Thursday is Butterfly Day and Insect Day Giveaway- Week 42

Let's run that the ants came to our insect community! These cute little friends are gentle from afar but don't bother you. They came for our friend's contest @whatisnew that comes out every Thursday on Butterfly Day and Insect Day - Week 42. Let's learn a little about them.


These girls are very strong, live in colonies and help each other. They are admirable workers. They have six legs and their body is called an exoskeleton.




All over the world there is a great variety of these friends who have a lot to teach us as a community, they are a good example to follow. We find them in various types, colors and sizes.


There are scavenger ants, they are predators that kill other insects and feed on dead or decomposing animals. There are also flying ants.

In Venezuela, we call the little friends in the photos ants and the big red ones we call bachacos. There are people allergic to their bites. Their jaws are strong pincers.


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You can find more information here about ants.image.png



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Estoy de acuerdo comay, tenemos mucho que aprender de ellas, su trabajo laborioso y en equipo es digno de modelaje. Me encant贸 su maqueta, gran sentido de creatividad. 脡xitos.

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Que gran trabajo de paciencia para tomar el mejor 谩ngulo de los insectos trabajando, me encanto.

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Qued贸 preciosa la publicaci贸n. Y esos peque帽os trabajadores se ven geniales.
Gran trabajo.

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Muy bonita tu publicaci贸n... Esas hormigas se portaron muy bien...

12.01.2020 16:11

Ants are welcome to our community. LOL! They show up nice on the pretty green leaves. The big black ones that we have here have a painful bite but I do like to watch them. Thanks for spreading the word about our community and for using #hive-100514 tag @antoniarhuiz! Don't forget to put the link to this post here to be entered in the giveaway. : )

13.01.2020 07:16