The Doctor just said you're dying in one year | How will you spend it?

You got a strange disease that will kill you in exactly one year.

For the next year, you'll remain strong, lucid, healthy and cheerful.

But in exactly 365 days, you will be no more.

How are you spending your last year on earth?

What radical decisions are you making?

What will stay the same? What will be different starting tomorrow?

Are you changing a lot in this last year of life you have?

If so, why haven't you changed already?

Why wait until you only have one year to live?

What's stopping you? Your mind? Your fears? Your routine?

Share with us your take about this on the comment section, I will be giving @ocdb votes to thoughtful, well written comments, especially to those people who share their own thought AND reply/generate discussions in other people's thoughts.

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04.12.2019 21:47

One of the things that came to mind is: quit smoking. I wanted to do that for so long, but couldn't. But a few months ago I decided it's enough! And quit by just deciding this was it. Never looked back since. So that's one of the examples that I already did as I found it important. But there's still a lot to improve lol. Starting with a healthier diet, working on that, but admitting it's hard.

If I had exactly one more year to live, I'd make sure that that year was filled with traveling. Go to the places on the bucketlist (assuming funds were available lol). And there is something else I'd do regarding my two oldest children, but honestly not in the mood discussing that part as it's not the best moment for my own good.

I'd defo also make sure I'd try to make a few ideas a success during that year, as it's a now or never moment .. so if I could I'd just take a jump into the deep and go for it. If it fails, at least I can take that off my list...

Oof so many things, I may think about it some more and write a post about it one of these days.. :)

04.12.2019 21:49

You made good decision with quit smoking, but sometimes information about short life are not connected with smoking. My dear uncle get pancreatic cancer and never smoked, it has started from shoulder pain and he start loosing their weight, then after that he lives in total maybe 14 months, but those months was really painful and he got only worse and worse. So getting 365 days with good form I think is a bless from God, which want tell you, now is the time to live your live with passion!

04.12.2019 22:08

Sorry to hear about your uncle :(
I know more cases of people that never touched a cigarette and died from lung cancer anyway. I'm personally just glad that I was done with it (completely and strong enough to quit I mean, because I was done long before, but never able to actually quit).

I try to do that, and remind myself about it as well, but it's not always that easy. During the summer months things are going much smoother as my mind is much clearer. I can't bare the cold honestly as I have back problems and temperatures in our bedroom are as if you are outside.. Thankfully I know probably within a year we will move to another part of the world, so I have something to look forward to, which helps me a lot getting through this winter (last year I was super depressed from November until the first sun arrived)

I shall try to remember those words though, because these things are always a good reminder to things that are easily forgotten. Thank you!

04.12.2019 22:13

Thanks for answer, appreciate it!

04.12.2019 22:19

Likewise :)

04.12.2019 22:19

Sorry about your uncle. Life can be really harsh. If I knew the exact day I'd die, it will be easier to bear than reality.

04.12.2019 23:02

Yeah that sad, but we need to be stronger without people, which we love.
I bet that he would be really good with that option 365 days without pain and only joy with life!
So I think that deal is not that bad and can bring many good experience and things in life!

04.12.2019 23:08

Very true. I feel really emotional right now.

04.12.2019 23:10

Breaking a habit is a difficult thing to do and I know I struggle with my demon as well. You made the right choice to quit smoking and I'm glad your approach worked out for you. You're very resilient and strong

04.12.2019 23:00

Oh, I know it's easier said than done. I see it looking at my bf, who was like how did you do that. He even left a cigarette on the fridge for me the whole week after I quit, assuming i'd need it. And here you can't enter a tabacco shop with a minor, so he assumed I'd be in stress otherwise lol. Never needed it. He quit smoking two weeks after and still says he craves for them quite often. He started vaping instead, for me that's just another habbit/addiction even though it's different than a cigarette, and I don't need a replacement.

I hope you will find a way too, and do it a the right time not at Jan 1st because everybody does that. You know many fail anyways hehe.. do it when you feel it's the time to quit. You can do it! I will cheer for you!

04.12.2019 23:03

Thanks for the words of encouragement Nookie. I needed to hear that. The person I need to defeat now is myself.

04.12.2019 23:07

It's funny, I've been on and off smoking for so long it didn't even crossed my mind to stop smoking when I thought what would I do if I had one year to live. But to be honest, I think I would still smoke, maybe even include some weed now and then, after all it's not like I'm getting out of this alive... in fact none of us is, and now that the long term diseases are off the list since I'm dying soon well, might as well smoke more xD but that decision is amazing from you, live your last year without addictions.

Do you have a bucket list? Or did this post just inspired you to make one?

That mindset of now or never has actually achieved a lot in terms of people fulfilling their dreams you know? Thinking that if they don't try now, they will lose their chance.

That's definitely a great idea, I think I might as well write a post about this topic myself! :)

Good luck on that topic about your kids and hopefully it will get solved soon.

04.12.2019 23:00

I get that, because I also know the feeling of having a drink and a smoke in company. It felt normal to sit on a terrace and do that. But the past (at least for a) year I only felt bummed that I needed it. Every time I smoked I had this horrible taste in my mouth, I felt shitty whenever I forgot to buy new ones and always thought about having enough cigarettes whenever going somewhere, because god forbid I'd run out. No more of that :)
So for me it would not add any value at this point, I mean I can handle a smoker, but I do think they smell like ashtrays quite often (and yes I was one of "they" lol)

I never liked smoking weed, but I discovered edibles last winter when someone gave me 2 they had left. I was in heaven, my pain completely vanished and I felt so happy. I can imagine creating my own candy shop of these whenever I had one year to live! Feeling happy and no pain is of course something appealing ...

I've postponed so many things, for several reasons, often out of my own control. But I decided to start just doing these things, or at least start preparation of making them happen next year. Not all of them but a few at least. And so I will. Even though I don't plan on dying at the end of 2020 lol.

About the bucket list, I've started writing one several times but never finished it, it's more like 10 different ones with all a few things on it. But I will write about this in the next days because as you can see I have plenty to chat about hehe.

Thank you for that <3

04.12.2019 23:11

I managed to quit smoking a few years ago.
If I had a year left to live, I'd consider starting it least cigars. Whiskey and cigars, in lounges with deep discussions.

04.12.2019 23:27

Never got into cigars, but I would definitely start on some weed :)

04.12.2019 23:42


04.12.2019 23:49

I love that attitude, I guess you quit because of health reason, if thats not a reason anymore much as well go back to do what you enjoy

05.12.2019 03:08

That and because the price was increased 40% suddenly by the government. Wouldn't need to save for retirement if I was gonna die in a year, so I would have no need for the extra cash.

Also, they started banning smoking in all indoor places and going outside in the rain or cold to smoke makes things really unenjoyable. So I would still need to find a nice lounge that isn't affected by the laws.

05.12.2019 03:52

You could find all the nice lounges, go and smoke in every one of them and get kicked out. You might as well enjoy yourself ^_^

05.12.2019 12:46

Hahaha. Spending my last year alive getting kicked out of cigar lounges. It's almost as bad as that guy who said he wants to go on a crime spree.

05.12.2019 15:08

Life live without consequences, what's not to like about that!!!! ^_^

05.12.2019 15:55

Completely agree, but I want to minimize harm to others while doing so. I'd rather be admired and respected than dispised and feared.

05.12.2019 23:04

Traveling would be on my list as well. I'd love to see Iceland and just areas covered in mountains and snow! Don't get any snow where I live and I miss the stuff.

05.12.2019 02:27

365 days left, which can change my life?

365 days gives signal to my brain that I need achieve something diffrent in my life, something, which I never done before..but I don't think so that I gonna change my life for 180 degree only becuase I am about to die in short ammount of time. Don't worry I will still steeming and meet people even, if the world sent me the letter with timestap. I think all of us have some dreams and we never can made this goal. Many of people will think.. ok let's borrow some big cash and have party 24/7 maybe it's cool, but only for couple of weeks, then we will have bigger dept and more problems how to live another months.

I will try something diffrent in my life, maybe I gonna make travel to places, where I never thought about, but my life will not change at all, because I still be yourself and still wanna have joy of these what I do now :)

04.12.2019 21:56

I think that's actually super cool to read, that you won't change that much as you enjoy what you do now! Makes me think as well hehe. I'm not there yet though. But that's fine as I'm doing the best I can in this situation. Trying to get more out of it every chance I have. But I hope in a year from now I will say the same thing.

04.12.2019 22:26

I agree, 365 days is long enough to plan something out and short enough to have that sense of urge to actually make it happen, right?

That's an important take if you ask me, the fact that you don't want to make any radical changes in your life means that you are happy with how it is at the moment, so just keep living the dream man!

By the way, I've seen some of your livestreams, you're pretty good at vidya and interacting with the audience, way to go!

04.12.2019 23:26

I usually don't make long plans for future and I try do what I like to do. Period!
If i do what I like and love, then what I should regret when my life comes to end?
Answer nothing, keep my beer I gonna have fun today with my friends!

Of course I am happy to have what I have and from do what I do. Even, if I don't have everything I want the most important is to share my time with people, which I like - especially friends from steemit and viewers from my live streams!

Making live streams make me really happy, but the most important thing is to interact with viewers, I like to talk much and viewers are here for me to hear my stories and what's new happens to me last time!

