Define your own 'Success'!

Defining the word 'success' may sound easy but when you try to define your success you will find it really difficult. Because you have to take care of other's expectations, what you really want, if you are really satisfied with what you are doing, your expectations and everything. And holding everything in our accounts it's tough to decide whether we are actually successful or not.


People say, the sky is the limit. This makes it more difficult to define our own success because it's hard to put a line over our achievement and the feeling of success. But don't you think it's necessary to bring mental satisfaction and peace of mind? If so, let's see how we can define our success easily.

  • Define what success means to you.
  • Check if it's conflicting with your values.
  • Measure your level of satisfaction in accountable with every aspect of life.
  • Evaluate in what area you need to cover to call you successful.

These are some broader outlook we should take care of before defining our success!

Success can be about financial gain, fame, family life, mental satisfaction, or anything. Don't get overwhelmed by what 'others' think. Stick to your own idea but yeah, if you feel like you need to meet other expectations; that's okay. But don't pretend to make yourself successful by others' ideas of success and deep inside feel sad. Rather make your own definition if you believe in yourself.

However, it's up to you whether you want to define your success or not, even think it's necessary or not. But I can assure you, the struggle you face every time people ask you about your achievement and success, the hardship you find in yourself to have a peace of mind can be reduced if you can successfully define your success!

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