There is an intelligent point of view that mass adoption still has a ways to go.

The counter-argument to that opinion is the bold strategic moves by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to centralize cryptocurrency. It is a losing proposition of a lost cause evident of BitCoin's prominence in the financial world.

Centralization of cryptocurrency is virtually impossible now that mass adoption has occurred because of the fundamental design of the new innovation of money using cryptography and the blockchain technology that accompanies the new asset class of personal wealth.

It's not a scenario that will play to the background song "If you can't beat them join them!" Their ruthless tyrannical attributes, though humbled and tamed, will make them dance to a never-ending opera "We couldn't beat them so we do it faster and better!"

They will simply comply with the legal regulations of the government and deploy supercomputers with a cloud storage capacity and gladly welcome billions of social media users to the age of abundance.

A few days ago the Metal Pay Team made an exciting announcement that the STEEM token has been added to their IOS mobile payment app!


If you live in the U.S. and would like to try out the app I highly recommend that you do so.

The Metal Pay TEAM would like your feedback. Especially if you earn crypto browsing on the internet with BRAVE which issues the Basic Attention Token ~ BAT or OX, BNB, BCH, DASH, DOGE, EOS, etc. which are also supported on their peer-to-peer mobile app for IOS.

Normally, Android leads and IOS follows in the future. So, that in itself was exciting to hear. Therefore, the announcement ginned quite a bit of enthusiasm as you can imagine Steem blockchain communities.

So, after careful analysis of the blogged announcement, the questions answered in the commentary was more telling as to what is really the hold up in cryptocurrency payment apps. At this stage of development in the ecosystem, they should be the driving force of global e-commerce. Why not?

THERE IS NO MOE ~ Medium of Exchange... To have MOE there must be a denomination series coded into the token used as money. The Unit of Account for the particular blockchain is not enough.

At this time cryptocurrencies generally don’t have all the fundamental functions of money. The White Paper will tell you that, at least the ones I've read, and I have not read all 5,700 or more.

Besides, you wouldn't believe me if I did say I read every White Paper about every cryptocurrency, would you? bahahaha

Nevertheless, you can read about the unit of account for a particular blockchain that facilitates the transactions, but THERE IS NO MOE! ...There is NO MENTION of the token's denomination series to even have MOE to support the legal and lawful claim IT'S MONEY!

Further evidence that supports my opinion that mass adoption has arrived yesterday is the dramatic change from ICO to STO for launching a new cryptocurrency into the ecosystem.

ICO is Initial Coin Offering, but STO is Securitized Token Offering. This standard terminology shift is because of how shady ICO's have become, and the awesome number of scams that have taken place over the years.

That prevailing scenario in the ecosystem makes STEEM-ENGINE the gold standard of blockchain investment services! Specifically in the U.S. ...And especially for, wealthy American social activists and investors that are just coming to the cryptocurrency party to celebrate mass adoption and usher in the singularity ~ Whatever that really means!

However, from an investors point of view, the real value of STEEM is due for a moonshot to $7.77 from $.34 (the current STEEM price at the time of this post) ~ It's long overdue!

Frankly, my incredibly outrageous best guess bet is $10,000 STEEM by the end of 2019! And the only very good reason for me saying that is STEEM-ENGINE!

SimplyMike does an excellent Tutorial for STEEM-ENGINE so everyone can learn more about this amazing project. Take a look and listen to make up your own mind about STEEM!

It will fully persuade you as much as I am that MASS ADOPTION IS HAPPENING NOW!

Anyway, STEEM-ENGINE provides legally backed services to create a token offering and solicit investors from the Steem blockchain communities in a legally compliant manner.

That's the Crypto-chain genius SteemARMY is talking about! ...And none of those guys heading the STEEM-ENGINE project have the last name of WOODS, EINSTEIN, BELL, EDISON, CARVER, or FRANKENSTEIN! bahahaha

I love those guys for the bold brilliant bypass of enhanced interrogation that LIBRA coin will be subject to. bahahaha …Mark Zuckerberg the founder of FaceBook himself is a Steemian of the Steem blockchain! Now what Mark? ...Got a MOE for the LIBRA coin?

The U.S. Congressional enhanced interrogation of LIBRA coin will start the BLOCKCHAIN INQUISITION if the Democratic Oversight Committee members have any say so in these matters regarding cryptocurrencies because MASS ADOPTION IS HAPPENING NOW!

How do you think FaceBook is going to get through it? ...That really depends on them. But, in all seriousness, we all should hope they do well and impress with realistic prospects of creating personal wealth, freedom and happiness for their platform users!

Wherefore? ...In my opinion, the next evolutionary phase the blockchain ecosystem is anxiously looking forward to is singularity that fosters the creation of amazing personal wealth in the age of abundance!



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