Bullish for Crypto? Elon Musk Declares His Support for Andrew Yang, a Known Bitcoin Believer.

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Being a crypto enthusiast it would be a welcome change for me if a world leader would express his support to Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Now among the known actively campaigning presidential candidate (except for John McAffee), Andrew Yang is one out there who has good report about Bitcoin and crypto. For one, his campaign already accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other ERC 20 tokens.

His bid for presidency just got a shot in the arm when Elon Musk expressed his support for Andrew Yang through a series of tweets. And it seems serious as it was confirmed with their common advocacy of UBI (Universal Basic Income) and many other areas such as openness to other ideas or technological progress.

For me, I begin to take a second look to this candidate and listen to what he says, perhaps he is saying some sense after all, It is just me that keeps ignoring him in the past as he is not as that popular as the other aspirants. I am excited to to see how this goes moving forward.

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