include the most number of people, even those with almost zero skills in online advertising. No matter your skill level you can still be successful in the first system that we will be using. The system is so easy, even a 7- year- old can do this. The method is Safelist Advertising and here is the list of the top Safelist Advertising sites I use.

What is Safelist?

You may be asking what is a Safelist? A Safelist is a method of advertising where participants agree to receive advertising email messages in return for a chance that they can send advertising of their own to the members who like them, opt-in to receive messages.

This has a low percentage of results output as most people already have their products to advertise. The good part though is by doing it consistently you will pile up your results, and with the right method, you can get results with just spending little to no amount of dollars.

This is low risk and better for you especially when you are starting. You expose little money for spending on ads. You can upgrade later and get more results as you enhance your skills with real experience.

Later on, you may want to use Facebook and Google ads and these are good for our system too. I just don’t want you exposed to unnecessary risks. Any good advertising will work but if have you to start, I advise you to start with Safelist Advertising first.

Products and Tools to Advertise.

When you advertise, you need a product or service so you can generate a sale and that is where you can earn income from. My recommended product or service is an autoresponder by TrafficWave.

To me, an autoresponder tool is the number one online tool to build your online business. It is even more important than a website. A website with a little audience cannot effectively capture leads much less to generate a sale. Study shows that on average a sale is made in at least 6 follow up messages. With an autoresponder tool, you can effectively nurture your subscribers with high-value content and build your brand. Then make follow up messages to generate sales.

With Traffic Wave membership you can create a capture page then let people sign up to your offer. By just doing this alone, you are already building your list or captured leads. You do not have You can make an offer like the capture page I made here.

Marketing Campaign Done For You.

Offers are easy to make, like a free guide, or free ebook or even a proven system for people to make money online. I do have a pre-built lead capture page created for TrafficWave who joined my team. It also has messages set up for the next coming days designed to convert prospects to buyers inside TrafficWave.

I can share it with you, it is as easy as copy and paste. All left to do is to show it to as many people as you can. You can use FREE or paid advertising campaigns alike.

For Safelist Advertising here are the list of good headlines and body of messages to use. This is compatible when you are with TrafficWave and joins with our Team Atlantis Rising team.

For more information about TrafficWave and to know the best set up for you to make money using this autoresponder tool you check my TrafficWave Review here .

Our Target Income. Goal Setting.

Our Target Income. Goal Setting..jpg

From my blog post, you would learn that the income potential of the TrafficWave system is US$88,587.00. I know that this very hard to achieve as there will be inactive members and you cannot really fill up 100% of the slot. But what if you can achieve just half of the amount or even just a third?

How’s an added $20k to $45k per month would change your life? Actually, if you check my home page of this blog, our immediate income goal is only $10k a month. With that amount, we already have the potential to exponentially grow our income. We, of course further learn how to put in good use our extra money with more good investment vehicles.

Second Phase of Income.


The next strategy is more of a passive income using a crypto trading bot. The service I trust with this strategy is the one provided by Trade Santa. You are free to choose but the trading pair I like is BTC-ETH because they are the 2 biggest. I just set it up and check at least once a month for my profit.

I also use BTC-Hive and BTC-Steem. I am a user of both of these platforms and I just use the earnings of my posts inside those platforms as assets for my trading. I adopt a short (selling) strategy for all my pairs where my earnings are expressed with BTC which I cash out using my local currency exchanger platform.

I take profit at 0.75% with Bollinger Bands signal as my signal indicator. You will find many tutorials once you are inside the Trade Santa platform. If you join here, send me a message if you need any guidance in setting up your bots.

Actually, if you have extra money and you can spare at least 10% of your income to invest in this platform. You are really set for life. Just use your spare earnings to more passive income investments. Investments like real state, stocks, gold, more Bitcoin. etc.. The more diversified you are the better, just don’t diversify when you are starting. That’s a sure-fire formula for failure, what you need now is the focus and being more productive

Sign-up for a free account with Trade Santa today and check it out inside.

Join Crypto Social Media Accounts That Rewards You with Money (OPTIONAL).

Again, this is an optional step. But making this step can reward us tremendously especially when you are a content creator like me. I just repost all my new content from my blog to these platforms. This also works for videos, photos, songs, etc.

This strategy works perfectly well wit Trade Santa. I just use the cryptos I earn with the rewards every time I share my content to make it as trading pair to earn Bitcoin.

Here is a specific example: I withdraw my Hive tokens going to Bittrex Crypto Trading Exchange then create a BTC-Hive trading pair with my Trade Santa crypto trading bot. It is a shorting strategy since I will have existing Hive tokens, my earnings will be expressed in Bitcoin. I set up Bollinger Bands ON for my trading signal with 0.75% Take Profit. Now every time Hive price goes up my bot will sell it then buy it back when the price goes down and meets my criteria of 0.75% profit.

My most recommended crypto social media platforms to use are Hive and Steemit .

Share Your Thoughts.

These are the main platforms I am using to make me money online. What do you think? Would you consider this as a good online money making strategy? Please share your comments and if you have any questions, you can also post it in the comments section below.

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