EDND - Rupture of Plane [PARAISO006]


A couple of months ago I posted about Rave Tuga, that as you may have guessed, is slang for Portuguese Rave. It’s also the self-explanatory name of Paraíso’s new sub-label: a tape and digital affair with proceeds going to organizations working towards parity. By pointing itself in the direction of the future while openly referencing some of Portugal's dance music pioneers, this four-part compilation opened a dialogue about the newness and excitement that currently proliferates in its local scene coming from all generations by joining some of its different voices.

Now after Rave Tuga I, II, III, and IV, the Portuguese record label Paraíso | Underground House Music From A Paradise Called Portugal is releasing on the 25 October the debut solo EP from EDND (1/2 Roundhouse Kick). You can listen to the previews from SoundCloud​ and pre-order the EP at Lobster Records website, I will leave the links below​.

"Hard at work for over a decade now, EDND is one of those artists whose influence on her local scene rolls deep and yet feels subtle - she's been silently honing her craft surrounded by a healthy mix of VSTs, classic drum machines and second-hand synthesizers​ of all kinds in her home town of Portimão. She's also never stopped playing a part as an important cultural agitator in the south of Portugal and Lisbon alike, taking part in jam sessions or community-led parties in all sorts of DIY venues, as well as gracing established clubs and festivals with hers and her duo's Roundhouse Kick mesmerizing​ live acts.

For her first solo EP 'Rupture of Plane', EDND finds a fitting home at Paraíso, where she explores the border between inventive experimentation and dancefloor effectiveness. The opener 'Quartz Composer' layers a bouncy bassline with mystery-drenched melodies and carefully sound designed percussive elements while the sparse vocal inspires a state of loving ecstasy. The infectious rawness of 'Field Effects' follows; its visceral, playful kickdrum pacing a dizzyingly trippy synth and an enticing suggestion of the rougher side of acid. 'While Sleeping Watch' ensues, bringing an even moodier, industrial-leaning piece of top-form EBM and techno. Paraíso regular Photonz steps in for a powerful rework of Quartz Composer, infusing it with a tough, whole new broken electro groove and an addictive synth re-design." SOURCE

listen: http://bit.ly/2mr6IEe
pre-order: http://bit.ly/2lZg4XC

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