Syrian Presidency Warns Italian Media for Not Broadcasting an Interview

The Syrian Presidency issued a warning to an Italian media outlet for not broadcasting an interview made with the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and was supposed to be aired on December the 2nd.

The Italian Rai News 24 channel which sought approval for the interview and its CEO Monica Maggioni conducted the interview on 26 November and failed to broadcast it on the scheduled time 2nd of December, instead asked for 3 consecutive delay requests without providing a clear explanation.

Syrian Presidency Twitter account issued the following warning proving yet once again the Western bias in covering the news on Syria and how they cheat the European citizens:

If Rai News 24 continue to refuse to air the interview, the Political and Media Office of the Syrian Presidency will broadcast the interview in full, on Monday 9 December 2019 at 9pm #Damascus time.

Link to above tweet:

This is something the Syrian people are accustomed with when the heinous western pundits work for the Pentagon and whitewash the crimes of al-Qaeda terrorists while demonizing the Syrian state, the Syrian people, the Syrian Army.

Earlier similar acts were done by almost all Western outlets, in one particular incident and at the height of the US-led World War of Terror waged against Syria, the US-based ABC news channel sent one of its career journalists Barbara Walters to interview President Assad in March 2012, the channel aired doctored snaps of the interview with half answers by the Syrian President to claim he was 'disconnected from reality', not a single answer from the trailers they showed was coherent, they cut and pasted answers to different questions.

Simply, the Syrian Presidency Media Office aired the full interview which was almost 85% different than what the American channel was showing and completely discrediting that famed channel and the journalist who conducted the interview. More in this post from March 30, 2012: The Lady Who Interviewed Assad & Manipulated the Interview

Seems the US pundits thought they could outsmart the Syrians and instead got exposed and disgraced.

Other Western pundits did similar attempts, while some of them went as far as committing terrorist acts alongside al-Qaeda suicide bombers like the case of the CNN crew that blew up a gas pipeline in Baba Amro, Homs, and aired a report accusing the Syrian Army of carrying that explosion. They did a small mistake by keeping their cameras rolling and broadcasting throughout the night to their offices in the States using a Syrian state cable, the sheer amount of data broadcast from a remote area where they were in alerted the Syrian technicians who monitored and recorded the entire broadcasting.

Enjoy this exposure: When CNN Crew Blew Up the Oil Pipeline in Homs

We, Syrians have won an unwinnable war against a coalition of the World's superpowers and super rich, and their defeat is incomparable in volume and ramifications that titled the world's global power against their favor and is now seeing them go bankrupt one after the other. Therefore, some media pundits can't achieve what 350,000 anti-Islamic Wahhabi suicide terrorists coming from all sides of the planet accompanied with NATO, Saudi, Qatari, and others could achieve in 9 years. All they achieve was killing and destruction that each one of them committed and they'll answer for their crimes, if not in this life then in the life hereafter when they will be standing each one of them, one by one, naked and exposed inside out before their maker and at that time we, their victims, will take back each and every moment of suffering they caused us in any method they followed.

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Sadly, most people just read the headlines and no matter what the facts are, when you get told over and over how bad someone is, you will eventually feel uneasy (even if only subconsciously) about that person.

Just the name 'Assad' would make most people around me feel uncomfortable.

08.12.2019 06:45