Important Notice to All SteemLeo Crypto Investors

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In mid-February 2020 Justin Sun acquired the shares in Steemit Inc and proceeded centralise the blockchain under his control, improperly using Steemit's founders stake (intended for development and decentralisation of the blockchain) and tricking exchanges into initially supporting his power grab.

After extensive efforts to resolve the dispute failed, the community revolted and formed a new, fully decentralised blockchain - Hive - without the pernicious influence of Justin Sun and his minions.
Because of Open Source licensing, Hive was legally able to duplicate all the code and content on Steem.
The vast majority of the community and decentralised applications and projects moved to Hive and Hive was listed on many cryptocurrency exchanges without having to pay the normal listing fees.

On 19 May 2020, a Steem hard fork (0.23) designed to steal the Steem from 65 accounts associated with creating Hive became public.
My position on this hard fork can be found here:

This was the final straw for my involvement with Steem.

I will now post exclusively on Hive at
All my old Steem content can also be found on Hive.

If you held more than $100 of cryptocurrency during 2018 you are eligible to join @jpbliberty's Class Action Lawsuit against Facebook, Google and Twitter's ban of cryptocurrency advertisements.

Its no-win no-fee and helps fight back against the Big Tech Goliaths that tried to crush the crypto industry while they came up with their own fake crypto products (like Project Libra). If we win you'll get a nice payout based on the size of your crypto holdings in 2018.

Sign up by sending an encrypted memo to @jpbliberty saying "Join Crypto Class Action. My [email / Telegram is XXX]" or with the online signup form

We've had a lot of great press in the last few days including:

You can follow the Class Action by following @jpbliberty on Steem and our Telegram channel:

If you want support the lawsuit financially check out our Fundition Crowdfunding campaign

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Will do

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05.07.2019 14:19

Good luck! It will be hard to tell you how much I held based upon anonymity and funds held at exchanges that require no ID for trading. Shabbat Shalom

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That really sounds great

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07.07.2019 21:42

Hi @apshamilton

How is your experience with SteemLEO after that 1 month? You mind sharing with us?


02.08.2019 09:28

I’ve been to busy to pay much attention, but it seems good.

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02.08.2019 14:32