I For One Embrace Our New Financial Overlord

Okay, so in case you haven't heard, SteemIt has been sold!  The new owner @justinsunsteemit apparently owns a lot now) would be able to dump their classic Steem tokens for a huge profit.  Sort of like how Ethereum holders suddenly found themselves with 2 different tokens (ETC and ETH) after that famous Ethereum fork, and were able to dump the classic token in favor of the actively developed one for a very nice profit.  Basically, if the community rebels it would only pay back the new owner possibly even more than they spent to buy SteemIt in the first place.

So I for one say that we should remain calm, think things through, and most importantly don't panic.  Financial decisions historically haven't gone so well for people who panic.  So don't panic, plan.  Here's my plan, many of  you already know that I own a search engine with a catchy name, and I've been secretly working on a new 2.0 version of it featuring Smart Media Tokens (SMT's) as a reward for submitting URLs to the new search engine for indexing.  In truth, I got side-tracked from the project for a while, but now I'm back at it with a fresh new perspective.  I think having a new outlook helps.

I love SteemIt and all things SteemIsh.  And at first I was very worried that the transition to the Tron Platform would derail my beautiful new search engine before it's begun.  But the more I think about it, the more I realize that maybe it's good for SteemIt to have a fresh new perspective too.  I would never have imagined SteemIt transitioning to Tron, so maybe this new owner knows something that I may not have figured out yet.  I'm willing to give him a chance anyway.

People seem to think that the worst case scenario would be a community-driven Steem fork where we would somehow need to find our own volunteer developers.  But trust me, the real worst case scenario is much, much worse; if the new owner thinks their ideas are nonviable due to community uproar, then the struggle to find volunteer developers will be the last thing on your mind if the owner chooses to simply walk away, panic sell and dump everything, effectively making all of our money absolutely worthless.

He owns at least 20% of our entire Steem economy folks, let's try to work with him.  Instead of challenging his will like a pesky minnow to a giant whale, Steem may actually be better served by challenging his creativity with your own fresh new ideas.  Now's the time to try and dust-off those ideas we've all had for SteemIt but were always to disenfranchised to suggest.  There's no better time to speak up and communicate with our new super-whale, after-all he has a lot more money riding on SteemIt's success than any of us do.

So I for one would like to welcome our new crypto Kingpin into the community.  @justinsunsteemit, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask.  I would be eager to assist you with anything I can do.  I just hope you'll take the opportunity to 'raise the bar' and help both SteemIt and Steem grow to become a more successful platform, and a more successful community.  After all, a happy community is a community that brags about their platform.  I've got some ideas of course, but I'm sure we all have ideas so I'll to let the community speak up first.

Let's see if we can get a brain-storming thread going.  I literally just powered up all my Steem so I can't offer crypto as a prize for having good ideas (even though I think that would be really fun).  But honestly though, if they did use your ideas, wouldn't that be more valuable to you than some small prize amount?  So if you have any ideas for a new SteemIt, now is the time to speak up about them.  I can hardly wait to see what you all come up with.

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17.02.2020 09:27

Yeah hear the deleted part about how you had to trade your steem.in or it would be worthless?

Well come crazy moves. I'm hodl. So let's see what happens with my plan.....

17.02.2020 10:26

I like the way @geekgirl put it, "If I wanted Tron I wouldn't have spent time, effort and money on Steem." Hard to argue with that.

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17.02.2020 10:47


17.02.2020 12:32

hola amigo veo que me estas apoyando gracias por tu colaboracion tienes un nuevo seguidor y un nuevo amigo. Te apoyare para que sigas surgiendo y para que me ayudes a surgir te retimeare para ver si te ayudo un poco.

17.02.2020 15:48

This is simply too uncertain a time now. The FUD needs to settle before we will see what SUN will do with his new toy.....us.

17.02.2020 17:06

I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the TRON news @anomaly. I definitely agree that embracing the new world will be far more beneficial in the long term than trying to fight against it. I also believe that the TRON community coming to Steemit will create a larger pie for all of us to share in and be a part of. I am excited about the news and think that although things are uncertain, they could turn out to be very good.

18.02.2020 12:04

I come from Dlive, another site that was bought by Mr. Sun and sincerely we didn't notice any difference for now, if anything we got again events going and new features incoming.
I think the purpose of TRON is just to add more legit and actually used dapps in order to make a new, shiny reputation while not modifying what the users love about their platform.

18.02.2020 14:49

Wow, I had no idea that he bought DLive too. I guess that makes sense though. He's probably just trying to buy up as many of the Steem related websites as possible.

18.02.2020 21:44

@anomaly Thanks for the information!

23.02.2020 21:50

Thanks for raising awareness on this issue. I had no idea, nor do I know about Tron.

24.02.2020 00:48

Informative indeed

25.02.2020 16:48

a small token of appreciation

It's always too early to quit. Norman.
Vincent Peale

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29.02.2020 03:36

i see ... doesn't work as a tip ? ... well fine, in preparation for the day when they "remove the reward pool" (cuz good for the ecosystem) for anyone but whales with a million or more steem ...

yea, i was hoping for some disruption but as it turns out they somehow killed off all incentive for future billionnaires to stake in the name of "we saved you from control" (and kept ours ...) or something, i didnt really read up im a bit tired of the bru-ha ...
we shall see its not in our hands anyway ... but what's in our hands should not be given lightly to the likes of them ;-)

29.02.2020 03:42

Ya Trima kasih infonya, saya baru tahu, ya kita tetap tenang dan jangan panik, dan tetap bekerja,walau sampai hari ini saya belum merasakan hasil di steemit sejak mulai masuk, biarkan saldo yg tak seberapa berada pada tempat yg aman.

29.02.2020 13:19
03.03.2020 23:17

Yeah, I probably should have seen that coming. I was just hoping to be optimistic.

05.03.2020 04:49