Biden Forces Deployed in Northers Smuggle Stolen Syrian Wheat into Iraq

Now rainbow-colored trucks driven by transgendered US military drivers are stealing Syria's wheat instead of orange ones, how lucky the Syrian people are to be deprived of their own food by a diverse inclusive regime instead of an orange one!

A new convoy of trucks loaded with stolen Syrian wheat were spotted moving from the Tal Alou grains silos in Hasakah province, northeast of Syria, towards the borders with Iraq. The trucks were guarded by the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorist groups and were heading towards 2nd Israel the Iraqi Kurdistan.

This is a continuation of the war criminal Trump's 'maximum pressure' policy to starve the Syrian people into submission after a full decade of systematic terror waged against the Syrian people, by NATO terrorists of Al Qaeda and its derivatives: the Free Syrian Army FSA, Nusra Front, ISIS, Turkestan Islamist Party, Kurdish separatist groups, Jaysh Islam, and dozens of other terrorist groups, failed to subdue them.

With an Inclusive Diverse Criminal Regime Like Biden's Who Needs Trump?!

More on this elicit and disgusting theft of the food of the Syrian people in this report: Biden Forces Continue Trump Legacy of Stealing Syria’s Wheat

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Comments 2

Different clowns same policy, what else to expect from a regime built on skulls and bones of an entire population?!

14.03.2021 10:38

I see<>, how biden is revising the trumps legacy with a different way.

14.03.2021 10:45