There seem to be bugs in SPS proposal voting - But actually there aren't. its just confusing to non-techies!

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I have been watching with interest the voting for SPS Proposals and I think there are some bugs regarding proposal voting related to @gtg's Return Proposal.

I'm not super technical but something doesn't add up regarding the way the votes are being recorded.

  • A) It seems that the Return Proposal (#0) is included in the vote for every other proposal. See @jpbliberty's vote for its own proposal (#2).
    Screen Shot 20190829 at 11.15.47.png
    Vote for Proposal #2 also includes #0
    [Edit: @gtg has clarified below that the first zero in every vote ID is an index number, not a proposal ID]
  • B) The votes don't seem to be registering properly for non return proposals. An account with 2M SP = 4000 MV voted for Proposals #2 & #9 yesterday but only added around 1000 MV or T or Trn to each. See screen shots from Steemworld.
  • [Edit: @gtg has clarified below that delegations don't count in proposal voting.]

Screen Shot 20190829 at 11.14.34.png
Vote for Proposal #2 also includes #0

Screen Shot 20190829 at 11.14.58.png
Vote for Proposal #9 also includes #0

Proposals #2 & 9 should have over 4 GV but these 4000 MV votes only added 1 GV to each.

Screen Shot 20190829 at 11.35.18.png

As soon as HF21 launched the Return Proposal had 15GV and since then it seems to have increased by the combined total of all other votes plus some.

I may be missing something but it seems to me that there are bugs.

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That's the way how people vote, you chose all the proposals you like, AND a Return Proposal, so it keeps desired proposals voted but keeping SteemDAO secured from quick grabs, suddenly voted highly in.

After reaching out some reasonable levels of approvals, community decide how much of approval should be removed from Return Proposal to keep it just below desired proposals.

29.08.2019 08:56

But the Return Proposal was included automatically. @jpbliberty did not vote for it yet it shows up in every vote for another proposal.

29.08.2019 09:01

No, it wasn't.
It's an array, index 0, value 2.

29.08.2019 09:10

I also did not vote for the return proposal but here it shows up as part of my vote for Proposal #2.
Screen Shot 20190829 at 12.09.55.png

29.08.2019 09:11

Exactly as I wrote before:
It's an array, index 0, value 2.
Look at my vote:
index 0, value 0
index 1, value 1

29.08.2019 09:13

Thanks for clarifying this. It certainly looks as though Proposal 0 is being included in every proposal vote, but if you say that the first 0 is an index then that makes sense.
But what about the issue of the number of votes not matching the amount of MV? As per @oracle-d's votes to which there are screen shots above.

29.08.2019 09:19

It's like voting for witnesses, delegations doesn't count.

29.08.2019 09:27

OK. That makes more sense. Sorry for being a dummy, but none of this has been clearly explained anywhere re the SPS Proposals and it certainly does "look" (to non-techies at least) like proposal 0 was being automatically included.

29.08.2019 09:31

Don't worry, it's a new tool we need to get used to. :-)

29.08.2019 11:22

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30.08.2019 16:18