The ARK Subreddit Now Has New Community Engagement Improvements

ARK is committed to fostering a growing community of engaged participants. Today, we are adding to the already long list of initiatives by enhancing Our subreddit will now automatically generate questions and discussion topics for the community, with the ARK team weighing in by responding to all top-level comments.

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**** is Evolving

There has never been a better time to subscribe to the ARK Subreddit. Reddit is a pretty effective platform for the purpose of coming together and sharing opinions and ideas (save for a few quirks). In fact, a large number of people have started using Reddit for the first time solely due to their interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, myself included. Moving forward, we will be capitalizing more on what Reddit offers and leverage it to establish a deeper connection with the ARK community.

The initial inspiration behind these improvements comes from the 30 Days of ARK campaign, where the ARK Community Committee asked for the community’s opinions on 30 ARK concepts over 30 days. Those opinions were merged into an educational resource called ****, where everyone can read through first-hand opinions on everything ARK.

What We Did

Every three days, the auto moderator of our subreddit will pose a new question or topic of discussion to the community. These questions and topics are different from the 30 Days of ARK topics, and they will offer a unique twist that we believe will spur community engagement and give us even more valuable insight. Here are a few examples:

  • What are your pain points in using ARK technology? Find anything odd that we can improve on?
  • What’s the most interesting thing you read in our blog over the past couple of months?
  • Would you like to see any articles on specific topics published to our blog?

Here are a couple completed entries with responses from the team:

This will provide a consistent base of operations on Reddit for ARK users and developers to communicate with the team and one another. This Reddit initiative complements our team AMAs, which occur regularly on the ARK Slack in #AMA channel, as well as compliments our developer roundtables, which are announced via our Twitter and published on our YouTube channel.

What We Promise

These Reddit improvements will bring more than just insight, discussions, and sure, probably in some cases, ‘popcorn fodder.’ The ARK Communications Team will be glued to these discussions, and we will respond to every single top-level comment on these specialized threads. As a community member turned team member, I vividly remember enjoying Reddit comments made by the team in response to a community member. It really gave me a clearer picture of what ARK is all about straight from the source and confirmed for me how much the team cares. We still post comments a lot on our subreddit, but these improvements will take something that is known and loved about the ARK Team and turn it up to 11.

We will be responding to all comments from these specialized threads on a ‘one post delay.’ This means that when the next auto-post is released, we will respond to all comments in the most recent auto-post as well as any straggling comments in previous posts. This will give people more time to comment and make doing this more efficient for us.

We will also take your comments to heart and when possible, take direct action as a result. We will improve our platform and products, make GitHub issues and feature requests, and improve our content and rich media as a direct result of what you said. We want you to feel heard, and feel like you have a direct impact on the future of ARK. We believe this can create a lasting affinity between the ARK Blockchain Platform and its users. Each month in the Community Spotlight Newsletter, a few of the most interesting comments and responses will be highlighted.

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What You Should Do

We’re ready for you to contribute to our Subreddit and enrich other community members as well as the ARK Team. If you don’t have a Reddit account yet **you can sign up here, and then subscribe to the ARK Subreddit here**. We look forward to reading what you have to say.

See you there!

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