Arisen Technical Whitepaper Launched!

"Inside of a ring or out, ain't nothing wrong with going down. It's staying down that's wrong." - Muhammad Ali

Today, we have released the first version of the Arisen Technical Whitepaper here:

The Arisen Technical Whitepaper covers Arisen's on-chain and off-chain services, that when combined created the only toolkit for developing websites and web applications that have true end-to-end decentralization.

A few surprise announcements in the Arisen Whitepaper:

BENCH Protocol - BENCH stands for "Bridging Every Network Connection Holistically" and it's also the term used to refer to the first banks of the world. BENCH is a protocol that will be implemented in Arisen for blockchain-to-blockchain communication. While Arisen already utilizes the same inter-blockchain communication protocol originally created by EOS.IO (EOS-to-EOS communication), the BENCH Protocol will allow for Arisen-based blockchains to communicate with other blockchains like Ethereum, TRON, BitShares and others.

8.JS - "EIGHT" is a new JavaScript library that combines all of Arisen's on/off-chain APIs under one roof. 8 will make it easy for developers to build dApps for the decentralized web, without having to build around ten different APIs.

dNames - Soon, we will be releasing the first true decentralized domain registrar dApp. It will technically be the first dApp launched on Arisen, where users can utilize the new on-chain decentralized domain name system that Arisen will soon be known for. Arisen's decentralized domain name system will work hand-in-hand with the dWeb protocol, allowing dTLDs (decentralized top-level domains) to connect to dWeb key-based addresses.

We hope you guys enjoyed the whitepaper. It is currently only available in English but we plan on translating it into Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Japanese very soon. Our community is currently looking for those who would like to translate the whitepaper; please reach out if you'd like to take part in the translation efforts.

Block Producers & The Public Network Launch

The governance will choose 21 initial block producers for the Arisen network who will actually launch the Arisen network. Those initial members will stake 15% of the RSN available in circulation, to kick start the network over the next few weeks.

In the next few days, our core developers will release instructions on how users who want to become block producers on the Arisen network can install a full Arisen node, so block producers can begin competing on the network for Governance positions. Anyone can become a block producer candidate on the Arisen network to help further decentralize the network, as well as our efforts as a community to fight back and defend decentralization.

As for that decentralized bank...

We have a major announcement regarding aBank's development progress, the new aBank development team along with a new aBank whitepaper. aBank is going to be a completely open source project. There won't be an aBank coin or an aBank ICO though...sorry guys. aBank is a completely free project, brought forth by the Arisen community and Arisen's core developers. We have quietly been working and we will soon unveil a new, updated vision for aBank's decentralized banking platform that has been talked about all over the world. We're going to make them eat their words and I won't sleep until they do.

I'm going to leave off there because I don't want to give away too much. As always, I appreciate all of your support, your love and your feedback. I hope all of you enjoy Arisen's whitepaper. You can't even begin to understand how hard that was to create from where I am. Our team members worked hard, alongside me, to bring this to life.

I hope all of you enjoy the Whitepaper and don't forget to join our Arisen Telegram Community @arisenIO. Arisen's network is everybody's to improve, adopt and build upon. Everyone is welcome.

Thanks for reading.

  • Jared Rice Sr.
    Arisen Core Developer

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