New bar to all US extradition attempts (including Assange) - The Epstein Defence

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In mid-February 2020 Justin Sun acquired the shares in Steemit Inc and proceeded centralise the blockchain under his control, improperly using Steemit's founders stake (intended for development and decentralisation of the blockchain) and tricking exchanges into initially supporting his power grab.

After extensive efforts to resolve the dispute failed, the community revolted and formed a new, fully decentralised blockchain - Hive - without the pernicious influence of Justin Sun and his minions.
Because of Open Source licensing, Hive was legally able to duplicate all the code and content on Steem.
The vast majority of the community and decentralised applications and projects moved to Hive and Hive was listed on many cryptocurrency exchanges without having to pay the normal listing fees.

On 19 May 2020, a Steem hard fork (0.23) designed to steal the Steem from 65 accounts associated with creating Hive became public.
My position on this hard fork can be found here:

This was the final straw for my involvement with Steem.

I will now post exclusively on Hive at
All my old Steem content can also be found on Hive.

Here is another angle on the Epstein suicide/murder/disappearance debacle:

If the US can't keep Epstein safe in prison, they can't keep anyone safe!

Thus no country should extradite non-US citizens to the US - it is a potential (or likely if you are high profile and disliked by authorities like Julian Assange) death sentence.
Nations without the death penalty cannot extradite to the US, were merely being held in jail prior to trial is a death sentence.
It is a severe human rights breach.

I expect to see the "Epstein Defence" being made to block every extradition attempt of non-US citizens to the US, including in the Julian Assange case.
Frankly, everyone with an extradition treaty with the US should be suspending it until the US can prove that it can fulfil its basic obligations to protect prisoners put into its care.

This episode reflects so badly on the US, it is almost impossible to overstate the damage done to its credibility as a nation with Rule of Law.


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