Deconstructing Democrats.


Democrat Party = Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Davos, George Soros, CIA, MSM propaganda, Hollywood, the military industrial complex, endless regime change wars, Tammany Hall, large scale vote fraud, endless Covid fear porn, more lockdowns, economic depression, much higher taxes, much more regulation, destruction of manufacturing, destruction of small business, destruction of the middle class, mandatory testing using unreliable tests, forced quarantine, social credit scoring, travel restrictions, mandatory inoculation using DNA-altering vaccines, biosecurity as the excuse for neo-fascism, increasing censorship, continuing attacks on the Constitution and civil liberties, pre crime, continuing crony capitalism combined with socialism and communism, unaccountable regional governance structures, the end of sovereign nations, and ultimately the long planned global authoritarian tyranny of the New World Order.

Is it any wonder why the people behind this agenda absolutely hate Donald Trump and his supporters? Anyone who promotes this agenda, goes along with it, or fails to oppose it is contributing to the end of democracy, the end of human freedom, and the enslavement of humanity. Once that happens, it will be permanent... and we’re getting ever closer to the tipping point.

It’s mind boggling that tens of millions of people are so blinded by various forms of identity politics, and so completely brainwashed by the cabal’s mainstream media propaganda machine, that they’re seemingly incapable of recognizing any of these threats. If that mass cluelessness is not overcome and defeated soon, the result will be the end of civilization as we have known it... to be replaced by a global plantation, which has always been the plan.

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