From Splinterlands to Venezuela, Steem is transforming the world!

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In mid-February 2020 Justin Sun acquired the shares in Steemit Inc and proceeded centralise the blockchain under his control, improperly using Steemit's founders stake (intended for development and decentralisation of the blockchain) and tricking exchanges into initially supporting his power grab.

After extensive efforts to resolve the dispute failed, the community revolted and formed a new, fully decentralised blockchain - Hive - without the pernicious influence of Justin Sun and his minions.
Because of Open Source licensing, Hive was legally able to duplicate all the code and content on Steem.
The vast majority of the community and decentralised applications and projects moved to Hive and Hive was listed on many cryptocurrency exchanges without having to pay the normal listing fees.

On 19 May 2020, a Steem hard fork (0.23) designed to steal the Steem from 65 accounts associated with creating Hive became public.
My position on this hard fork can be found here:

This was the final straw for my involvement with Steem.

I will now post exclusively on Hive at
All my old Steem content can also be found on Hive.

Screen Shot 20190810 at 22.16.58.png

While my normal focus on Steem are the amazing new technological developments that are being made real, on Friday afternoon I saw another extraordinary side to Steem.

I was contacted on Discord by Sabrina, and 18 year old Venezuelan who was struggling to buy food for her and her daughter.
While I am normally wary of unsolicited Discord contacts, I checked out her Steem blog (@marshallmustang) and could see original content and artwork about the situation in Venezuela going back for many months and no warnings from Cheetah or other scam watchers.

So I decided to upvote and resteem her latest post and send her a bit of Steem to help her out.

I was able to do this on my phone with a few clicks while I was busy cooking a BBQ for a dozen people for dinner.
I was reflecting on how lucky I was to live in an advanced first world country like Israel with a strong currency (actually the strongest in the world at the moment).

I was also reflecting on how I was able to give direct and instant charity to someone in need on the other side of the world, and also do some basic due diligence on them via their Steem blog.
No bloated charity NGOs taking a huge cut from donations or distributing money to terrorists - as I personally exposed World Vision Australia for doing.
No massive delay between me giving the money and the needy person receiving.

Moreover, I was able to suggest an additional income making opportunity on Steem to @marshallmustang: playing Steem Monsters with a deck I would delegate and her earning cards and DEC!
Teaching a girl to fish .... the best form of charity.

I'm even easily able to share some of this post's earnings with her.

The Steem price may be in the toilet right now, but what Steem is delivering is heavenly: from businesses, to gamers, bloggers and allowing people in 3rd world countries to earn a living from their brain online - Steem is the future!

Once you've experienced it you can't go back to the old ways of doing things.

A few days ago I got a significant investment via PayPal to @jpbliberty and lost 7%!! getting it into Aussie dollars - Outrageous!
Then they blocked my account until I gave them more personal information - Disgusting!
I felt like I'd gone back the Stone Age!!

On Steem I feel like I'm beta testing the future!

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Now let's hope the price will go up

Posted using Partiko Android

10.08.2019 20:04

cryptocurrency dash is going the same way. Let s do this blockchain people!

10.08.2019 20:07

what are they doing exactly? (dash)

10.08.2019 21:38

offer real Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash

11.08.2019 07:52

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

10.08.2019 20:30

Its just so ridiculously useful and easy.

10.08.2019 21:05

Great know that steem is working for bettering the world it's still positive even though the price is way down.

10.08.2019 22:20

Steem can be on toilet but, for that girl who fight this reality as me is an oportunity to survive and make and activist difference, thank you for support she.

11.08.2019 03:21

You can also help people anywhere in the world using Steem if you're on the toilet. :)

11.08.2019 08:52

ROFL. Indeed I find Partiko particularly useful for that purpose.

Posted using Partiko iOS

11.08.2019 08:55

im already doing my best to raise concious, reporting in the most chaotic city of the world mate. :P

11.08.2019 13:33

Greetings @apshamilton

Thank you for supporting Venezuelans.

11.08.2019 03:35

Great story, this is exactly the sort of thing that inspires me with the potential of STEEM.

Let's hang in there for the long haul to see this through to its full potential, despite current price falls

Posted using Partiko Android

11.08.2019 07:08

Inspiring post. Thank you for sharing.

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