Steema / Participation in the contest / Step by step + explanation

This is the first participation that I will carry out within the platform with regard to the subject of art, thanks to @equipodelta for the initiative to his first contest, I know that soon they will be bigger and there will be more participation.
The contest consists of drawing a character that makes up his team in Steemit. She is known as Steema, she is a girl and she is very charismatic.

To be able to guide me a little about Steema, I have taken a gif of the post of @equipodelta and thus know what colors I will use when coloring, in addition to inspiring me a bit with respect to the background, the gifs was the following:

Link to the original post here.

Step by Step

First of all I have decided to perform Steema in chibi form, why this? since her mom is in charge of humanizing her, therefore the idea of ​​making her a little human girl does not sound so bad, first of all I have made the sketch. I made it on a white sheet and the pencil I used was number 2H, this I do to then pass the drawing to digital and at the time of doing it I find it easier since everything I do freehand (with the computer mouse ) This happens because I still do not have a graphic tablet that facilitates the process.

To the sketch I have taken a simple photograph that will then be passed to the computer where I work, so that I can open the photo in the program I use. I will begin to make the lines of the drawing.

These lines have been made thanks to a brush in the LineWork layer with modification in the tip at number 11, the blue color does not matter much, since this will be modified by coloring the whole drawing.


I modify these lines immediately after finishing highlighting everything. How? because very simple, thanks to a brush of the same layer of LineWork called pressure I can modify the lines so that some tips are thinner and others more rounded, resulting in the next step.


Now I will begin to color the part of his outfit, his shirt is water green, so I have used this color as a base but I have added shadows that have been blurred, I made him a long shirt, next to black stockings and black gloves . I have also created a mask for him so that he can recreate Steema.

The colors I have used for black clothes have been the following codes

Now I will color the skin, I have decided not to add too many shadows since I would lose the base color of your skin due to the little space it presents. With the hair it is the part that I liked the most, and to be honest the first hair I color that is not brown, yellow, or black. That is why I have used various shadows, since I think that what characterizes Steema physically is her hair, and to be honest it is the art of drawing that I liked the most.

6.png 7.png

Then I will make your eyes and color your mouth. Do you remember that the blue lines were going to change color? Well, here comes that step, I will carefully choose a color change in each line depending on the colored area.

8.png 9.png

And finally I decided to make a small background inspired by the hearts that were placed in the gifs, culminating in this way the drawing.

10.png 11.png

Sep 1.png




The program I have used is called Paint tool sai

The separator you just saw, is my authority.
The images you just saw, are my authority, except for the gifs there I left the link.

Thank you very much for reading, any comments and questions you have will be well received.

Nursing Student - Artist - @arisita

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