Yeah I think I feel good with these things I got from my life. I am satisfied from my life and I don't wanna hear that something is impossible is possible, if we believe in this it can happen, maybe not now, not tommorow, but someday. Steem bullrun? Why not, if we push the word to the world that we are community, which needs more people to integrate and we can reward each other! I hope I will live my rest of my life good with myself. I enjoy my time here with people and that's important to be not alone!

If i will die even in next 365 day I just want know that people didn't lose their faith in steem. That steem will bring more happines to people, who spent their time here.

Good to read that post, which have so many answers and many acrtive people! I feel almost the same like on one of my stream, whre 200 people watched me!

04.12.2019 23:47

Where would you go? I’d go to Iceland and around the country I live in for camping and backpacking.

05.12.2019 02:40

Hum... Honestly I have no idea but let's play with the theme.
I will make a big credit in a bank to pay in 2 years (ahahaha) and travel the world till last day 🤟

04.12.2019 21:58

Hahaha, poor bank :)

04.12.2019 22:27

😁 Joking 😋

04.12.2019 22:38

But wait, banks will never be poor ;)

04.12.2019 22:40

Forgot about that, never mind then, forget the pictures :)

04.12.2019 22:42

eheheh 😁

04.12.2019 22:43


I don't want to dieeeeee! 😁

04.12.2019 22:42

You could go down to Vegas bet it all on red and hope to double your money!

05.12.2019 02:49

And if is red? Is to much to my heart, I don't want to die so soon! 😂😂😋

05.12.2019 02:54

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04.12.2019 22:01

During the last 10 years, I have been busy and I need to do things for myself. I will visit places that I wanted to go since I was kid. I am unable to give it a time to consider amidst all that I have been through.

I will also make amends with people I had some issues with. I just want to leave with peace within myself, and other people.

Since I am a volunteer in teaching in the sign language field, I will take advantage to spend some time in the community. It has been part of my life for almost 14 years, and I want to do this thing and leave that legacy.

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04.12.2019 22:34

That's good from you that you still remember about other people and you want make peace with them. I really like how you will spent your time with community, becuase I think in these hard times is good to be with people and not alone. That's a 365 days and we can live this with pleasure and with peace with yourself.
Thanks for your story, you are a good man and I appreciate what you will do for people!

04.12.2019 22:49


Yes, it will even make my life end faster if I will live alone away from the people and community I love. At least, I would be happy before I die.

05.12.2019 00:06

You have a brilliant life friend. I hope one day you get to do the traveling you want to do and your life is filled with joy and happiness.

04.12.2019 23:04

Thank you. I am also hoping for that.

04.12.2019 23:58

Sometimes we worry too much about the future that we invest too much of our present to secure said future. I get it, I didn't have a second free for 5 years where I was studying, working a full time job and doing side gigs on the weekend, thinking about building for my future.

That's very important, to leave in peace with the people you care about, after all, all we have after we leave is the memory of us.

Oh wow, that's very interesting, have you made any posts about teaching sign language?

Legacy, for some, is everything. The way people will remember you, and what they will remember you for means so much. Thanks for your comment, really puts things in perspective.

04.12.2019 23:07

I used to be like that. Worrying about future, and it doesn't matter if I get tired. Until time will come I feel so exhausted, and I just want to spend a whole day of rest at home.

That's very important, to leave in peace with the people you care about, after all, all we have after we leave is the memory of us.

I remember my mom months before she dies, her brothers and sisters conspired to bring down my mom out of their joint business because of envy. Before she dies, even being the victim, she is the one who made amends of them. I am pretty sure she is in peace before she died.

Oh wow, that's very interesting, have you made any posts about teaching sign language?

Yes I did a few times. :)

05.12.2019 00:05

Well as they say grind like a madman for 10 years and the rest of your life should be easier. Does not always work out I hope it does for you. It’s nice to take a break sometimes and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

05.12.2019 02:43

curing myself

04.12.2019 22:44

Haha very funny :P
That's cheating

04.12.2019 23:13

They say death cures all. I guess you would only have to wait around doing nothing for a year to find out ;)

05.12.2019 02:51

365 days is a long time to know that the disease will kill me. My thoughts are everywhere but will not fulfill all my dreams. Finally I will go to the boss and tell him that I am leaving. He does not want to work for a year. Make your dreams come true... Jump with a parachute, drive a sports car, buy a ring with a diamond. I would like to spend a lot of time with my family. A holiday together is enough. I'd definitely do something else crazy without suffering the consequences.😀

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04.12.2019 22:45

That awesome!
Family is really important in our life so spent time with them is really special time, which can make really good memories to share with other people!
I hope so that making special things will make you happy and you will discover life once again from better side!

04.12.2019 22:52

That's something I was thinking about. I bet there will be people who'll find hard as hell to deal with the fact that they're dying and that year will be hell. In fact, I can imagine some people will decide to just kill themselves after knowing that they're going to die. After all, what's the point of keep living?

That could cross some people's mind, I guess.

Ahahaha imagine doing crazy stuff, get caught and spend your last year in prison XD

04.12.2019 23:11

Family is quite important. I'd sure have one last great xmas with a few of them.

Not being around to deal with he consequences sounds like you have some fun ideas in mind :)

05.12.2019 02:45

Interesting question.

I doubt I'd change much from a relationship or people-interaction perspective. I'd stop working at my job and travel a lot more though, to see my family and gain some more experiences. I'd also wrap up my affairs sell guns and items that my wife might struggle to deal with herself when I'm gone. I wouldn't make it a sad year though, it would be the crowning glory of my life and a year those left behind would remember.

My ethos is design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default so I work hard at living the best life I can now rather than wait for some event to prompt me to do so.

Living like you're dying is a good policy to have I think, for we never know when we might die. Today, tomorrow, in a year...

04.12.2019 22:49

You have similar point of my view for this interesting question - not changing much at all!
Spending time with family, don't waste time in job and make a holidays for better experience from our life is a great choice and I think many people should think about this, until they leave this world!
That's true that we never known that death will come to your doors, but getting that info will help us prepare for best days of our life even is those days will be not longer than one year!
Thanks for answer and I hope so that you will enjoy your life!

04.12.2019 22:57

That's true that we never known that death will come to your doors, but getting that info will help us prepare for best days of our life even is those days will be not longer than one year!

But here's the thing...You are dying mate...Life doesn't go forever. What other motivation could a person need to have the best days of one's life, now. That's sort of the point in my previous comment. Many wait until they have some massive event to provide the impetus to live their best life...I don't get it. You, and everyone you know, will die, it's unavoidable...Best to simply understand it, then get on with living the best version of life now, each minuted, hour and day.

We're all different though I guess and this is just my opinion.

04.12.2019 23:06

We are born to live and supposed to die, but only we decide how we should spent the time left. Many people forgot about that fact that we in the unknown future will die.
That's definetely true:

Many wait until they have some massive event to provide the impetus to live their best life...I don't get it. You, and everyone you know, will die, it's unavoidable

So then don't wait for any impuls, drawn from life and try to do things for which you don't had too much time.

04.12.2019 23:23

So then don't wait for any impuls, drawn from life and try to do things for which you don't had too much time.

Yes, I think that was my point, but thanks for saying it in your own words.

05.12.2019 00:08

Today, a year or ten, it is all the same for me. Live the best I can with what I have absilsvle and work toward increasing opportunity in case I live longer and for those who will.

04.12.2019 23:44

Yep, that's the mentality to have.

05.12.2019 00:13

I’ve seen it to many times someone past away and didn’t have their affairs in order so that is one of the first things I’d work on doing as well. Not to mention just taking stock in general of what I had and how much I can get for it. Bucket list items tend to cost a fair amount.

I'd change a bit if I know I was dying sooner than later. Don't have worry about saving for a future that you won't be around for.

05.12.2019 02:25

Agreed. For me as a gun owner, I wouldn't want to leave my wife (a non-gun-licensed person) with that burden. Also I'd want her future life to be as stress free as possible so I'd make sure all my affairs were in order. As far as money, she gets all my superannuation etc. anyway but as far as other things...I'd want it sorted for her.

We both have legal wills already which is where it all starts.

05.12.2019 02:29

Don't mean to pry (too much) but I see that this is the second time you mention guns and refer to yourself as a gun owner. What do you need them for and why is this an integral part of your life/personality?

05.12.2019 21:59

I am a sporting shooter and cull feral animals on a farm so guns are required.

05.12.2019 22:16

Ah, I see... Stay safe 🙏🏼

06.12.2019 02:07


06.12.2019 02:17

One year to live.....

I would get as many credit cards as I can, visit as many loan sharks as possible, then I would max out all the cards and spend that money having the best year ever.

We would travel to all of the places around the world that we have wanted to go to and do everything we have wanted. I would teach my kids to live life to its fullest, kind of like what I am trying to do now after my brush with death this year.

I would invest quite a bit of the money into crypto and other investments for my family’s future. That way when I am gone I wouldn’t have to worry about them being taken care of.

04.12.2019 22:49

Credit will live for me, that's the point! :D
Anyway I don't know how crypto invest from borrowing money will help your family, if you will have big debt in banks hmm..
Traveling the world is the main topic here and I think getting new experience is the most valuable things for humans :)

Thanks for sharing your story!

04.12.2019 23:01

I would make sure he credit dies with me and they aren’t stuck with any of the bill.

04.12.2019 23:28

Good to know fact that you will handle this.

