The greatest singers in the world (the rolling stones paint it black )

How many times have you heard “Paint It, Black by the Rolling Stones?
This is one of the darkest and most well-known songs by Mick Jagger and company, a well-known gem that is respected and admired by all who have followed the English band over the years. There were many places where it appeared: cinema, advertising... And, in addition, it is one of the favorites of the band to play live.
However, do you know all the secrets of the song? Here are things you probably didn't know about Rolling Stones' “Paint It, Black”.

The song tells the perspective of a person's depression. The protagonist wants everything to be painted black to match how he feels. However, strangely enough, there was no reason behind the lyrics. When Mick Jagger was asked why he had a song about the dead, he simply replied “I don't know.

The theme is born during a trip. Yes, during a three-day trip to Fiji, Stones was able to find a theme to remember.

According to Keith Richards, during this interlude, the group realized that in the place they were making sitares with fruits such as melons or pumpkins.

You had to be careful with them, because they could easily break.