ARK Community Spotlight — November 2019 Edition

November is a wrap! We are proud of our determined and bright community, and our monthly Community Spotlight newsletter will keep you apprised regarding notable community activities. Let’s dive into just some of the ways the ARK community shined in November 2019.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT QUESTIONS improved communications on Reddit to spur discussions and collect valuable feedback from the community on various topics. The ARK Team responds to each top-level comment made on the threads. Take a look at the topics generated for this month, and subscribe to for more topics, discussions, and opportunities to interact with our team!

Here are the November 2019 Community Engagement Questions:


Some members mentioned in the community newsletter are ARK delegates, who secure the ARK network and provide community services. Their inclusion in the newsletter is in no way an endorsement from to vote for specific delegates, and you should always do your own research and consider all the options when choosing a delegate for whom to vote. does not run the ARK Public Network.

Here’s the November 2019 Community Service Spotlight:

  • ‘Jorma’ maintained
  • Delegate ‘Fun’ continued to run ARK games online with daily ARK prizes. This month, a new PvP game launched called Minesweeper Flags.
  • Delegates ‘Biz_Classic’ and ‘Del’ ran ARK faucets here and here.
  • Delegate ‘Alessio’ continued combing through ARK code to locate and repair vulnerabilities, making progress that contributed to new Core updates.
  • Delegates ‘Goose’ and ‘ArkMoon’ continue their service, ARK CSV Generator, and Income Estimator, to aid in trading and income reporting. You can input public keys to ARK addresses and get a report including fiat values. The resource does not constitute formal tax advice.
  • Delegate ‘Jarunik(website) runs a continuous coding and non-coding general bounty service, with opportunities for both smaller and larger projects. Get involved here. Recently, Delegate Jarunik sponsored an additional batch of ARKMoon commemorative gift coins for use on Crypto Trivia Night.
  • Delegate ‘Cryptology’ continued operating the ARKTippr tip bot, compatible with both Reddit and Twitter.
  • Delegate ‘Alessio’ is doing a second round of “Earn ARK for running a devnet delegate” that can be viewed here.
  • Delegate ‘Rising Sun’ announced a new lottery as part of their delegate service. Results are available here.
  • Delegate Drakeler created an infographic for some of the things you can do with ARK.


Watch this video on how to get involved with ARK, all skills welcome.


The Ark Ecosystem Subreddit is a great place to seek ARK knowledge, and you can always find new and engaging content there. New to ARK? Check out my Welcome to ARK Reddit Post with simple instructions to follow.

Here are some notable November posts:

You can browse more content and contribute your own voice to the ARK Subreddit- who knows, you may even receive an ARK tip from a community member using Delegate Cryptology’s intuitive **ArkTippr Reddit tipbot**.


ARK runs monthly bounty programs for coders who contribute to our codebase on the **ARK Ecosystem GitHub**. Independent programmers can work side by side with our international team and make the ARK toolkit even more powerful and stable.

To compress this newsletter, we will link to the reports moving forward.

Multiple coders are contributing to the ARK toolkit 24/7, and you can too — it’s fun, rewarding, and you can earn ARK as well! ***Get started here*.

If you don’t know how to code, but you have ideas to improve ARK open source projects, use this video to help you let developers know.

You can also now push issues onto ARK GitHub repos without a GitHub account using the Ark.Party Discord Bot.


The ARK Community Committee creates and deploys community resources through anonymous and sponsored ARK donations.
Completed ACC projects include:

To join the ACC, locate me on


If you have an idea for an ARK project, large or small, and you are looking for funding, consider submitting a proposal to the ARK Community Fund for review. The ARK Community Fund started as a community initiative and the elected board reviews ideas and projects that enhance ARK. Their website is **ArkCommunity.Fund**.

The opportunities that ARK Ecosystem provides are ever-growing, and there are many ways you can get in on the action. To reach me, you can contact me on the ARK **Slack or Discord**: @ Justin (doubled1c3).

Looking forward to December!

Read our new 2019 whitepaper, follow us on social media (Twitter|Facebook | Reddit ), join our community ( Slack | Discord ) and stay tuned to our blog on Medium and on Steemit.

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Cool saw the promoted post on SteemPeak and am intrigued by how things are going. Hope to see you guys create a community for ARK once that's up and rolling (soon)

06.12.2019 15:36

Saw you guys promote a few times on Steem Monsters if im not mistaken. Will definitely look into the project. You seem committed, and not in a destructive way.. :)

06.12.2019 20:05