Facebook's Libra Assures Senators On Data Privacy.


David Marcus, Head of Libra Project, recently sent his reply letter to the US Senate. The letter is addressed to Chairman Mike Crapo of the US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs. The said letter is in my opinion is finely crafted to hold a diplomatic tone, saying that he fully understands the Senate's concerns about data privacy.

In his own words David Marcus, mentioned the following:
“I want to give you my personal assurance that we are committed to taking the time to do this right.”

He further assured about the non-involvement of Facebook of data handling therefore giving it zero chance for using data for its own financial gain which all of us may already know, the very controversy Facebook is notorious nowadays.
“Similar to existing and widespread cryptocurrencies such as ethereum and bitcoin, transactions that take place directly on the Libra Blockchain are ‘pseudonymous,’ meaning that the user’s identity is not publicly visible,”

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