Israeli Soldiers Smashed the Skull of a Woman trying to Protect her Child

Reena Derbas had her skull smashed and left unconscious when an Israeli IDF terrorist hit her with the back of his rifle 1.5 months ago near Jerusalem.

Reena Derbas - Isawiya Jerusalem Palestine.jpg

The 36 years old underwent extensive surgical operations and left disfigured since then. Her crime was trying to release her 14 years old child from the hands of an IDF unit that stormed their home in the Palestinian Isawiya village.

More in this report: IDF ‘Soldier’ Smashed the Skull of a Palestinian Woman near Jerusalem

Westerners must feel very proud seeing these results of their investment in 'Israel' on the account of the Semite people of Palestine and the Levant.

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Comments 7

Delegated you 50SP for your constant reports of that conflict!

Thank you and keep up that good and important work!


25.12.2019 09:38

Thank you, much appreciate it.

25.12.2019 10:00

You´re welcome! I appreciate your work!

25.12.2019 10:19

Attacking an armed soldier or any security person armed and wearing uniforms can lead to such consequences ... I hope she gets well soon

26.12.2019 07:51

Not everybody in uniform is a soldier, and soldiers don't kidnap children from their homes or from anywhere, and women trying to release their children from kidnappers whether wearing uniforms or plain cloth, is a heroic act and duty and involuntarily.. Those defending the kidnappers should face the same so they'll learn the value of a child especially in such circumstances.

26.12.2019 08:40

Not anyone in uniform is a soldier I agree - but in this case, it was the IDF that is a legit military (you might not agree)
In any case, attacking armed people when you don't stand any chance for the heroic act can cause these unfortunate consequences.
If this would have happened in ANY Arabic country the consequences would have been much harder and you wouldn't have heard about it.
just look at the situation that people are in Siriya Lebanon Libya Iraq etc.,

18.05.2020 03:55

In Syria the only kidnapper of children are the US-sponsored terrorists of al-Qaeda and its derivatives, no uniformed soldier kidnaps a child from in front of his mother, ever, whatever the reason is and especially from inside their house.

As for the IDF being legitimate, yes, it's the legitimate successor the Irgun, Stern, Haganah and other anti-Judaic Zionist gangs, I agree with you on this part. Check their own history by their own records and the record of the British occupiers of Palestine who oversaw the expelling of the poorer Jews from Europe into Palestine.

19.05.2020 08:22