SteemFlagRewards Policy: Only Delegator / Supporter Flags Will Be Approved

Until the overdue flag debt has been paid to our highly valued supporters!


     First, I want to express my sincere thanks for everybody's interest and participation in our program to incentivize healthy flags in our ecosystem. Particularly, those that do so in good faith in what we do.

    Unfortunately, we have fallen over 1K SBD worth of flags to reward due to a lack of sufficient Steem Power to compensate. With that being as it is, the top priority is to take care of our supporters. This means that we must adjust incentives until the need is met.

    Effective immediately, an operational control will be put in place whereby our moderators will only approve flags of delegators or those otherwise providing tangible support to keep the project rolling.

Without support, our efforts would futile.

    We would not have meaningful Steem Power in which to remove rewards from spam and the like. This is precisely why it is in my paramount interest to make sure our delegators are taken care of.

    Technical controls will be developed as well such as a script to obtain all delegations, their amount and total equivalent VESTS. This will be used to establish our schedule for rewards and flag ROI. I am grateful for the handful of altruistic user that have committed their SP to the cause.

    We may on a situational basis approve non-delegator flags that moderators per their discretion view as helpful to the mission. For instance, the first one that uncovers an extensive vote farm operation. You can think of this as a finders fee if you will. We would love to encourage more flagging but it is important that we do proportionally to the stake that has been entrusted to us.

    To understand how this works, the bot is designed to distribute it's equivalent SBD daily vote value in SFR tokens per day. This is a mechanism to prevent issuing more checks than we are able to cash so to speak.

    Presently, that is about 15 SBD to give an idea of just how long it will take us to pay the flags. An important consideration; however, are the flags in our database coming from those that have never supported us. I am considering merely marking those flags to exclude from payouts but there are other considerations.

Imagine the following scenario:

  • User Delegating 1000 SP and submits one downvote w/ the equivalent of one full 500 SP vote.
  • User Delegating 2 SP and submits one downvote w/ the equivalent of one 1000 SP vote

    You can plainly see the imbalance of the above scenario. Even if we exclude non-delegators, there is still in issue with the above. I have a plan to ddress this.

    The general idea is to implement a system whereby the SP delegator receives coverage for the same amount in SFR Credits but with modest growth curve to also encourage some flagging with voting mana if they find a situation that warrants it. If users use their free downvotes, I believe that should be more than sufficient to make a decent return while keeping Steem clean.

    To keep things super simple, I plan to retire the first flag and new flagger ROI values especially considering the latter is easy to obtain by creating new accounts making it an attack vector for those intending to game the system.

    All in all, we are going to tighten up operations considerable so we may move forward in our mission to make Steem less susceptible to abuse and increase the risk of loss to those that dare attempt it. That has been my intent from the beginning and I will exercise my best judgment to achieve it.

    We are still decentralized with our respect to coverage on the blockchain with our many eyes but believe I may be making executive decisions concerning design to help us reach our mutuual goal. I am happ to listen to suggestions and will take any into consideration.

    That being said, I have a lot more work ahead of me such as resurrecting my pal @slobberchops @chops.token bot which should be a more or less trivial task. In the midst of all this, we are celebrating my daughter 6th birthday so please understand I may be out of pocket for portions of the weekend.

    I hope all understand why this must be done. I want for us to work as a team and this means we need to help carry out own weight and be able to help the flagger to the left and flagger to the right.

As they used to say when I was active-duty:
It's Semper Fi. Not Semper I!

Alternatively, there is no I in TEAM.

     Please, let me know your thoughts as we plot our way forward. The whole plan isn't exactly set in stone yet but wanted to give a heads up to those using our service and not currently delegating. Please, consider taking that step to support SFR so this project may continue to grow and evolve.

    What we do requires overhead, myself and a few others contribute to development and I also want to make sure I keep our hardworking mods happy. Thank you!

The @SteemFlagRewards account has been set as 100% beneficiary to reward our good flaggers for their diligence and dedication to our great chain. Keep it up yall! 💪


It's so easy a caveman can do it!
Link in the image.

