Make the Right Choice and Dump Trump

I'm gonna say this once and I'm gonna say this again. That bastard Trump, his spawn from Hell, and his equally bloodthirsty cronies are a menace to society, especially to the American people. While there have been turnouts leaning towards Biden's favor in certain states, I am incredibly appalled that there are still many people who could still vote for a "poco hombre" who lies, cheats, thinks he can do whatever he can to please his own damn ego, puts civilians lives at risk to the point of having blood on his hands during this damnable COVID-19 pandemic, has made the United States nothing more than a mere laughingstock for the rest of the world to point their fingers on and laugh to their hearts' content in the most ironic way, destroys everything that has been well-established such as the USA pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, mocks the disabled, LGBTQ plus community, and minorities, has caused a series of deportations to occur to families who wanted to make better lives for themselves in the Land of Opportunity, bears unscrupulous business practices and work ethics, cannot sacrifice himself to save the American people and everything that defines them, does not uphold true patriotic values, and all the other atrocities I can name off the top of my head!

A vote for Trump means turning the United States of America into a massive Fascist dictatorship! If you have any decency or humanity left within you, you will make the right choice and dump this orange devil's ass and throw him to oblivion! For the love that is humane, full of integrity, and rich with common human decency, go blue aka The Biden and Harris route. I did and I will never ever regret it, even if I were to be hanging upside down.

I shall reiterate. If you still continue to support Trump and his bullshit ideology, I highly recommend you to get the fucking Hell out of my face until I no longer see you. This year's election is a true test to my own patience, decorum, and everything I hold dearly as an American citizen living in Berlin for the past eight years of my life as a twenty-something-year-old. Ergo, there is a big chunk of me that is in deep existential shit, my friends, Deep Existential Shit, Arkansas.

If you still think it is all right to call our veterans a bunch of losers, thus undermining their efforts to protect, serve, and fight for the United States of America and who have sacrificed their lives to do so, if you still think it is okay to put yourself on top of a pedestal as if you are some god of the world, if you still think it is okay to separate children of parents who have non-white backgrounds especially those with a Hispanic background, if you still think it is okay to jeopardize the ties the United States of America has been building with their world allies, if you still think it is okay to undermine a deadly pandemic which the United States of America has found itself perched atop the medal platform for the most deaths in the world overtaking China and Italy, if you still think it is okay to fire those who disagree with you for whatever petty reason you have, if you still think it is okay to make shady deals with the likes of Russia and China while playing into their game, if you still think it is okay to be selfish and have goals to satiate your ego, if you still think it is okay to endanger everyone's lives during this pernicious pandemic, and if you think it is okay to bully minorities, women, and those with disabilities, you only have my wrath, ire, fury, and anguish to extinguish every single thing you are defined by.

I almost thought this year would be the year the American people would wake up and wizen up for once. While that did happen for some, there are those hooligans who still embrace ignorance, close-mindedness, science denial, and complete barbarism. Therefore, it still shows how much ignorance and a complete lack of character can encroach a person from the inside. At least, this has made me wake up to how horrid Trump's ideology has turned out to be.

So, it goes without saying. For the love of decency, common sense, and compassion, I plead with all the United States of America to dump Trump for good and for all. We don't need a classless, destructive, crummy barbarian in office.

This has been Antoni urging you to please make the right choice now before it is too late.

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