Along Came a Spider! 🕷️

No Spiders were harmed in the making of this post!


This little fella tried to follow me inside the house. Don't worry. I didn't kill it but took the opportunity to admire this eight-legged creation.

Sorry to disappoint the "Kill it with 🔥" ccrowd

The spidrs life was spared and hopefully it will help reduce the population of flies and other pests. It looks pretty cool in my opinion. Wife thinks it is a Green Lynx Spider. Took a video and will upload that later.

Besides that I have been busy dispatching wasps with my wife's Bug-A-Salt. It can be risky but haven't been stung yet. That's it for today.


Will try and put in some time for SFR work such as HF21 testing + a few optimizations in the coming days. Stay tuned!

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O.K. You get downvotes from me because themarkymark upvotes you and downvotes me every day! End of story- Forever! O.K
See proof below from today! You are on my list! You are them!
Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 7.38.07 PM.png

You punks are the biggest jerks in the world!

26.07.2019 05:39

steemflagrewarsds hello! flag and squish this little spider beside “her” fosho!

26.07.2019 09:10

you are a dick, without marky and asshole other guy u’d be nothing! punk jerk! U goin to get bad Karma, that’s the law! Associate with trash, you become trash, just go look how well it is going for old swelker101! his blog looks mike me crap! 💩

26.07.2019 09:11

That’s why the spider showed up, a warning to you Anthoney buckweet!

26.07.2019 09:14

Heres the thing, marky and the rest of them are smart, they hide behind you, however your dumb because you show your face, name. That is fuckin stupid, u see how pissed u make me, well lucky im in hawaii. Once u piss off the wrong guys on the mainland they may just end up coming 4ya! Think about it, you are making a mess if yourself! Karmas a bitch, there are way worse fuckers out there than me, smiley!🤬y!🤬353539BE-0EA4-4B93-ACAC-78591126DF3F.jpeg

26.07.2019 09:19

You're telling me someone is going to be stupid enough to physically come after me and try to do me harm?

Let's hope they get the job done quickly as I have a number of options readily available should they falter.

If I die, the LORD has ordained that day so I should not fear it.

26.07.2019 12:38

I’m not telling you jack shit is or will happen, just my psychic powers are telling me this stuff as i channel it in through the keyboard! Just an educated guess, people on the mainland kill people all the time. You piss iff hundreds of people lime me, anything is possible. I’m glad u have a good attitude about it and realize the lord will take you whenever it is time. Only him and u o iw the truth, and has nothing to do with me! I am not threatening you, I’m not sending anybody 4 you, you might be sending somebody for tou though, just saying. But yeah people are crazy and I wouldn’t want to be in that position vulnerable like that. Out if my 7000+ followers, i bete there are just enough real pieces of work that could come out of the woodwork! Fuck with me, i’m a good guy, they will see too! Not my fault noone can distinguish u from marky, and we know they really hate him. He’s hidden though, cause he’s smart. Same with bernies, smart. You, not so smart. Dying is the easy part, going to hell forever is the hard part! You created this evil stewmflagreward beast, and now your funds are entangled in it and are used to harm me on a daily basis! so karma bitch!I wouldn’t be here sending u this if u didn’t have bad karma already from this. I bet ur real life stalker is reading this right now, hua? yikes!

26.07.2019 14:20

You are sipping on some strong delusion there, bud.

What's the problem w SFR? Just remember, I'm not the only one with the posting key.

Did you get flagged by the account or you still on about that religious text person which I said I'll look into?

Tbh I'm really going out of my way to answer you but you've been rude and making so many unsubstantiated accusations.

I may opt out of this discussion if that is all you have as it is unprofitable for me to engage that further.

26.07.2019 14:29

opt out all u want, I will after this. i just don’t like steemflagrewards since it garnered support from the likes of @themarkymark. anything marky touches or looks at... I can do whatever I want, I’m free to cone to my own conclusions and flag whichever “group” i want. Birds of a fether. You invented it, just like if the inventor of the atomic bomb trued to get out if my flags telling me I didn’t blow up Hiroshima. Ur steemflagrewards, same same! U should have invented something more positive. Also it is used as part of markymarks bidbot scam so he can downvote posts after they buy bidbots so the bidbots can resell that same vote like a ponzy scheme. Ask smidge about this! I have a bad feeling about the whole sfr!

26.07.2019 18:16

Oh, you're listening to smidge? Well that was your first problem.

For background, that one was also a bid bot abuser that was trying to get paid for sharing YT links. But ok, sure, we're the bad guys here.

You sure have a malleable mind it seems. To think, they feed you lies and then you do their bidding against SFR. Wow here I was thinking you were capable of independent thought.

And Marky flagging you doesn't have jack shit to do with me.

Did you already forget going off and saying vile things to people including Marky? Take ownership of your actions. I didn't do that and now you're getting flagged because of it.

Don't really care if you want to flag me. Do whatever suits you.

26.07.2019 21:14

I don't listen to anybody, I make my own decisions! Smidge is just a side note. I don't really care about that! Peolpe can share YT links because I said so! Fuck off!

26.07.2019 21:20

STFU! I'm coming 4 ya! with flags that is!

26.07.2019 20:21

You are a loser, da only one sipping the koolaid is U! Too late already that religious post is 8 days already I believe! You could not get marky to change! U're fucked!

26.07.2019 21:15

You & Him I don’t see any difference!


26.07.2019 14:28

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26.07.2019 09:39

😂 Every creature that G-D has put on the earth has a reason for being. Still trying to figure out why mosquitos and I are here. Maybe it will be revealed one day.

30.07.2019 12:40

Agreed. But I hate wasps a hell of a lot more! They are such a nuisance in the summer.

02.08.2019 02:51

02.08.2019 02:54

What do wasp eat? all of creation has a definite purpose

05.08.2019 04:37

I know stand. It's just a joke... But I kill those suckas w/out a second thought

05.08.2019 11:04

WTF! loser! U’r a joke u have a bad sfr system! I took that dark and cloudy sunset pic with my iphone. That is my property, not sfr! !

05.08.2019 18:04

Whatever no bots attacked me last night, as ling as i don’t get attacked I’m not bothering anybody. That last sfr post of urs that mentioned me will be my last flag until I if/when I get attacked. I’m trying to change too!

05.08.2019 18:10

Hmmm. Didn't realize you received an SFR flag. That's too bad.

What'd you do?

05.08.2019 18:16

All I did was terrorize you, that was it! u know! We’ll it better not happen again! People might get the wrong idea and think my work is copy/paste! Which it’s not. It is ok fir u to flag me, but don’t run the flags through sfr!

05.08.2019 18:19

Contrary to what you may have thought, I don't control who does or doesn't flag you.

The mention only picks up if you had an approved flag against which I could have resolved before it ended up on the report but you didn't mention it.

05.08.2019 18:20

Contrary to what you may have thought, I don't control who does or doesn't flag you.

The mention only picks up if you had an approved flag against which I could have resolved before it ended up on the report but you didn't mention it.

Thanks for trying to change. It's not always easy.

05.08.2019 18:20

Hey what do you want for the @antiabuse acct? Would like to keep antiabuse going. I'm not done yet

09.08.2019 04:05

500 steem

09.08.2019 05:08

Deal! Where do you want it sent?

09.08.2019 14:19