    It allows for precise and targeted usage of you downvotes using well established SteemFlagRewards Community Abuse Definitions. We may not agree on everything but we can agree that things like spam and plagiarism are bad. A little bit of help goes a long way! Much love to our existing supporters!

Also, here is my SteemAuto fanbase link if you would like to be one of my consistent supporters.

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31.01.2020 06:41

Thanks for all you do. I appreciate all who help us out. I give my own votes to some people who highlight abuses. We all risk retaliation when we take it on. We cannot give up.

31.01.2020 07:14

Dear @anthonyadavisii

I just found out about @SteemFlagRewards because of @steevc and I was wondering what are goals of this particular account.

Is main goal of this account to downvote others? I'm just trying to understand idea behind it.


31.01.2020 09:43

I can not speak for @anthonyadavisii, but I think in a very simple way you understood it right. On a broader horizon: These downvotes are used against scam, spam and all kind of abuse.

31.01.2020 15:29

It's about removing unearned rewards and persuading people to be less selfish in their actions. We can point you to dozens of accounts who just buy votes or self-vote with practically zero community interaction. They are milking the reward pool. We also act in cases of plagiarism or impersonation.

SFR hands out their tribe tokens to contributors and you can use them to buy votes. I use mine to buy votes for others who deserve more. I can find plenty of great posts that make cents whilst those with the right friends can make dollars for a selfie :)

31.01.2020 20:09

Hello @crypto.piotr,

Thanks for the inquiry and I'm glad you finally found SFR. Our objectives may be summed up as follows:

  • Making our blockchain less attractive to those intended to exploit through spam, plagiarism, low-effort vote farming, and other forms of token manipulation. My hope is this will encourage more honest folk to join our platform by dispelling the notion that this is a place where people are able to cheat to win.
  • Fostering and building a cohesive moderation community and eventually deploying this concept as a service for individuals and businesses interested in deploying their own Steem-based sites with their own customized system. Basically, customer provides the incentive, defines the parameters / requirements and the plan is then executed.

This is the future of SFR and I have been working laying the ground work. What we have currently is as functional reward system for our users that find things that fall within our abuse criteria using our existing system leveraging Discord and a number of other technologies.

This also provides an easy way for users to reduce overall abuse on the platform without having to do the work. We do the work using their delegations to rewards flags and their participation in the flag trail to assist with additional downvotes as well as countering retaliatory flags when they are received by our users marking the content with their @steemflagrewards mention and indicating the category of abuse it belongs.

Webhook then executes and our moderators will review and then approve the flag to receive tokens. Once the user receives tokens, they may use them to boost quality content on the chain. Essentially, flaggers take a risk and our system is designed to compensate them for that.

01.02.2020 06:59

Does buying the SFR tokens help in any way?

31.01.2020 15:30

Do we even have any on the market? They are meant to give a fixed amount of compensation for your work. So, speculating is kind of pointless.

31.01.2020 18:04

I buy them for fun/support on steemengine...

31.01.2020 20:29

I think buying them is a great idea.
Reward flaggers directly.
It is a way to support sfr without actually flagging, or risking retaliation.
@null takes sfr tokens!

01.02.2020 02:06

I was considering programming the bot to drop a sell order if the bot vp gets too high. That may be a good idea to optimize SP as well as power up the bot. Think it would be a win:win.

01.02.2020 03:40

You do what you think best, if you are wrong we will simply call for your head on a platter!

No pressure, you are doing brilliantly so far.

01.02.2020 02:08

Loving the idea, just delegated 2k SP.

01.02.2020 12:43


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01.02.2020 12:44

Oh hey, I saw this and had started delegating from my b00m account. Just in case you thought I was being cheeky by using the @ SFR flag recently. I am not fussed with any rewards but only really use the command to draw attention to bad actor type posts as it were.

21.02.2020 22:46

Will add you to the bot exceptions. Thanks for letting me know

22.02.2020 00:05