Best 6 Wallpaper Styles for your Living Room

Wallpapers are like magic wands when it comes to home décor renovation. They are the easiest and quickest means of giving a makeover to your interiors scheme. Wallpapers can instantly add elegance and glamour to any space it is used in. They are easy to install and easy to remove, highly durable, and available in a wide range of colors and styles. This makes wallpapers the ideal choice for your living room.
Wallpapers come in plenty of different colors, textures, styles and patterns. The home owner is literally spoilt for choice. If you have never used wallpaper before, picking out your living room wallpaper can be a daunting task.
Here are some of the top wallpaper styles that never go out of style.
Soft Florals
Floral wallpaper designs for living room create a perfect welcoming vibe for your guests. While bold dramatic florals may look good in the bedroom, the living room demands for a softer floral pattern. Pastel shades and tiny floral prints create a soothing appearance. Soft floral designs are calming to look at and create a relaxing space where you can sit and breathe after a hectic day. Floral wallpapers, by nature, are pleasing to look at. They add a visual interest to your living space.
Botanical Prints
Large-size leafy prints can be a great fit in your living room space. These exotic patterns bring in the essence of outdoors inside your home. Bright green banana or palm leaves on the wall make the living room feel like an open ground, giving it a spacious feel. The foliage is a nod to sunnier days, which instantly cheers up your exhausted spirits. Botanical wallpapers with leafy prints add freshness to your living room. It also has the dual ability to add a sense of drama to your home walls. They give a cozy and relaxing vibe to the room.
Geometric Patterns
Wallpapers with geometric patterns have successfully stood the test of time! They are sophisticated and modern with a chic elegance. Geometric wallpapers can feature many forms of designs – from traditional shapes like circles, hexagons and triangles to contemporary patterns like polygons and trapezoids. Their clear, straight lines and well-defined shapes bring in added depth to your walls. Geometric wallpaper designs for living room create a visual aesthetic, catching the attention of your guests. The perfect visual symmetry of lines and shapes make your living room look organized and spacious. They lend a modern aesthetic to your living space.
Natural Textures
Home walls with a natural texture like wood and stone are the current trend nowadays. An art deco styled interior theme is quite popular where the walls feature a stone brick appearance. Naturalistic textured wallpaper designs for living room can help to create a faux look of natural surfaces on your walls. They give your living room a fresh look. Wooden textures create a warm Scandinavian appearance. Stone and brick layers give a more rugged look to the space, ideal for a hippie eccentric vibe. Textured wallpapers bring in lot of drama and impact. They create tons of impact and visual interest.
Attractive Stripes
Wallpapers with stripes may seem like a traditional choice, but they are also contemporary and chic. Striped patterns lend a certain understated elegance to your living space. Stripes can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Color-wise, they can tone-on-tone or in dual shades. Wallpapers with stripes can have a fun, quirky vibe. They sometimes bring in color to your modest-looking living room. Vertical stripes make your ceiling look taller, while horizontal stripes make the room feel wider and more spacious. Widely-gapped stripes in two opposing colors can create an interesting visual impact. There is a lot to play around with striped patterns.
Shimmering Metallics
Metallic wallpaper designs for living room can be seen as a glamorous choice. They have a glossy sheen which gives the room a luxurious and sophisticated appearance. The lights are reflected off the shimmering metallic walls, adding more of depth to the room. The living space feels brighter and larger than it actually is. Metallic wallpapers are typically available in the royal shades of gold, bronze or copper. They add a sense of luxury and grandeur to your living room. Their designs are elegant and classy, which creates an eye-catching visual impact.

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