04.12.2019 23:32

In Mexico if someone dies, the credit dies with them and there are insurance policies to make sure the bank doesn't lose here. I read somewhere that in the US some credits are inherited or passed on to the endoreser (not sure about the word here, that dude who co-signs with you whenever you are getting a big loan), is that true?

05.12.2019 00:15

Ya, the banks do have insurance policies to protect themselves. You are correct though that if someone does co-sign on a loan, it is then their responsibility to take care of the loan. That is why I wouldn't have anyone co-sign on it.

05.12.2019 00:24

I guess that's an approach I hadn't thought about, to try and teach those you leave behind to live, love and learn even when you are no longer by their side, to enjoy life to its fullest without feeling guilty that you're not there anymore to live it with them. I guess that sort of mindset kicks in once you have a family of your own, or maybe I'm just selfish for not thinking about that one xD

04.12.2019 23:24

Ya, I would just want to make sure my last time with them is epic and filled with really great memories.

04.12.2019 23:27

Hehe ya, I would not care to much about a credit score or saving for the future if I know the time was coming. There is a time for saving and trying make sure you can live a decent life. Than there time for spending for the here and now.

Only down side is if they come after what is left of your estate after you are gone. What they can't find they cant try and get!

05.12.2019 02:37

I would like to have a quality discussion over lunch with everyone who has impacted my life if I had a year left.

The problems are there are so many people and some of them (authors, celebrities, musicians, etc) wouldn't even know.

Maybe I would have to write a book thanking or pretending to discuss with the people I couldn't plan to meet during that time. It would give them a chance to read.

I haven't got around to doing something like this because I like to procrastinate. Also, I don't think I would regret not doing it if I found out I had less time. I'd start with those most important, or those I've been longest without having communications.

I already spend a lot of time either in person or online via social media with the people whom I like engaging with best.

04.12.2019 22:51

Ohh writing book to all people, which you want to talk with is great idea!
I didn't even thought about this, but it seems to be cool.
I think making diary about every day from today will be good option too, so the other generation will see how to live life with joy and smile on the face.
Good that we all live in times, where almost everyone can connect with us and talk in the same time from diffrent place on the world. That's amazing :)

04.12.2019 23:04

Diaries are actually a great idea. Sometimes I am half tempted to start a Steem account for this purpose. I would just send encrypted messages for the more personal stuff.

The Social Media aspect is great. Too many people dismiss it as something for the selfie obsessed or marketing. But for anyone who lives as an expat, spends a lot of time away from home, or has made international friends, it's incredible.

04.12.2019 23:25

Yeah that's is really fantastic thing to make blockchain diaries!
Will be good, if steemit will be no ghost city and much post will have that much answers and attention like this post!
I hope so that in the future I will integrate with more pople on steemit and more blogs will be filled with thoughts!
Steemit is a example that social media are not mainly directed to made selfie and promote everything profitable. We are here, becuase we want be here and we want share content with everyone from whole the World!
Don't get be controlled by centralized platforms, when here we have great community, which we can spent many time to talk with!

04.12.2019 23:53

I rest in comfort knowing the people only here for profit will be the first to run away. Running a legacy node of selected posts and comments only would be cheap.

05.12.2019 00:10

I've always wanted that here, a personalized profile with some picks from the blog owner and a favorite section, with posts from other people featured in his profile. Blog personalization, that's something that would kick ass.

05.12.2019 00:18

Steempeak has some kind of portfolio version. I'm sure a front end could easily achieve this. Maybe there will be more when communities and SMTs are ready. Myspace Steem.

05.12.2019 00:32

I think this is more related to what I would do.

Some people want to travel the world and do crazy stuff in their last year of life but, I think I would focuse myself in spending quality time and conversations with people that meant something to me at some point in my life. It doesn't have to be a long conversation and they don't need to know I'm dying but, imagine being able to have a conversation with everyone who impacted your life one way or another, no matter at what age they did it?

04.12.2019 23:16

I've done some crazy stuff and travelled a lot. No need for a blow out. Actually, I would strongly consider moving back to my original country.

I really like that you wouldn't necessarily mention you are dying.

One thing I really like is meeting people I haven't talked to in a long time and spending a little time discussing how it used to be. People are too focused on catching up when bumpung into people, but that can be awkward amd it's somewhat meaningless.

What made us connect to begin with? What is our enduring impression, etc. is more important and interesting.

04.12.2019 23:21

"I'll do it next year"

Writing a book would be too much work for me, daily posts would continue though.

04.12.2019 23:46

Daily posts, or a letter a day would be easy to stitch together into a book.

Now the science fiction fan in me wants to think how could I make it absolutely certain I would die in precisely a year? Get a hit I cannot call off and no police could protect me from? Some implant that I cannot remove without dying sooner?

05.12.2019 00:06

I think posts from my side would keep coming, but perhaps only 2-3 a week depending on my mood and inspiration. One thing I would definitely stop doing would be carrying my fully charged everywhere to check on markets, VP's and urgent messages.

05.12.2019 00:17

One thing I would definitely stop doing would be carrying my fully charged everywhere to check on markets, VP's and urgent messages.


05.12.2019 10:43

You could send them all letters. You never know who would reply back or not. Depending on their age they might even appreciate some snail mail over their email box getting spammed.

05.12.2019 02:29

Letters are a great idea. Some of them at least have PO boxes.

05.12.2019 03:54

Letters are a great
Idea. Some of them at
Least have PO boxes.

                 - abitcoinskeptic

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

05.12.2019 03:54

If I find out, I'll not make wholesale or radical changes but I'll make conscious effort to be a better version of myself.
I have had an issue with procrastination for a long time. Realising I have limited time around will be playing in my mind regularly and I'll just do things faster and with more urgency than I do now.

I'm normally a reflective person, I spend up to 30 minutes at least daily reflecting on how my day went and doing careful introspection. In this moment, I often evaluate my choices and try to rationalise as well as accept shortcomings and flaws. I believe having limited time on Earth will lead to this feelings spiralling down in a frenzy of emotions; I would try my hardest to fix my insides and make peace with myself first and then others.

I will also alert my loved ones about my fate and comfort them the best I can. I've lost a loved one before and I remember how painful it was, the realisation that there will be a permanent void hits really hard. I will do the utmost to cushion the impending blow by living my life to the best of my ability. Spreading love and goodwill as much as I can.

Finally, I will make peace with God, if he exists. Science, technology and human advancements in other areas make you question the existence of a spiritual head of the universe but maybe its just me and my upbringing that influences this but I often feel an unexplainable void in my soul. I believe thats God's space and if its not there, then I will try to put it there.

There's a certain amount of guilt I feel right now. It is not that I don't want to do these things but just like everything in my life, I procrastinate. I hope the cold hands of death also postpones its visit. Thank you for letting me get this off my chest

04.12.2019 22:56

@tipu curate

04.12.2019 23:12

I decided to add a post instead, since the comment would be too long ;D

04.12.2019 23:17

Ahahaha that's cheating! The point is to have a conversation about a topic in the comment section sort of what happens in Reddit :P Not to divert it!

Ahaha granted, the topic does give a lot of material to make a post - or even a series of posts - about this, I admit I am also going to do the same in the next few days.

I'll give it a read in a second :D

04.12.2019 23:31

Yeah, I know so:

I wouldn't change much in my life, but I would definitely be more present with the moments I do have. I would continue writing on Steem, but most likely the content would be more directed toward my daughter and her future. I would keep working until near the end, and then have a nice holiday somewhere warm and relaxed.

You know what would be kind of cool? An interface that allowed to format the post or comment section for different purposes - like select "forum" or "magazine" etc.

04.12.2019 23:35

That would be pretty interesting, to have the ability to pick how the post shows to people and how can they interact with it depending on what's the purpose of you writing it.

Just an example, Imagine you could disable comments and just enable a score 0-10 for people to rate your writing, or how scary your story was etc.

05.12.2019 00:04

It would be great to have some kind of hybrid platform that could flex to provide a range of experiences configured on a post by post basis.

05.12.2019 10:44

That is the only thing I like about reddit. Not everyone is running off to make a post. They do have some amazing comment sections that make them the front page of the internet. Just about everything else they can keep!

05.12.2019 02:42

[My opinion is fucked up just like my mind so This post is +18 be carefull while reading.]

In my case I would change a lot, since now im depressed nerd sitting 24/7 at computer, my life is a complete joke. Probably most people would say like this:

"Its you're choice, u are the creator of your own life, world can change depends what u see, if u see yourself as a happy guy, u will be the one, if your mind is fucked up your life will be too"

-Its right. I can agree, but what if u can't control yourself? If u can't control your own mind? U want to do something but ur body won't. Its like you have handcuffs on you. Let's see u know you should go right, but u will still go left. You know the way to go but u still can't go there. How can we change then? How can we remove the handcuffs from our minds? I didn't found answer after 24 years of my life. I can just guess, that's why I think if I would have a warning that I am gonna die in 1 year or even my parents would die, maybe shock therapy would help? maybe I would change myself? I don't want my parents to die, I don't want to have only 1 year left to live, but I still think it would help. Maybe its the only way to change.

