Antifa street fighters and the "Trans Movement.”

RT reported yesterday, “Activist Swarmed by group of attackers after protesting against use of puberty blockers on children”:

Antifa-type thugs, all in black like Antifa always are (unless they are pretending to be legitimate citizen protesters) and including in their company one woman, have swarmed and violently assaulted an activist in Montreal who was peacefully having a conversation with a passerby while carrying a sign protesting the practice of giving puberty blockers to children. This was no mere shouting match, they broke his arm.

This has to bring to mind the violent attacks by Antifa on Andy Ngo, the journalist now publishing his book detailing the results of his investigations into who Antifa are, who funds them and what their purpose is. Andy commented on Fox News about the latest manifestation of “cancel culture”. He speaks from the experience of having his life threatened by Antifa.

"We’re dealing with a phenomenon of people who have powerful ties who are working to systematically close minds and to silence voices," said Ngo, author of "Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.”

This assault in downtown Montreal is “cancel culture” not with Twitter vituperation but with physical violence. How do we make sense of this incident? What should we call this? We should call it what it obviously is: a targeted political attack typical of Antifa in every way, this time in support of forcing parents to submit to sex change hormonal “therapy” being given to their children.

As in every crime modus operandi identifies the perpetrator, in this case Antifa, and more specifically the target and intent of the attack further profiles the political powers behind the thugs. This incident is solid evidence of a direct connection between Antifa street fighters and the "Trans Movement.” For one thing, this cannot have been spontaneous or we’d have to assume unformed Antifa Storm Troopers regularly patrol Montreal looking for things to protest against. So this was a set-up. Who set this up, how did these thugs know this one activist would be in Montreal and at this location?

Let’s push past the emotionally fraught, media-fuelled controversies over the rights of existing adult transexual people and get down to a more essential consideration: whoever gave these thugs Intelligence to target this man is attempting to use violence to promote public acceptance of medical procedures being given to children against the will of their parents. This has much broader implications than even Trans ideology. The “Trans movement” is being used as a Trogan Horse to open the way to the State forcing medical procedures upon citizens against their will. This does not benefit actual transexual people in any way, much less enhancing their rights or their broader public acceptance; it uses this minority as a bludgeon to destroy the parental and legal and political rights of the majority population. There’s a very big and dark shadow of big money and politically powerful radical, anti-democratic revolutionaries behind every violent act that Antifa does and this incident is true to that pattern. Minorities are being used to bludgeon the majority. These minorities are discredited and damaged in the process.

Meanwhile in Portland Antifa street thugs who swarmed downtown smashing shops and causing mayhem were apprehended by police and found to be carrying weapons including knives, a crowbar, bear spray, a high impact slingshot with ball bearing ammo and a firearm. At least in Portland the police have been allowed to do their job.

Not so in Minneapolis where a neighbourhood has been taken over by Antifa/BLM thugs apparently gearing up for riots following the expected acquittal of Derek Chauvin on 3rd degree murder charges the District Attorney has to know he cannot get a conviction on. This stinks of a set-up already. The police are nowhere to be seen as arrogant thugs threaten passersby at the barricade closing off their captive neighbourhood. “Protesters” carrying posters celebrating George Floyd as a hero are obviously part of the build-up. Lost in this hoopla is the fact that Floyd was a dangerous, violent criminal whose last stretch in prison was for pressing a gun to the belly of a pregnant woman (a black woman, by the way) as she cried and begged for her life. Chauvin may or may not be guilty of unjustified homicide in Floyd’s death and there are murky suggestions of criminal gang involvement with both him and Floyd, but holding Floyd up as some sort of hero is offensive to the public and the law. Here we have Antifa/BLM in action and they are doing the political work of very powerful players behind the scenes who have no regard for the actual well-being of black Americans or for peace and justice in their gang-ridden neighbourhoods. Minneapolis has settled a wrongful death lawsuit by the George Floyd estate for $27 million. Gee, I wonder where that money’s going to go?

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