Debunking Mark Roberts’ 9/11 Disinformation Tactics

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+---%0A%0AUpdate March 25, 2020: %5BWTC 7 Not Destroyed by Fire, Concludes Final University of Alaska Fairbanks Report%5.

Update M911truth.o5, 2020: [WTC 7 7-not-destroyed-by-fire-concludes-final-university-of-alaska-fairbanks-report):%0A%0A%3E %E2%80%9COur %5Bfour-year%5D study found that the fires in WTC 7 could not have caused the observed collapse,%E2%80%9D said Professor Leroy Hulsey, the study%E2%80%99s principal investigator. %E2%80%9CThe only way it could have fallen in the observed manner is by the near-simultaneous failure of every column.%E2%80%9D%0A%0A%5B%E2%80%A6%5D%0A%0A%3E AE911Truth and its allies among the 9/11 victims%E2%80%99 families will now use the findings in the report as part of a formal %E2%80%9Crequest for correction%E2%80%9D that the group plans to submit to NIST in the coming days. %E2%80%9CThe indisputable errors documented in our request for correction will give NIST no way out of correcting its deeply flawed report and reversing its conclusion that fires were the cause of the collapse,%E2%80%9D said Gage.%0A%0A---%0A%0A
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