ARK GitHub Development Bounty Program — December 2019

As we leave 2019 behind, it is time to go over our monthly ARK GitHub Development Bounty Program. It was a busy development month with many community contributions, for that we want to thank everyone who participated. This program runs nonstop throughout the year so it’s never too late to join in.

Thanks to all of the developers for their continued contributions! Be sure to spread the word about our bounty program to help us get more developers involved and contributing to the ARK Ecosystem, not only improving the codebase but also giving developers a way to learn & earn.

Don’t know what this is about and want to get involved?

Please have a read at and also look at other bigger Tier 0 projects at

Here are the participants and contributors to the December 2019 GitHub development bounty program!

dated — $270 USD+20% BONUS ($54 USD) = Total: $324 USD

Number of pull requests: 15

  • fix: build sum over payments to same address 2019–12–04 10:26:14explorer#781$100 USD
  • feat(core-api): stricter resource-based orderBy schema 2019–12–18 18:51:53core#3319$50 USD
  • refactor(crypto): throw error if multi payment has less than two payments 2019–12–18 13:54:25core#3345$20 USD
  • refactor(core-api): add shared username schema 2019–12–12 06:43:14core#3344$20 USD
  • fix(core-api): businesses/bridgechains search by name 2019–12–05 04:45:30core#3313$20 USD
  • fix(core-database): handle forgedTotal and voteBalance in orderBy query param 2019–12–05 04:10:40core#3320$20 USD
  • refactor(core-api): accept address, publicKey, delegate name as business id 2019–12–05 04:09:17core#3310$20 USD
  • feat: add blur to app when modal is open 2019–12–02 10:03:33explorer#784$20 USD
  • chore: update workflow config 2019–12–28 13:45:51dotnet-crypto#59
  • chore: collect coverage from vue files 2019–12–12 12:19:15explorer#793
  • fix: delete plugin path of installed plugin when updating and various tweaks 2019–12–11 15:01:59desktop-wallet#1582
  • feat: plugin manager 2019–12–10 17:55:09desktop-wallet#1501
  • fix: check that sender is requested address 2019–12–09 16:47:43explorer#791
  • chore: update status badge and other readme tweaks 2019–12–05 11:24:11desktop-wallet#1568
  • fix: various & i18n of magistrate asset properties 2019–12–02 10:20:23explorer#785

Nigui — $20 USD+10% BONUS ($2 USD) = Total: $22 USD

Number of pull requests: 2

  • fix(core): network generate command 2019–12–11 12:54:15core#3334$20 USD
  • feat(core-p2p): increase maximum token symbol length 2019–12–05 04:07:27core#3311

Drakeler55 — $20 USD+5% BONUS ($1 USD) = Total: $21 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

  • Devnet setup 2019–12–16 16:15:51docs#500$20 USD

Lemii — $20 USD+5% BONUS ($1 USD) = Total: $21 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

  • fix(crypto): throw error instead of omitting long vendorField values 2019–12–11 12:26:49core#3338$20 USD

Other Contributors

Special thanks to other contributors who also helped in December with pull-requests, improving documentation, fixing typos and other fixes! We are extremely happy to see our vibrant and enthusiastic community involved in the path we are walking together!


Number of pull requests: 1

  • docs(exchange-json-rpc): transactions typos 2019–12–19 11:22:41gitbooks-api#1


Number of pull requests: 2

  • chore: add tmp-shm and tmp-wal to .gitignore 2019–12–05 04:08:44core#3317
  • fix(core): fix “file path exists” error 2019–12–05 04:08:14core#3321


Number of pull requests: 1

  • feat: AIP 11 & 18 implementation 2019–12–23 03:59:42python-crypto#100 (part of Tier 0 project)

Are there any other development bounties going on?

Yes! There is also the community-run ACF (ARK Community Fund) — read more here: ****

Earn ARK Tokens for Testing

Want to earn ARK by testing out the newest Core v2.6? With our Core v2.6 bounty, you can get involved with the public testing in exchange for rewards.

**Earn up to $100 in ARK tokens for each issue you report related to Core v2.6 and all the new transaction types. But wait there’s more - reporting issues could net you a spot on the Leaderboard, for a chance to receive an additional bonus reward of up to $1,000!**

Start **reporting issues here or join our #Devnet channel on the ARK Slack** for more help. Get testing now to start earning!

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