Thats the thing I would change:

  • I would like to find love, that is the thing I am missing and I can't deal with it.
    -Besides it I would betray my love probably, I would love to fuck all the kind of girls, polish, japanease, korean, italian, swedish,latina etc...
    -I would steal some money. (let's be honest I have one year of live, do I really want to spend it on working? i guess not, money is not a guaranteed happiness, I am living already 6 years without any money sitting at my parents house, but to have a 1 year of succesful live I think money would be necessery)
    -I would use this money to go into steroid cycle and build the body I allways wanted, now when I look into the mirror I want to die. I can't look at myself, I am so ugly.
    -I would use this money to go and meet my internet friends, in my city I have no friends, so I would love to meet my internet friends. I really love them and I am sad that they live so far.
    -I would also use this money to take a trip to Japan as I love Japanease culture. Probably I would go and fuck some Japanease bitches, cause I love japanease girls.
    -I would do drugs probably, alcohol, weed, amphetamine and extasy. Who cares? I am dying anyway so let's have best year of my live.
    -I would stop sitting at PC 24/7.I would travel around world , I would go to all the band concerts I like and do crazy things like drugs,girls.

So it looks like I would change myself into worse person that I am now. To get the things that needs time to get, I would need to use bad methods like stealing,drugs,steroids, just to speed up the process I would need years to reach.

04.12.2019 23:28

This is completly true thought from you.
I hope so that someday we will meet together and we will spent some time together!
Steemit is only place, where we can find kind and true people.
You have specific needs and you are not shy to talk about them here in your [+18] comment!
Travel to Japan and meet these culture and pretty girls should be a really good experience.
Alcohol and drugs why not, when you will spent that year healthly, that will not broke you.
Maybe that is the event to change the mind and start living with new goals, which can be obtained, if you start from today changing your behavior!

05.12.2019 00:06

I appreciate the honesty in your post. But it seems that you will probably spend most of your last year in prison so your plans may backfire badly. Besides hurting others is never a good idea since they may be inclined to hurt you back.

Japan is a fun place, though.

05.12.2019 01:16

I myself find it relaxing every year to grow a couple of plants out of containers. I grow peppers, tomatoes, herbs. Depending on how much space you have or don’t have something like parsley or equivalent is quite easy to grow and maintain.

It gives you a reason every day to get away from the computer since you would have to water whatever you were growing. Along with harvesting what you grew and getting the joy of consuming it.

Change does not have to be big to have a big impact. Sometimes you just need something to make each day a little special.

05.12.2019 02:33

I wouldn’t change anything. Odd answer? Not for me, I live everyday like it’s my last pushing myself to be the best versions of myself. Not sure why thinking of death will change people. We all die one day and people choose to live life like they are already dead. 😀

Posted using Partiko iOS

04.12.2019 23:37

It is and odd answer, not because of the nature of the answer, but because it's not a common one. Most of us live lives we are not 100% comfortable or satisfied with. Some people do it thinking about the future, some others because they are paying for mistakes of the past, there's those who can't leave the negative vortex they're experiencing at the moment... so many reasons.

You're lucky to be able to live the life you choose and at the same time brave enough to actually go through with it. Imagine having all the means to live a life exactly as you want it, but not being brave enough to go out and take the bull by the horns and live it. Now that would be a pain in the ass, if not just plain sad.

I would probably change the way I interact with people, perhaps I'd give more attention to others and listen to people more than what I do now.

04.12.2019 23:50

This post was shared on Twitter because it is #posh #groovy and #sassy, just like me :P

04.12.2019 23:38

Knowing I only have 1 year left to live is very frightening. I couldn't think too much what to do because I still want to live. Even so, there's no stopping on it. So what will I do for it...

I want to fill my life with so much enjoyment. I'll tell no one about my existence that will only last for 1 year so that they won't pitty me but instead having fun with me. One other thing is that I will tell my family how much I love them. Since we're not that close so it's embarrassing to say "I love you to them. At least they'll know that even if I didn't say much about them, I still love them.

Also I will make myself doing fearsome thing's that I haven't done before. Explore the beauty what is beneath the sea. I want to know many things about nature. I will go to the deepest forest, I want to know if there are people who are still uncivilised even in this 21st century.
After exploring the world that are reachable on finances, I will spend most of my time with family and friends. I want to make myself happy over and over again. I'll make sure I will be happy while crying. And finally I'll say to myself, "I have a wonderful and awesome life and still thankful that I experience it."

04.12.2019 23:57

If I’m not mistaken there is an island out there with uncivilized tribes living on it. They will chase anyone who shows up away with spears thinking they are being invaded! I could only imagen what they be thinking seeing someone with modern day phone and light while all they have is a spear!

05.12.2019 02:48

yeah, super true, I've watched that also, well if someone will do that then I'll just run if I can

05.12.2019 03:17

To start of, in my opinion, this is something that has been lacking from sites like this. Simple, but incredibly intriguing and insightful posts, that detracts away from the majority of similarly mind numbing posts on bitcoin, politics, and anything that makes you feel like a bit of run down, helpless code stuck in an infinity mirror. That being said, let me now express my views on this topic.

So, 365 days to go, before i shall be no more on the planet earth, what do i do to make the most out of the "time" i have? To begin with, i would instantly get married to my partner. I have been with her and her 4 beautiful children for almost 3 years now and it is something that i have been looking to do in the future (when i believed it was the right time in my life to propose) that amazing question. Now, i would need to propose to her of course and a man of my talents and passions, trust me, i would make sure i would do that in style.

How would i do this, you ask? Well, i would book a 3 day wknd trip to the best country manor house i could find. A place full of amazing history, character yet also equal in stunning views with abundance of tranquillity that would engulf us for the whole time we spent there. In terms of the day and time in the day, this is tricky, but, i know i wouldn't do it on the first day as we are just getting to appreciate our surroundings. So that comes to Saturday and its incredibly tempting to arrange it some point in this day. Now, i personally feel the evening would be the best time, but, there's issues with this as (1) i wouldn't want to propose at dinner, that would be too classic for my liking and (2) its too dark to enjoy a sunset, or the beautiful scenery of a lake or stroll through enchanting woods . So, with taking that in to consideration, we would have a lovely spa treatment, enjoy being pampered, relaxing, peaceful morning. We would then explore the depths of the manor houses history and spend a few hours admiring its origin. This would take us to about 2 pm and we would go for lunch, that would be on a beautiful balcony, over looking the incredible views of such luxurious seclusion. This would take us till about 4 pm. Then we would spend a few hours on a fun mini golf course to let our hair down and build up excitement for what is to come. So its now about 6 pm and dinner is approaching us, so, i take us for a lovely stroll through the enchanted woods for about an hour and it comes to a lake, with a boat for two. Its now around 7pm and the sun is setting, we get in and i take the boat to the other side appreciating the wildlife around us. We then walk up a small hill and as we get to the top, there is a hot air baloon waiting for us piloted by a vicar, We get inside and experience the sun setting, high up in the sky, at that moment, i get on my knees and propose.......we get married there and then.....then we come back down as the happiest couple on earth and enjoy the remaining time at the manor.

now i have 362 days left as a married man to my beautiful wife to go. So, now what to do ey? well to be honest with you, theres not much i would really change or try and force to do, as im in the process of creating my dreams by setting up my brand "MODERN DAY JESTER" which is all about expressing, inspiring, creating, supporting mental health and being part of a family network. Ive recently launched a real life, music video series, called "WANDERING SOUL" which has taken me, ironically enough, just over 12 months to complete and i have enough footage for releasing an episode once a week on YouTube, for 6 months.

One of the main goals of my brand is to help others and setting up events and festivals for unsigned musicians and talents and creative and interactive / engaging workshops for people with mental health (as i have Adhd and Asperger syndrome) is something i am in the process of creating.

so, i would make sure that, i would plan a 12 hour festival, for all types of people on the day of my departure. I would make sure that i would release my series, in accordance with my departure, and play the last episode of my series one hour before (its half an hour long). Then i would perform for the last 20 minutes on an 1850s vintage, john broadwood grand piano (as piano is my soul) and for the last 10 minutes, i would say my thank yous and goodbyes and be able to leave filled with enlightenment, knowing that i have left my legacy, made a positive change to peoples life's and accomplished my dreams.

05.12.2019 00:40

I know some people who say every year this year will be the year they get married. Here we are in December and nothing. All they have to do is walk down to the court house and sign some paper work to make it legal. This is something they would be doing anyways regardless of the wedding or anything else they want.

It’s been six years I have no idea what they are waiting on! Sometimes you just got to go for it.

05.12.2019 03:01

Very interesting! I like the fact that you went into so much detail with counting down the days and hours. It seems to must of us care more about nurturing family and relationships rather than partying it up on those last days.

05.12.2019 19:36

Dear Diary, December 4, 2019

Today I have been given some bad news. It’s been nearly a decade since I have seen a doctor and something really did not feel right. I thought it was time to get checked out and make sure it’s not just something that is easy to resolve.

I’ve been quite stressed l as of late due to my failures in life stacking one onto another. I’m just hoping its stress.

2 PM

The doctor has informed me that they are not quite sure what is wrong with me. The tests they were able to perform in-house have confirmed some kind of disease. They are quite unsure but my vital numbers were all over the place.

The only thing certain is I have around a year left to live. While the doctor recommended further tests I declined and walked out of his office. I’ll be dammed if I spend my final months in some hospital bed being miserable.

9 PM

I cried myself to sleep. Tomorrow will be a new day.

December 5, 2019

I finished off a gaming review I was working on. While I was hoping to have it done by Friday I thought there no better time to get it done than today.

