Express Your Day In Five Photos



My student is taking a photo of me,
while i'm taking a photo of her❓

We have a great time, Japanese kid but looks like American, they are strict in time, but with the Manila Traffic, sometimes i'm late.. so we just adjust the time. Mother is Japanese with European father, this kid is good in playing, but i'm always worried about her strumming, she apply one strumming in a lot of songs

Ukulele Lessons in Makati
Place is at the Shang Grand, Makati
De La Rosa Street Corner Perea Street


Dogs Needs Music Too 🎵
Somewhere in Libis, Quezon City
Whenever i came in, this dog is the first to welcome, student is from India, a little girl

This dog is huge, but it listen when you say stop or sit. I'm scared of dogs when it's mine, i just freeze all the time


Windows View
Fairways Tower BGC, The Fort
Guitar Lessons

After the session we have some chat with the student, and i see this view from the window, and took a photo of the Golf Course behind the place


Finally At Home 🏠
After a days work, this succulent makes me relax. It's just on the table where i sit and smoke. I love plants, it makes us fresh

North Fairview, Quezon City
It's cheaper to live here than in Makati and BGC, this is where i live. Here is where i can think of what will be my next post on Steemit, It is Silent here, where i can gather my thoughts, i live on the 4th Floor of the Building


Dinner Before the End of the Day 🍴

Chicken is a must every week, fried or grilled is awesome. A bit of Sauce and Soup this time

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Express Your Day in 5 Photos

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@aricheta that is wonderful
really nice photos, i love em

keep posting 👍

01.04.2021 13:48

yes, thanks
more power❗

01.04.2021 13:51