ARK Whitepaper: A New Interactive Experience & Contest

If you haven’t yet taken a hard look at the ARK Whitepaper, now may be the perfect chance. We want to ensure a pleasant experience when diving into ARK blockchain concepts and technology for the first time, so we have migrated the ARK whitepaper from PDF format to a friendlier online resource. We are also celebrating with the community by launching a quiz-style contest surrounding the whitepaper featuring opportunities to win ARK!

Our whitepaper is well outlined and brings all the aspects of the ARK Ecosystem into one easily readable document. It acts as a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ where you can skim or skip portions you are already familiar with and hone in on concepts of interest. Clocking in at over 15,000 words, there is plenty of content for everyone to explore.

Take a look at our new whitepaper experience here:

Migration Benefits

This ARK Whitepaper migration to the new interactive online resource comes with some key benefits:

  • Light Revisions. ARK enlisted the help of ARK community member Neil Doshi to improve the literary voice of the whitepaper and enhance its readability. The fundamentals of the paper are the same, and this new version (2.1.0) differs from the previous version in literary voice only. We are quite pleased with Neil’s work and think you will be too.
  • More Mobile-Friendly. With a document as comprehensive as the ARK Whitepaper, getting through it on mobile can be a bit daunting. After reviewing feedback from the community, we found that this new way to experience the ARK Whitepaper will be much easier for mobile users.
  • Better Navigation. Full drill-down navigation allows readers to jump to relevant sections without endless scrolling, and readers can even share content that links directly to a relevant section of the whitepaper. For example, now you can directly link to the *Convenience in Interoperability portion of the ARK Network Uses *section.
  • Live Resource Links. Appropriate subsections of the whitepaper now contain live resource links to bring readers deeper into the ARK Ecosystem. For example, after reading about the ARK Core in section 7.1, you can go directly to the Core repository on GitHub, read relevant blog articles, or view Core documentation on ARK Docs.

Interactive Whitepaper is also available on our Github repository — if you see any errors or ways of improving things feel free to submit a Pull-Request or open an Issue at ****

Whitepaper Crunch Quiz

To celebrate the migration, we have put together a quiz-style contest that puts your knowledge of ARK to the test. Based on your correct answers and the number of participants, you will receive ARK for completing the quiz. An amount of 1000 ARK generously provided by Delegate ‘Jarunik’ is available for this campaign. ARK will be awarded via Delegate Cryptology’s ARKTippr Reddit Tip Bot. Opportunities to receive ARK will remain available until October 31, 2019, and ARK will be awarded shortly thereafter.

Get more details and take the quiz here:
***ARK Whitepaper Crunch Quiz

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A really well documented ARK Whitepaper which brings many technical aspects from the blockchain into a more readable format. For sure we need this approach if we want to enroll and make more people adhere to what blockchains can bring and how the distinguish themselves.

28.09.2019 09:51

Bookmark for future reading of the white paper.
Thank you for the information.

08.10.2019 18:45