I wanted to keep my mind things while I work out how I am going to spend my final days

December 13, 2019

Today is the big day I have a hardcore solo self-found race in Path of Exile. While I usually don’t stay up for the full 24 hours this might be one of the last races I enter.
I push hard and level up my old racing favorite a Shadow class. He ended getting killed to Kitava with it only having 10% health remaining. Like any death in Path of Exile while you play Hardcore you just have to start another character right away and try again.

I burned most of the night away and become quite tired. I managed to kill Kitava but that still was not good enough. I ended up losing the race.

I don’t join these for the Steem that is awarded for the top levels. I just enjoy them. I was rather happy about this event despite losing.

December 15, 2019

I just finished off my yearly baking of over 12 different kinds of cookies, bars, and other sweet treats.

I pack them up nicely and include some final farewells to people I’ve not seen in over a decade. While I still have quite a number of months. I don’t plan on spending them with family members that I only say hi to once a year. They don’t know me and vice versa.

For everyone else that I plan on seeing I include a nice cheerful photo of me in front of the Christmas tree. I am holding a glass of Vodka and giving them cheers in the photo.

December 19, 2019

Today is another big day Steam is having their Winter sale and I’ve been busting my butt during December to get out a few game reviews I wanted.

I publish my standard top 10 lists for games on sale on Steam and include a couple of bonus free to play games like I usually do for those who can’t afford to buy a new video game for Christmas.

As planed like I have done before I’ve taken one of the top 10 search results ranks on google for a number of terms. I targeted many trending about the Steam sale as I have in the past. I keep being in the top results for 24 hours. (This might come true yet again for this year we will have to see.)
Afterward, my post went missing for 2 weeks. I had over four front ends that made it into the top 100 and google slap me across the face for having duplicate content on a number of sites. Things got resorted later on just in time for the sale to end a few days later. Steempeak ended up winning out in the end but I have lost some ranking and ended being 35th—again.

December 24, 2019

Today is Christmas eve and I go about my normal routine. The news has gotten back to some that I have less than a year left to live. I don’t let it get to me.

I make my normal Christmas dinner with turkey, mash potatoes, stuffing, deviled eggs, jello and a bunch of other sides.

I thank everyone for the gifs they have given me and hope they enjoyed what little I managed to pull together. I gave out some bigger presents then I usually do since I won’t be needing the money that much soon enough.

I told them all there won’t be anything left of my assets once I’m done with the year. I’m sorry I could not leave them with something. There are a number of things I want to do and just never could afford it.

It was a great final Christmas. I am quite grateful for the people I got to spend time with. Some of them this was the last time I’ll be seeing them.

December 30, 2019

I finished off the mouth with a number of end of the year posts. Games I am looking forward to playing in 2019 such as Cyberpunk 2077, Mount and Blade Bannerlord and so on.

Along with a News Years resolution with some crazy ideas on it. It gets no comments and is lost in the void a few weeks later.

January 1, 2020

I started to list around 90% of my personal belongings for sale. People don’t tend to understand what has sentimental value and what is just some random trash. I don’t want some loved ones feeling stressed that they have to hold onto something that ended up just being trash.

I’ve written my final Will and who gets my Steem account along with some random Cryptocurrency I have. It’s not a lot of money. If it does end up funding some trips I have planned then I’ll sell off if not at least it was something.


January 30, 2020

I’m just down to owning my computer and everything that goes with it, a bed, my backpacking backpack, and camping supplies.

I’ve continued for the month to write two or so reviews per week. I always joked I’d never been able to get through the over 100 games I’ve been stocking piling. I always feared running out of games. Now that won’t be an issue.

February 1-29 2020

I’ve always wanted to return to the mountains. Something I told myself year after year and never did until now.

I start my first of many backpacking and overnight camping trips around my local area. It’s just not the same as when I lived up north. I make do anyway since I’m so out of shape I struggled even taking the easy trails. I’ve really let myself go over the years but that not going stop me.

During the weeks when I was not out camping or hiking I played a number of games on my backlog. I’m dead set still on keeping up my blog.

March 1, 2020

When I was a kid in the boy scouts I went on a two-week-long trip to the Big Horn Mountain range in Wyoming and Montana. I've always wanted to go back and this is the month I do so.

While I’m not in the greatest shape and going alone I’ve at least tried to prepare myself.

Drinking water from the rivers was as cold as I remember. The air as crisp and free as a sunset.

Like when I was a kid I failed to catch any fish! The rest of the trip was an enjoyment.

A couple of the state rangers would show up now and again to check in on how things were going. You really should not be backpacking alone and they try their best to keep on eye on those that do in their part of the woods. Something they didn’t have to do.

April 2020

My friends and I have been telling each other for over a decade we would attend Eve Online’s fanfest in Reykjavik Iceland. Sickness, poorness, family struggles, kids, you name it we always had a reason why everyone could not make it. There are only three of the remaining four of us left. It’s now or never.

I arrive a day early so I could do some sightseeing and meet my friends that I’ve only ever known online. It was wired for about 10 secs than one of us cracked a joke at another making fun of something. We had some fun tossing jokes at each other and had a few drinks at a local bar.

April 2 – 4

Eve Online fanfest has started. Lots of sitting around hearing lectures about the future of the game. Quite geeky and I loved it even more than I would have just watched the videos at home on YouTube.

One of the nights we go on a dev pub crawl and we didn’t make it back to the hotel till 4 am in the morning. We were up bright in early at 6 am not wanting to miss a presentation about economics in Eve Online.
I take a few notes and photos to write about attending the Fanfest for my blog. I always wanted to travel the world and go to different gaming meetups. I at least did it once.

April 5-12

With Eve Online Fanfest over I spent a few extra days in Iceland. I sign up to go on a couple of adventures. From checking out glaciers, caves, and hot springs and a few other sights.

April 13- 30

I return home and write up quite a few gaming posts about Eve Online. I spend the rest of the month just making gaming content and trying to save up money for another trip somewhere else.

I didn’t take any more trips for the rest of the month. I wanted to spend it with some family members who live close by. A few campfires and S’mores nights were had.

May - September

I started up my garden again. I just love growing peppers, tomatoes and herbs.

The neighbors think I’m ducking nuts as I’ve torn up large sections of the backyard. I won’t be planting in containers this year with only a couple of plants. I’m having myself a real garden this year. Screw those who will take issues with this and report it to the landlord and the city.

The city came by quite a few times to give me a fine. The landlord who's not having it anymore has started the process of having me evicted. They can send all the letters they want I’ll keep spending them back crammed full of tomatoes.


I headed up to North Carolina and spend a few weeks walking along their green trails and checking out quite a few state parks.

Thought out the month I also play quite a number of VR games. I’ve never owned a VR device myself but it was fun to write content about the experience and seeing how that kind of gaming is slowly progressing forward.

The real reason I’m here is I wanted to spend some quality time with a couple of family members. I also wanted to go trick or treating one last time and got to go along with their kid. We stayed out so late not only were people refusing the answering their doors anymore we got the cops called on us! 35 pounds of candy!

November 20, 2020

I quit blogging on Steem today. I’ve still yet to have a post be on the front page of Steem. At this point, I’ve long stopped caring. I’ve kept things up for now but the price of Steem is around $1. It won’t be enough to pay for my final trip and I see no need to keep going on with it. I’ve written more than most will in a lifetime anyway.

I started to get a few last warnings notices from credit card companies for missing so many payments. I was poor going into this and even selling everything I own would not amount to much. Quite the dishonest thing to do and not something I’ve done before. I would feel like a total scum bag but there was no other way.

I sold my computer and everything else that I could not pack into my backpack.

My permit to be on Mount Everest was declined. I also did not have the massive sum of money required to buy it anyways.

Screw the rules I’ll be dead soon anyway. I got a plane ride out to a rather remote location. It will take me a few weeks of backpacking to make my way to Mount Everest. I did not want the land to close and get put on a watch list due to not being from Nepal with climbing and backpacking gear. All those backpacking trips have lead me to this.

December 4, 2020

The sun rises over the mountain tops. I won’t be making it to the top and I drop down on my knees crying at the sight I see. It was everything I could have asked for in life. Farewell.


For a large part, I would still do what I’m doing. I love gaming as a hobby and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. I don’t travel to different gaming conventions as it is as I have a tiny budget for my hobby. Not worth spending thousands on a trip that I can’t afford and have no way of paying it back.

While I don’t plan on going as extreme on gardening as I would under this scenario I still plan in 2020 to grow a few peppers, herbs and we will have to see how many tomato plants I get.

As far as the backpacking and going on different trips. That’s not out of the question of doing something local. Perhaps one day one of the many things I’m doing will earn enough that I can toss some trips around the country to visit s state parks and mountains. This goal keeps me grinding in life.

Money and time are always the two things stopping me. Once those two mean next to nothing the world is mine to do as I please for a however short amount of time I could. It would be rather short!

05.12.2019 00:55

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05.12.2019 02:03

I am a thyroid cancer patient from China who got this disease in 2017.But it didn't take much of a toll on my life, and after treatment I continued to live and get used to running. Thinks.

05.12.2019 01:37

For the next year, you'll remain strong, lucid, healthy and cheerful

cool! would give up the gym and healthy food and go back to chain smoking and getting wasted :)

05.12.2019 01:46

images 41.jpeg

05.12.2019 01:49

I would write faster!

