ARK GitHub Development Bounty Program — September 2019

September’s GitHub Bounty Program results are in! In this post, we will review the month’s winners, pull requests and work done by the community.

Recently we updated our bounty structure, where we have doubled the tier rewards and also added a bit of competition to the program.

Thanks to all of the developers for their continued contributions! Be sure to spread the word about our bounty program to help us get more developers involved and contributing to the ARK Ecosystem, not only improving the codebase but also giving developers a way to learn and earn.

Don’t know what this is about and want to get involved?

Please have a read at and also look at other bigger Tier 0 projects at

Here are the participants and contributors of the September 2019 Github development bounty program!

1.dated — $570 USD+20% BONUS ($114 USD) = Total: $684 USD

Number of pull requests: 31

  • feat: load transaction from file 2019–09–03 16:30:18desktop-wallet#1383$100 USD
  • perf: reduce amount of calls to crypto compare 2019–09–02 16:25:56explorer#708$50 USD
  • feat: ability to switch between price and volume chart 2019–09–03 08:41:27explorer#713$50 USD
  • refactor: fetch wallet vote directly instead of requesting transactions 2019–09–09 19:20:30desktop-wallet#1442$50 USD
  • fix: properly format crypto currencies 2019–09–02 11:28:20desktop-wallet#1402$20 USD
  • fix: block & transaction 404 pages 2019–09–02 15:42:39explorer#719$20 USD
  • refactor: delegate table and sort params 2019–09–03 12:51:24explorer#723$20 USD
  • feat: replace delegate status icons 2019–09–03 13:13:29explorer#724$20 USD
  • fix: chart options migration 2019–09–04 09:11:49explorer#726$20 USD
  • refactor(core-transaction-pool): don’t accept expired v1 transactions 2019–09–26 23:47:23core#2948$20 USD
  • refactor: don’t parse transaction fees as int 2019–09–09 13:57:32desktop-wallet#1443$20 USD
  • feat: pending balance tooltip with unconfirmed transactions 2019–09–16 09:06:40desktop-wallet#1395$20 USD
  • fix: include ledger wallets in plugins 2019–09–22 19:14:28desktop-wallet#1436$20 USD
  • chore: adjust workflows to match all branches on push 2019–09–27 10:10:56desktop-wallet#1472

SDK endpoints additions (7x20$)

  • feat: crypto endpoint 2019–09–03 02:33:10cpp-client#122
  • feat: crypto endpoint 2019–09–03 02:35:03php-client#63
  • feat: crypto endpoint 2019–09–03 02:35:38java-client#47
  • feat: crypto endpoint 2019–09–03 02:35:59ruby-client#49
  • feat: crypto endpoint 2019–09–03 02:37:41python-client#94
  • feat: crypto endpoint 2019–09–03 07:34:03swift-client#40
  • feat: crypto endpoint 2019–09–03 07:37:40elixir-client#54
  • feat: add missing api endpoints 2019–09–15 10:25:36elixir-client#57
  • chore: add/move deprecated packages 2019–09–03 12:45:05docs#469
  • feat: add missing api endpoints 2019–09–15 10:26:29ruby-client#52
  • feat: add missing api endpoints 2019–09–15 10:27:14java-client#50
  • feat: add missing api endpoints 2019–09–15 10:27:53php-client#66
  • feat: add missing api endpoints 2019–09–15 10:28:53go-client#65
  • fix: proper casing in circleci badges 2019–09–15 10:36:58docs#467
  • feat: add rounds api 2019–09–15 10:57:26python-client#96
  • feat: add rounds api 2019–09–15 10:57:29typescript-client#60
  • feat: add missing api endpoints 2019–09–23 04:20:17cpp-client#127

2. ciband — $140 USD+10% BONUS ($14 USD) = Total: $154 USD

Number of pull requests: 7

  • Bug: fix windows curl 2019–09–30 17:31:11cpp-client#126$20 USD
  • chore: fix PIO Builds 2019–09–25 05:16:56cpp-crypto#145$20 USD
  • fix(crypto): fix crash in tests 2019–09–25 04:51:40cpp-crypto#146$20 USD
  • test: Break Up Tests 2019–09–23 12:59:00cpp-crypto#141$20 USD
  • chore: Add support for VS2019 2019–09–03 04:00:20cpp-client#119$20 USD
  • chore: Add appveyor support 2019–09–03 02:32:09cpp-client#120$20 USD
  • chore: Add support for Visual Studio 2019 2019–09–03 02:31:31cpp-crypto#135$20 USD

3. alessiodf — $40 USD + 5% BONUS ($2 USD) = Total: $42 USD

Number of pull requests: 4

Pedro-Souza — $40 USD

Number of pull requests: 2

  • test: add new test 2019–09–17 03:04:02paper-wallet#33$20 USD
  • feat: add crypto endpoint 2019–09–13 04:45:56python-client#97$20 USD

kalgoop — $20 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

  • refactor: dont check if wallet selected for top wallet transactions 2019–09–20 13:14:53mobile-wallet#360$20 USD

kleinrein — $20 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

  • fix: transactions filter 2019–09–04 08:20:54explorer#727$20 USD

Other Contributors

Special thanks to other contributors who also helped in September with pull-requests, improving documentation, fixing typos and other fixes! We are extremely happy to see our vibrant and enthusiastic community involved in the path we are walking together!


Number of pull requests: 1

  • misc: italian language revision and update 2019–09–12 18:25:18mobile-wallet#376


Number of pull requests: 1

  • docs: Updated a deprecated ssl directive in 2019–09–11 08:27:36docs#472


Number of pull requests: 1


Number of pull requests: 3

  • Update 2019–09–30 23:35:39docs#486
  • fix: typo 2019–09–29 15:18:24docs#476
  • fix: plugin order instructions 2019–09–29 15:17:38docs#477


Number of pull requests: 1

  • fix: close transaction show modal when clicking on addresses and navigate to transactions tab always 2019–09–02 12:53:57


Number of pull requests: 1


Number of pull requests: 1

  • docs(guidebook): update list of events location 2019–09–20 12:52:34docs#474

Are there any other development bounties going on?

Yes! There is also the community-run ACF (ARK Community Fund) — read more here: ****

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