Anger and terror - watercolor step by step /// Rabbia e terrore - acquarello


Anger and terror

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watercolor on paper


Anger and terror

Greetings to all.

Today I return to share a painting with the technique of watercolor.

The subject is my representation of two moods: anger and terror.

A gaunt face, almost mummified where I highlight the teeth that gnat.

A monstrous face, where anger and terror come together.

A horror subject that very well relates to the events of the war, of the gratuitous violence on civilians of death.

I'm going to show you step by step how the creation of such a monster happened.

this is the source of inspiration

1- pencil drawing of the subject

2- ochre watercolor draft ingediness on the face and red on the lips.

3 -so those very wet background with gray payne and Indian red.

4- to payne's gray I add cobalt blue and even part of the monstrous face

5 - finally strengthen with more marked shadows from darker tone, nose and orbital cavities.

And this is the result!
Ugly, isn't it?

Anyway I hope that my portrait has interested you and I embrace you virtually.


Let's talk about peace!!!


Saluti a tutti.

Oggi torno a condividere un dipinto con la tecnica dell'acquarello.

Il soggetto è una mia rappresentazione di uno stato d'animo: la rabbia.

Un volto scarno, quasi mummificato dove evidenzio i denti che digrigna.

Un volto mostruoso, dove la rabbia e il terrore si presentano insieme.

Un soggetto horror che molto bene si lega alle vicende della guerra, della violenza gratuita sui civili della morte.

Vi mostro passo dopo passo come è avvenuta la creazione di un simile mostro.

E questo è il risultato!
Brutto vero?

Comunque spero che il mio ritratto vi abbia interessato e vi abbraccio virtualmente.


Parliamo di pace!!!

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I am drawn to this one very much as I work with dream clients and often they're asked to paint or draw dreams for their action plan (or homework). This one looks as if it could be an angry dream character and in a session we might use the painting as a portal for journey to uncover even more in way of feeling. Seems hurt is almost always behind anger.
Also, love seeing all of the steps of how you got to the finished product. I know watercolor is more difficult than it look as far as getting what I want ;)

23.10.2019 22:09

Thank you for this wonderful comment I was very pleased to read it. A hug

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23.10.2019 22:17

This is such a cool painting. Thank you for sharing the process with us so that we can see your step by step process. Awesome job.

24.10.2019 02:17

thank you very much for stopping by.

24.10.2019 07:10

Wow... I really enjoy seeing the whole process, step by step. WELL DONE

And thanks for sharing this on #pypt @pypt @derangedvisions

25.10.2019 00:05

Thank you so much for your comment

26.10.2019 16:07

imprimere rabbia su un volto non è facile proprio per i colori dell'incarnato e quindi per attrarre chi guarda l'opera d'arte bisogna puntare agli occhi...a digrignare i avere capelli arruffati che rendono l'immagine della persona scocciata e altro

25.10.2019 16:56

Interpretazione da numero uno. Complimenti. Ciaooo

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