05.12.2019 02:02

Life is short, so they say but if you are not wise, you may suffer in this short life for decades for your mistakes, life is a gamble they say, go in hard and win big or lose big, life willl be sweeter if i win big but what if i lose? i may be condemned to suffer for a very long time, if i definitely know when am losing my precious life, i will go for things i am scared to do now knowing fully well that if things go wrong i won't have to suffer for long before i die and if things go right i have my family to inherit what i have gotten from the risk i have taken....Procrastination is one thing i would stop as i will live the 365 days to the fullest, enjoying life, daring fear and i won't stop my heart from loving as i know when my days will end.

05.12.2019 02:34

O my god..
Thats really happening??
I can't believe...

05.12.2019 03:16

I'll start to transfer my assets to orphanage home what I have that moment. I'll teach to children who're poor that time using my knowledge. Also start to spend much time with those children where orphanage home built sharing my love to each others and my beloved once. In fact I'm trying to keep satisfying of my life what I want my rest of life time. I'm reaching my religion than previous time for help social communities.

05.12.2019 03:58

Very nice decision bro, I really like your plan. Because we don't care about poor or neglected children in society. We have no plans for their future, we only think of those who are better. If we all thought like you, our society would really change.

05.12.2019 08:05

Thanks your encouraging feedback on my comment.
I'm glad to see your positive words.

05.12.2019 08:09

Yes, my brother I am also happy to see your great dreams for the society. You are welcome.

05.12.2019 08:11

I'm curious, apart from transferring you assetss to an orphanage, what's stopping you from doing the rest? Why wait till you only have a year to live?

05.12.2019 12:43

I stop only what I need to spend withing next year expenses for my lives. I sell my fixed assets what I have first day as doctor informed me I'll die within next 365 days.

Why wait till you only have a year to live?

If doctor not informed me I'll die, I believe I have more time for doing my part with doing my profession.

05.12.2019 15:06

Hello, here I share a brief but meaningful message with everyone. Thanks for comment.

05.12.2019 04:37

Out of the closet :P

05.12.2019 04:57

Most of the people’s answer are going to be like, “we are gonna enjoy life to the fullest or do good deeds or travel or do the things that we never had the courage to do”.
As excellent as these choices may sound, none of them are really gonna matter as soon as the doctor gives you a very specific time that is in this case 365 days.
We can never know when we are going to die and that’s what makes our lives interesting. I am studying so hard and trying to gather skills so I can get a better job and have wonderful life in ten years. But if I know the future and I know that I am going to die on the day of my interview of that desired job, why would I do anything? I wouldn’t.
I know that death is coming. I know that I am going to die someday, I just don’t know which day it is. Once I know that, the only thing I am going to feel is scared. Once you hear that you are going to live only 365 days, you are not going to only count those future 365 days but you will also count all those past days that you have lived and you are gonna realize what a waste all that was. So, this sack of regret is gonna be so heavy that you are going to be overwhelmed by it for a while.
I can’t answer these question because these circumstances do not have any future. These are not events that I can relate to. I can answer easily what I will do if I am given a billion dollars or a chance to visit the past because they have outcomes. But it wouldn’t matter what I do in this case because its going to end with death.
So, I don’t know what I am going to do in this case because its not a regular event.
I might change a lot or might just decide to jump off a building because the waiting is too crucial for me, who knows?

05.12.2019 05:01

I can't explain myself because i'm not english speaker but you can translate this from spanish:

Probablemente haría todo lo que me hubiera restringido hasta el momento. Si tengo un buen cuerpo, dejar de esconderlo y lucirlo. Vestirme, peinarme, maquillarme de la forma que más me guste. Aventurarme por distintas partes sin tener miedo. Explorar lo que nunca me atreví a explorar. Experimentarlo todo. Animarme a hablarle a quién nunca pude hacerlo por distintos motivos.

Una vez que hayamos entendido sobre lo importante que es vivir, como estamos sanos debemos vivir cada minuto como si fuera el último. Yo de a poco me voy animando. ¡Muchas cosas que superar pero siempre se puede!

Thanks for this post. Is a good content of discussion!

05.12.2019 05:06

I'll probably spend a week feeling sorry for myself, why me?

During the next week I'll be pulling my spreadsheet together to see how much I can afford to blow in the year and still have enough left for hubby to live comfortably for the rest of his life - I may be dying but I still gotta be responsible

The following week I will be planning where I want to go for the next 9.75 months. There are so many places in the world where I want to go and see. Some have always been on my go to list, some revisit. Hopefully I can afford to spend these 9.75 months with a bit of luxury, it is going to be my last days after all. I'll do whatever I want to do during this period even if it means sitting down not doing anything and just be me. Anything that I've put off not doing, like train to run 5k probably won't be done either . There's a reason why I procrastinated all this time.

In month 11 I will go back to UK to see all my family and spend time with them. They are very special to me. They'll be pleased to know they don't have to arrange for my funeral.

In my final weeks I'm going back to Hong Kong. This is where my parents came from and I spent many many years here when I was younger. It's my second home.

Unless China sends the army in and kill all the protesters, I cannot see the Hong Kong protest ending within the year. If I'm going to die, I might as well make my death worth while to the cause. I don't know what I can or will do and what impact another life will have on the protest. It's not like no one has died or been found dead under suspicious circumstances already. Whatever I do, it has to help the Hong Kong protest.

This is the What part of the What radical decisions are you making?, I just haven't figured out the How part yet.

05.12.2019 05:13

As for me, Poor me☹️ I will definitely change somethings about me and my way of life even though I have been giving a specific date ,time and hour. But notwithstanding, I will see to the affairs of my children that is if I have , and if not I will definitely keep calm and start to give out to the less privilege and the motherless homes.

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05.12.2019 05:14

Your answer seems to me to be an exception, but your last words have been able to strike a mark in my heart. In my view it would be a wonderful initiative, a gift to the poor and motherless homes of the society and a beautiful initiative to change the outlook of the society.
But if you want a proper plan for that, you can share with us the plan through which you can spend a year to make your dream a reality.

05.12.2019 08:09

I don't think I have many regrets, I am doing what I would like to at this moment in time but if I knew I had 365 days to live I would change once thing.

I would most likely sell everything I own, liquidate all my assets and take all my cash and use everyday travelling as far and as much as I can, meeting as many people and absorbing as many experiences as I can while my money and body allows me to do so and try to make small impact in various regions.

05.12.2019 05:50

surely not on donvoting people with free stake i got for upvoting people

05.12.2019 05:50

Making my girlfriend the happiest woman in the world! That's all I want to do. It's 3 AM and I am still chatting with her.

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05.12.2019 06:01

Travel more? Write a diary? Quit smoking tobacco cigarettes? Start smoking weed instead? Starting doing now what you've never done before?

Really? Seriously? Don't take it badly! Don't get me wrong! But I suspect most of you are still a bunch of youngsters who haven't lost yet in your surroundings a great deal of your most dear family members, good old friends contemporaries with you and many other memorable souls in your closest inner circle who have already departed from this earthly plane to a better place out there. Somewhere! Yeah, transmuted to somewhere 'around' close enough to where you are standing right now!!

What would mean barely 365 days extra for you 'in the know' that these will be the last few days left in your agenda?

As to start thinking suddenly in making major changes and try to do things in a different way than what you've been accustomed and that which we have been/going doing these all this time before, simply by having now the 'more & less' absolute certainty of our expiration date?

Well, I wouldn't want to be more verbose than necessary about this subject, debate and discussion. But if you feel like it, you can always click here to know a little bit more about my position. :)


05.12.2019 06:08

Every man has certain dreams in his life, which people spend all the money and time stored in the life to make them real. Although not everyone can succeed in all area of life for some of reasons. However, people dream until the end of life.

It would be hard to believe, if I had a strange disease that would allow me to survive one year. Yes, in this case, I want to make my dreams come true. I want the fulfillment of my dreams until the end of my life. For which I will spend the entire 365 days with a specific plan. Because I do not want to waste any effort for some reason or the weakness of the plan.

I have loved green nature since I was a child, I will spend the last part of my life in the village. I will cover our village in green, which will be a safe village of green nature and health. And the second dream is to build a safe home. Because modern-day children are hesitant to look after their parents at an early age. And my dream is to do something for older people with a free same home for them.

I will constantly try throughout the year to make these two dreams come true, I know that even though I do not have enough money for this, but I will try to give up everything I have.

I am waiting, trying to prepare myself for the situation, because the realization of a dream is not easy, and I go ahead with the overall preparation to make my dreams come true, because I am afraid of losing. But when I find out that I can no longer survive the next year, no more fear will work in me.

05.12.2019 08:02

I have started working since 2003 and since then I have been busy on work and all so I plan some time for me and plan vacation for me. I want to visit few places in India and some overseas. Will plan and visit all the places I wanted to visit and enjoy with family. Will take complete break from the work and will stay few months with parents because I only stayed for few days since I have started working.
I am a family man for me spending time with family and exploring world and different places would be the best time. I will also clear all my liabilities and will ensure that my family won't have to struggle with all this they can have a peaceful life.
On a funny side I will buy an insurance plan for high value and that would give good amount of money to my family and their survival would not be problem.

One year is sufficient time to plan all these things and I can do it well.

05.12.2019 08:27

There is ultimately notHng more sadden than knowing when you are leaving this world. Many people do say this world is not good but who is ready to leave.

