What is the most powerful life force underlying your social behavior?

The sociologist has concluded that people are social beings and everyone has a worldview.

I am of the opinion that everyone should take the time to define their own worldview when they become an adult.

Do you think it would help find a solution to many of the world's problems?

Most people have not clearly defined it for themselves to effectively express it to others... Could this be a major part of the problem with the world?

With that said, here you are on social media ~ Why? ...For what purpose are you brain blogging people and reading about what they think?

Are you becoming a better person being engaged in the activities of social networking?

I had no intention of going deep mind into this subject. The post title came to me, and I felt compelled to share my thoughts and feelings, believing strongly I am helping someone be a better person.

However, there is a mental perception that makes up a framework of ideas and attitudes about the world, oneself, and life that enables them to express themselves in social media.

The content created for social media by individuals is, to a great degree, making life better for people around the world! I hope that is the case with everyone that reads my postings ~ It's the cause of my writing!

Just the idea of accessing a computerized electronic device that enables communication via the internet with people all over the world is empowering.

Social networking activities become a powerful life force that can positively impact people's lives.

They become "élan vital" of the blogosphere!

So, what is the driving force that makes you want to write an article to express your opinion of thoughts and feelings? ...What do you expect to accomplish from doing so?

I think the most important thing to take away from this posting is ~ think and clearly defined your worldview!

Get in touch with the impetus for reading and writing on the internet. Then rebuild your worldview from an unbiased and non-judgemental mindset.

The self-realization will be transformative, to say the least! But the exercise will give a better insight into your personality... How you became the person that you are... So you can do a self-assessment to find a way to be the awesome person you really want to be!
or inststance, one will beme more intimatete with bad habi and begin powerful repetitive actions to create positively good habits.

It will be uncomfofortable at first, but yowill get through it to reap a lifetime of rewards from the new person that emerges from the bad habits!

If one can be truly honest with themselves about core feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and ideas based on life's experiences ~ they can clearly define their worldview in simple terms to be an intriguing person that attracts health, wealth, and happiness!

Isn't that what everyone living really wants? ...Be a better person than what they knew themselves to be in the past!

In my opinion, for people that royally messed up their personal lives the best place to begin recovery is redefining their worldview.

Depending on ththe dept
h and numr of levels they are really jacked up in their core being, they can start over by rethinking their worldview in simple terms.

The exercise will give them greater power over their personal lives and chart a life path to amazing success... Their life living will become more positively conscious and conscientiously purposeful.

My conclusive statement for this post is ~ your worldview is the most powerful life force underlying your social behavior!


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