I want to be your queen||Poem❤


You were that love poem
That I never had the courage to write to you.
For fear of being wrong .
Because I never wanted to let go.
There are queens on other people's moons.
Looks that communicate souls.
Bridges of skin, tears of porcelain.
Desires for love, which are contagious ...
It will be that it was, a success to forget.
But I never knew how to do it.
Because there are loves that do not expire.
Who refuse to fail ...
It might sound epic or romantic.
But you are the free verse of my heart.
The sigh that never tastes of heartbreak.
I love you and I want everyone to know.
Because any man needs a queen to rule him.
Any paradise that a dream holds.
That's how I lived with you, and I want to get it back.

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