The rest of my journey will go thus:

The exact day when I got to know will be a total mess because a lot of traumatic and psychological things will be going on in my mind. I will be thinking of how exactly I have spent my life, how I have been living but the same night will be the beginning of a new man in me.
Over the night, I will spell out my aim and break it down to achievable units with 300 days because I might die but my name must not die within a year. This might be hard to do but with the thought of how my past has been, I can influence my present to change the future.
The core aim of my next 300days will be centered on helping people with the little I have because the most flourishing investment is to invest in people.
After taking my dream within 300days then the next 60days will be spent with my family and good friends. I will travel across the country to meet as much as I can and create a very good memory for each and everyone of them.
Before the day final come, I will be secluded and pray and fast for a better ending because the goal is not to make this world a better place but to also enjoy the glory in heaven.
With God everything is possible.
All our days have been a very bad ones. For example, I am about 23years of age now but I have not done anything substantial because I always have a hope of tomorrow.
We all are not doing all these because we have a hope that tomorrow will come and the right time is now
Thanks to you for this great privilege to think twice about life again. Thus is a gold offered for free to think about our various life and accomplishments.

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05.12.2019 08:41

Good morning,
In case I have a terminal cancer that will lead to death, the first thing to do is to submit myself to God entrust my life. I will be doing charity work and stay happy. Accepting the truth will lighten my burden because I know people will not die because of what their sickness but they die because it is the end of their life span in this world. Nobody will stay alive in the world. We are ordained to die and rise again. A lot of people around died in an accident or death in the morning when they are just sipping their coffee. So if I have a situation like that, I have to accept it and I will make it sure that I will be leaving with good memories to remember from the people around me. I am willing to leave on what I have in this world.

Today even though I have no terminal cancer, I am now living my life thinking what my whole day brings me, sleep at night and if God let me wake in the following morning, that would be a great consolation.
Live your life of what today brings you and no need to worry for tomorrow
It literally means you have acceptance and contentment.

Thank you @anomadsoul

05.12.2019 09:19


You are welcome @anomadsoul

07.12.2019 03:52

You cannot sent token to yourself.

07.12.2019 03:52

Every time December approaches, I usually think of things like this, I am fearful number I of death, I am afraid of dying. Perhaps more to think that I did not do everything that I have proposed, that for some pain (although I also fear that) But if the case were what you described at the beginning ... It would be strong to accept something like that. My last year has been distant from my family and that is not how I would like to be, for now I have been miles away from them, because my job requires it. Starting there I think I want much more time to live. If I accept it, I think that would be my only regret. That has been my most radical decision, and it has given me fruit… Yes, on the one hand, I cannot deny it, but it has taken away the opportunity to share with my family. This would be the situation that tomorrow would change completely. I would not stop working, that would still be the same, but I would change my job to someone where I am close to my family, even if I do not receive the income that the one currently offered by my workplace.

We always hope to feel at the last moment of life, to do something really important. We always hope to be able to act just when we are going to be left alone just remember not to live, what we could offer in previous times. My job has helped me a lot to emerge, I have grown much more personally, I think I have matured much more, physically safe we are changing to the way of cutting hair, but those soul changes, those that really are worth, I think I have forged a strong character to be a little more gentle, because it doesn't always help to be grumpy, hard-faced, sometimes you need to be tame, sometimes you need many more things. Everything in life is still a process, if this would be my last year, I would be much more urged to make people remember me beautiful. Do not forget me easily.

The saddest thing of all is precisely that, with the intention of being reminded of me, I would be in a hurry to change things, add some others, because I am aware that I have only one year left to live. The rush of not being forgotten or remembered with hate makes it now and not before I want to change. Anyone would do it that way, we are used to hypocrisy, not being real.

05.12.2019 09:21

well for starters I would self-replicate a hundred times and throw a truly epic pity party for and with myself. But never one to dwell on the past nor fear the future, I would feed my replicants to the volcano gods of Io after a proper wallow and set out to make new adventures and memories while I still could.

I would leave this solar system behind to visit my old broodmates on Epsilon Eridani B. I would want to run my pseudopods through the sulfur springs one more time, and feel the solar radiation on my cilia whilst joyriding on a comet. I would down a pint of rocket fuel and howl at the demon stars Algol. I would take more spice than a Guild Navigator and grow a sexual organ for the express purpose of allowing a Bene Gesserit witch to imprint me. I would have one tentacle in a wormhole and another in the pink as the old saying goes. In a state of quantum excitation I would experiment with multi-dimensional orgasms. I would write my name in ten league letters across the surface of Pluto, dear Pluto, sweet Pluto, you will always be a planet to me. I would of course bring my towel.

Toward the end of my allotted Terran year I would record my memories on a crystal cube to pass on to my larvae, and once that task was complete I would take a heroic dose of mooncrystal and strip off my outer membranes and wander into the anticyclonic storms of Jupiter for one last hurrah.

So yeah, basically - the usual.

05.12.2019 09:24

I am married, my wife and I have a job that allows us to live with serenity and in a few months our child will be born. Well if I had this news, I believe you will be pissed off at life or with those who make decisions for us, up there in the skies. Reading this post already takes a blow to my heart because the very thought that something like this can happen in any day of my life ... doesn't make me feel good, especially at the age of 36.

Anything can happen in life and nothing is taken for granted ... Having said that I believe that I would end up in absolute panic in the first days ... Knowing myself I would shut myself up for a while. What I really dream of doing in my life is to travel with my family and visit as many places as possible and I hope Steem will be able to help me make it happen in the future.

I would like to visit unconventional or tourist places, then abandoned cities, hidden wonders, places where the magic of the environment in which we find ourselves can envelop me. I would take my wife and my little baby with me and I'd like to end my life not in a hospital bed ... But on the steps of a temple or on the bank of a river.

What keeps me from doing it today is a mortgage of at least another 24 years and making sure that my son one day has the chance to live a peaceful life and to be able to offer him the foundations to make his dreams come true.

Okay, I was moved!

05.12.2019 09:32

I would do more or less what I'm doing now, except I'd be travelling while doing it: taking photos, writing stories and drinking coffee.

05.12.2019 10:01

Commit suicide. Why prolong the inevitable?

05.12.2019 10:12

Yes, YES.......... by way of USDA prime steak necklace hanging from one's neck while taking a long walk about vacation upon the plains of Africa! JK ;)

05.12.2019 13:07

Because you need new experiences to dead smiling at least.

09.12.2019 15:45

Remain true unto thyself I say. For that may be the only way I know how to operate in any given situation. In other words, believe you are enough in this world and any experience you have is part of this journey called life.

05.12.2019 10:13

@anomadsoul, In my opinion our life is a Flow and we develop this flow while growing through Observation and our Situation. And in my opinion our life is a syllabus which already created before we took birth.

This Syllabus guides us towards our Life Flow and Work Flow. We never know what will going to break this flow and we don't expect that situation for sure.

But Life is unpredictable aspect and sometimes it pushes us into those situations from where we don't know how to rise up and in a way our life covers with Dark Clouds, when we think about the Circumstances.

If i get to know that, i am having just one year then definitely my Flow will Collapse and outlook towards life will going to become Upside-down. Most importantly we will going to find more indepth value in Relationships.

Have a blessed time ahead brother.

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05.12.2019 12:25

Proving him wrong. Good to see ya' my brother. Merry Christmas to you and yours! ;)

05.12.2019 12:56

С самого начала я боялся смерти, потом перестал бояться смерти, но прошло немного времени и я снова боюсь смерти. Не получается не бояться смерти, когда знаешь что смерть это путь в один конец. Если ты не веришь в загробную жизнь и прочие сказки о переселении души в новое тело, то жить как то не особо радостно.

From the beginning, I was afraid of death, then I stopped being afraid of death, but a little time passed and I 'm afraid of death again. You can 't help but be afraid of death when you know death is one way. If you do not believe in the afterlife and other fairy tales about the relocation of the soul to a new body, it is not particularly joyful to live somehow.

Sorry for my English, this translator translates so)

05.12.2019 15:16

05.12.2019 15:52


05.12.2019 16:24

I will try to make happy my peoples.

05.12.2019 16:26


05.12.2019 16:35

Yeah,if it really happen than i will change myself and my daily routine.I will start praying to God everyday because i have faith in Life after death where i will stay alltime.

Than i will start to help the poor people in my country and will spend all of my wealth to support them and change their life.When i will see smile on their face than it will make me so happy.

After that i will pass maximum time with my parents.I will give them much more love compred with present.They are working hard for me and they nothing expect without my happiness.

I will finish my last 1 year of life by doing above task.I think above task will give me lots of happiness.

05.12.2019 16:59

I'm a day late and my comment would have been to long so I made it a post.
What Would You Do If You'd Have One Year To Live?

05.12.2019 17:00

My lifestyle was change in previous times. And i want some different on the next day.

05.12.2019 17:43

This is a very good prompt. I will do a post on it.
Note: this is not the best post for me to read as I am waiting at the dentist's reception. Zing zzing goes the drilling noise in the background.

05.12.2019 17:59

Nothing is impossible with God. Miracles are still happening and if there is one thing I will do is to refuse to see the doctor's report as final. My God is the game changer. Staying strong in faith and fervent in prayer is what I will do and leave the rest in his hands.

05.12.2019 18:08


So @anomadsoul is trying to get ideas on how best to spend one year if that is all you had left. Funny as I have thought about this before lying in a hospital bed. Spending time on your own after a health scare does bring everything into focus. So what if this was true would you toss aside all the goodness in you and replace it with the all the badness you can find.

