The First Second of Existence Was Insane | Answers With Joe

The first five epochs of the big bang took place in the first second of existence, and they were so weird that they almost created a bizarre anti-universe. I talk about how we lucked out.

The Big Bang Theory is by far the most accepted theory surrounding the origin of our universe - but it's not perfect. Here are 5 unsolved mysteries surrounding the Big Bang.

In the first second of existence, the universe went through 5 different epochs:

The Grand Unification Epoch
The Inflationary Epoch
The Electroweak Epoch
The Quark Epoch
The Hadron Epoch

Which ultimately created the particles and forces that make up our universe today. These particles went on to make hydrogen and helium atoms, which took 300 million years to turn into the first stars, a period in our universe often called The Dark Ages.

These stars fused the lighter elements into heavier elements, which eventually led to planets, solar systems, and us.

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