Energy conducting minerals - Knowing electrolytes

Our body requires certain elements to achieve any activity, these elements become indispensable in our lives, and without them we would limit ourselves to carry out a large part of these activities, we could even omit their totality.

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To perform any movement our body requires energy, this energy is achieved thanks to the food we eat daily, since microscopically we find substances that help the cell to perform well, and remember that our body is shaped in its totality of cells When we talk about electrolytes, these are those little elements that we achieve in our surroundings, and that thanks to food are within our body, they are essential to continue living.

Within our body we can find them in our blood and in our body fluids ... but which liquids? An example of this is our sweat, which is the combination of H2O, that is, water with sodium, which is a mineral.

There are several minerals, but among the most important are sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphate, calcium and chlorine.

They are of the utmost importance in our body, because they are responsible for carrying an electric charge, so they provide energy to the body's cells so that they can effectively fulfill their function, which is why their name comes from there which is ELECTROlito, for the electric charge that they possess.

✔ In addition to food, these electric minerals are not only obtained thanks to solid foods, but also some liquids.


As mentioned above, these electrical charges that are made thanks to minerals, help the body cells, this occurs both in the muscles and nerves of our body. That is to say, thanks to that apple that you have eaten today in the morning, you have managed to obtain the electrolytic minerals necessary to be able to walk, lift an arm, a leg, etc.

In addition to being important to rebuild tissues
that have been Injured, maintaining proper hydration in our body, helps maintain an adequate level with respect to a vital sign such as blood pressure and maintains an adequate level of blood pH.

In the case of low electrolytes, our body will unconsciously ask us to eat a specific food to recover that mineral, this is known as craving, and that is when you are well and out of nowhere you want to want to eat some food with milk As is an ice cream or a simple glass of milk, this happens because your body surely needs calcium.

Causes of imbalance.

Like everything else, electrolytes are no exception and they also have a normal level within our body, they cannot be too high or too low, since they would have consequences in the least of our physiological functions. When a person is ill, he is prone to lose the appropriate levels of his electrolytes, this usually occurs frequently in diarrheal problems and when there is a presence of vomiting, even if there is any bleeding, since a large amount of water is lost due to these liquids electrolytes


Thanks to our kidneys, a correct level of these minerals can be maintained in our body, so when there is an excess it is responsible for filtering and eliminating it through our urine. When there are problems with our kidney, such as a pathology such as kidney failure, the kidney is not able to control adequate levels of electrical minerals.

Dehydration likewise affects the proper level of minerals such as sodium and potassium, if severe dehydration is reached there is severe decontrol, this also goes in relation to the weather, since severe heat can affect.

There are medications such as diuretics that affect the normal level of electrolytes, we also find the
The cancer treatment that affects the body due to a normal unevenness of minerals in the body, is why these patients should always be receiving solutions such as ringer to maintain adequate standard levels.


Signs and symptoms

This will depend on the mineral that is altered, and will depend on the level of alteration, that is, if it is high or if it is very low. As you know, there are 5 minerals that are extremely important within our body, so I have made a list in general about the signs and symptoms in general that a person can present if they have any alteration.

• Changes in vital signs: alteration in blood pressure and pulse is irregular.


• Neurological changes: confusion, seizures, nervous system disorders (quickly confused, does not understand signals, does not immediately capture orders).

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• Changes in the muscular system: weakness and muscular fatigue.


An important fact I have is about stress, it is so serious that it manages to consume electrolytes, so it is important to always maintain a healthy mood.

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