Malignant and benign tumor prevention - Factors that influence

We well know that hearing the word tumor is immediately related to death, and that the life expectancy of the person presenting the problem may be compromised. At present, we seek to promote information on how cancer can be prevented, although it is not in a direct way, there are factors that influence these tumors to be developed in our body.


First of all we have to be informed about how our body works to know that it is a tumor. Our organism is made up of cells, billions of them. Every day our body produces new cells and is responsible for eliminating the cells that our body does not require anymore, a very clear example of this is the following; the blood cells of our body (leukocytes, lymphocytes) that have a certain time of life in the bloodstream to be able to fulfill their function correctly, after this they are converted into bilirubin, and these in turn are eliminated by feces. The same happens with the cells of our integumentary system, in other words what our skin is.

By being informed of this, and knowing that our organism is in a complex system of regeneration constantly, we know that new cells that are about to be created can be as effective as those that existed previously or may present a problem, such as multiplication. these same out of control.


If the cells are not in their proper morphological structure they will begin to present faults, which will lead to the person presenting this problem in their cells beginning to present problems in their normal physiological function.

✔ The uncontrolled growth of cells can occur anywhere in the body, since of course, our body is made up of cells.

✔ To this uncontrolled cell growth is tumor has name.

The tumor may occur in two ways:
1. malignant tumor.
2. Tumor benign.

✔Evil one:

They produce cancer.
They can put the person's life in danger.
They can invade, meaning they can damage nearby organ cells, including traveling through blood vessels and the lymphatic system. This process in the area of ​​health is known as metastasis.
They can be removed or cut to try to eliminate them, but cells have the risk of growing back uncontrollably.
The degree of severity that the person can present with respect to cancer, will depend on the cell, because it will determine the ability to be aggressive in the body and the ability to reproduce.


They do not usually cause cancer as long as they are detected on time and treated properly.
Because if it is treated on time and the treatment is taken to the letter, they will not endanger the person's life.
They do not invade other cells of nearby organs, so they do not perform metastases.
As they have treatment and cure, they can be eliminated and will not grow back abnormally.


The signs and symptoms that a person suffering from a tumor may present are diverse, everything will depend on the area where the abnormal growth of the cells is located, I have collected information of general symptoms in these patients and usually be the following:
✔.-Fever, chills, fatigue, weight loss, loss of appetite, weakness, severe pain in the area affected by the tumor.

The factors that affect the development of some type of tumor are diverse, but are usually summarized in:
1.- Smoking
2.- Chemical substances
3.- Excessive alcohol consumption
4.- Genetic problems
5.- Exposure to radiation or UV rays from the sun
6.- Genetic problems
7.- The age
8.- Weakness in the immune system.

All these factors have a negative influence on our cells, causing uncontrolled growth of our cells in the future, leading to a tumor. That is why it is important that people do not consume alcohol excessively, as this can lead to cirrhosis, and in turn liver cancer. Knowing that there are family members who have died of cancer is prone to our body to develop it, which is why we must take extra care so that these genetic problems do not develop in this way.

▶ A tumor is treated, usually surgery, various applications of pharmacological chemicals (known as chemotherapies) and radiotherapy sessions are also included.


▶ At the time of surgery on a patient with a tumor, it is performed in order to be eliminated, whether a partial or total part of it, everything will depend on its evolution and how its condition is.


▶ Chemotherapies are chemical drugs that are administered to this class of patients, they are usually strong medications since they are responsible for stopping or at least retarding the uncontrolled growth of cells.

▶ It should be noted that not only people with tumors receive chemotherapy.

On the other hand, there is also radiotherapy, it is a method that similarly serves to eliminate cells that grow uncontrollably, simply that it does not invade directly in the patient. A problem of this is that the gamma rays that are responsible for destroying the cells that grow uncontrollably in the body, also destroy the good cells that the person presents.

It is important to take care of our body so that it does not present long-term health problems, remember ... Today you have a good time consuming alcohol in an uncontrolled way or smoking substances that damage your body, and tomorrow your body will charge you a bill, It is better to prevent this condition than to perform your treatment because you have no other choice. Take care and love yourself.

Everything you just read here has been my little experience in Mother and Child Matters II.

The images you just saw are my authority.
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I like to teach about the things I know, and give a little of me to you, thank you very much for reading, any comments and questions you have will be well received.

Nursing student - @arisita
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