The problem is if you have only one year to live and maybe it is some horrible disease you would have to act fast on my plan as you may not have the strength and energy to carry them all out. You may laugh where this story is going, but I don't joke about this stuff and people who know me would believe it.

One year to get your finances in a healthy position so your family is taken care for when you are not around is a tall order but it is possible. Obviously a change of career would help and some drastic changes with no morals. Getting your hands on the finances that you would need can not be done legally within a 12 month period so this needs to be fast tracked.

I just see it as you have nothing to lose by doing this as 12 months goes by very quickly and being depressed and morbid is going to help no one. I suggest a second opinion first before you put your master plan into action as rotting in jail for life that isn't one year would not be fun.

I know I would make a devious type of criminal with careful planning and there would be no regrets as you have nothing to lose. I wouldn't rob banks as you would have to rob plenty to get what you need quickly. No point in robbing banks in my part of the world as you could walk out with gazillions of Dollars and it is only worth $10 so I would target drug cartels and most likely end up in South America somewhere.

Trust me this is not something I have planned to do, but this would make the most sense and I wouldn't hesitate to do it either. Someone who is calculated and desperate could pull this off and have asked myself why no one hasn't done it yet. If you get shot in the process who cares as at least you died trying and don't have to wait 12 months.
@anomadsoul said you would be healthy for exactly one year so no problems carrying this all out.

One or two decent jobs under your belt and you could live like a king for a year with no worries as you have come out of left field as you have no criminal records and are under the radar. I think this is better than robbing banks as you are already stealing from the criminals and no one would have the balls to do this normally.

I must admit certain things have crossed my path in the past, but I wasn't sick so would never get involved. I have been offered by certain people in the past to get involved with illegal shit and I just can't as that is not me. I don't have a crooked bone in my body and this is basically the opposite of me. I doubt whether I would do it ,but this thought has crossed my mind in the past and why it was fun to write and share.

I am no criminal, but if circumstances had to force me that way I wouldn't hesitate or would I. I honestly don't know the answer to this and it is a hard one. Luckily my business is doing well today and don't need to go to such extreme measures and I don't plan on dying any time soon.

05.12.2019 18:31

I would probably stop going to school because I would not have time to finish it, but I would continue to train a judo and try to win a gold medal at the Olympics next year. So I would leave some trace behind that would never die.

Of course I would do my best to travel the world more and get to know other peoples cultures.

It is tragic that people take life for granted only when they become ill and begin to appreciate it.

It is also a fact that one never knows how to react in a situation until that situation actually happens to him.

05.12.2019 20:40

Sad but I’ll make the year productive. I’ll spend a few days feeling sad for myself and the family but will spend every minute with the boys and parents.

I’ll let them nag as much as they want and not talk back. I’ll let my kids do whatever they want and not tell them off. I’ll let hubby buy whatever he wants and won’t get angry Cos I didn’t get anything.

I’ll probably book a holiday to somewhere I really wanted to go if money allows. I’ll also try to eat stuff I normally won’t try so I’ll die knowing I’ve tried before.

Finally I may write a book or blog about my journey and make it inspirational to those going through the same thing. I want to leave something positive behind and hope my little effort can help someone.

05.12.2019 21:44

For nearly three decades, now, I've fantasized about retiring from the world and seeking to become a mystic...


In a sense, I have achieved a version of this fantasy, by devoting myself wholeheartedly to my art, at the expense of all else (steady job, practical considerations, etc...) Having published 7 books of poetry and prose, I've begun to be described as a spiritual writer and my writing as mystical.

But, in my heart, I know I'm not doing enough. Part of it, is because the seductions of the world are too great and, I do not live alone; I am married.

The other part is that I lack the discipline and, perhaps, the temperament to follow an organized religion--though I am, increasingly, drawn to the mystical branch of Islam, known as Sufism.

If, in fact, I had one year remaining, I should hope that the pressure to meet my maker, soon, would help me to redouble my efforts and clear the inner hurdles that prevent me from pursuing my longing.

Photography by a friend, Zakaria Wakram. You can see more of his art, here

05.12.2019 21:56

Oh that's beautiful, my friend. The deepness of a contemplative lifestyle is certainly calling you, as the forest was always waiting for Buck in The call of the wild, of Jack London.

This is indeed very inspiring. I will see more of Z. Wakram... food for our souls.

05.12.2019 22:45

Thank you, for your understanding, kindred spirit & happy discoveries (re: photography).

As Rumi put it: what you are seeking is also seeking you.

Just beginning this book, which I suspect might interest you cqvgsbfpnb.jpg

06.12.2019 02:10

Oh it seems amazing. Thanks for the reference. I've read some interesting things about that in ARAS (The Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism), from a Jungian point of view, and I want to learn more.

09.12.2019 21:41


05.12.2019 22:08

This is beautiful.

Well, I want to say that I make this thought exercise often, as part of my daily meditations and my inner work (my sadhana). I have this practice to sit quietly and come back to my body, then asking me if I'm giving value to the life itself, or if I'm lost in any pretension about my future.

And I see how stupid is that last tendency, because there's no future. It's a bit funny that I wrote exactly that phrase in my last post, out of a profound feeling of thankfulness to the people that is helping me to live along my own calling.

I live in a country where the violence is a daily thing, and I've seen a big amount of dear friends and relatives murdered by bad people. So I couldn't enjoy a life where death is something far or strange... it is always in front of me. This experience has shaped my own understanding of the world, my spirituality and even the character of my poetry.

When I think about death, I know it is always close; but I need to face it with all the wisdom I could gathered, that's why I am a practitioner of shamanism... to become a friend of the unknown.

Lastly I should say that my perspective on this issue is a bit different from what I've seen in perhaps the majority of people. When people think seriously about death, they think they can "solve" it, in any way: well, I'll travel to the Himalayas; I'll go to see the world... or even I'll cheat on my partner, because that's something I always wanted and never did.

I respect those perspectives, but I don't share them because I know that death is not something we can solve in any way. Such ideas could be just the same denial of death that characterizes our daily lives, the same anxiety to win over death: Well, you will take me, but at least I will experience this thing, and that other thing... HA! You lose

I prefer a mindful reaction that accepts death with great humility. We are always dying... though we may be unaware of that. When we are aware, we don't want to rush anymore because we know we are just running straight to the grave. We start to give value to the present moment, to this delightful simple experience to be alive, to be breathing. And from that gratefulness, we just begin to make decisions out of the empathy, the quietness, the health of our lives.

Well, I'm always in this path. This is my path with heart.

05.12.2019 22:37

I can answer with, nothing different than I am doing today. It's satisfying to know I am doing exactly what I want to do within the limitations of my sick body and finances. I have lived an incredible life. If I don't make it past tomorrow, there is nothing I have any control over that I would change.
Thank you for the thoughtful question.

06.12.2019 00:50

Well, My doctor actual said that to me, after I got diagnosed with a cyst in the liver, the only difference being, he did not say, its going to be exactly 365 days.

And I think, no one can exactly say that. And I am a strong believer that, there can be always a change based on what action we do. So my life has changed a lot since then. The very first thing I have focused is to live a better life today, by changing the lifestyle. So I start my day with 45 - 60 mins exercise daily. It has been almost 2-3 months, and believe me, now if for some reason, I am not doing it on a day, I feel the difference. I have been able to loose good amount of weight, and that makes me feel a lot better. My target is to achieve the right BMI.

And then the next thing which affects our life most is food. I have changed my diet a lot. Its full of vegetables most of the time, and most importantly in time. No heavy food after the evening, to help loose the weight better.

But with all these, still the cyst did not do well, in fact it increased a bit, which was not a good sign. So now I am on some ayurvedic medicines. The next ultrasound is going to happen In January. And I am optimistic that it will reduce a bit by that time.

06.12.2019 07:16

If I was a young man, I think I'd be devastated to learn I have just 365 days until I'd die. I'd feel sorry for myself, and the fact that I would not get to live the length of time most people do, would weigh heavily on me for each of the upcoming 365 days.

If there was any way possible that I could remain calm after hearing the news, and then be brave and do something positive say, for each day I had left, I still can't imagine finding peace with it as a young man.

I've never feared death, even as a young man. I had no physical hindrances, so I figured if I died then, it would be because of an accident or some other situation in which death would come quickly. I’d prefer a "Wham bam thank you ma'am" sort of exit. It would be less of a big deal than all the suffering and stuff.

I'm not a young man now however. Though I don't feel much different physically at this point, I know that the longer I live, the closer I'll get to the point when I will experience physical deterioration and have to refrain from normal activities. So even though I feel fine now, and still have some energy in the tank, I know what's ahead.

If I was told today that I had 365 days to live, I think I'm more "equipped" to deal with the news in a less freaked-out manner.

I think that after I'd gotten over the shock of the initial diagnosis, I'd then be able to sit down and make a plan for what I would do each remaining day. I don't have a "bucket list," but I'd probably get one drawn up fairly quickly so I could actually begin my final journey on earth ASAP.

I'd visit places I'd always wanted to visit, and make sure I got around to all of the people I'd need to say goodbye to. I wouldn't fear adding something to my list that possibly earlier in life I'd sworn I would never do, like skydiving, for example. It's something I think would be cool to do, but I've always been scared to do it.

I would still not sit on a two-inch wide ledge of a high-rise building on a bicycle in New York City though, in an attempt to satisfy some craving inside for performing daredevil acts at great heights, because my doing that could be considered attempted suicide.

The only way that I would commit suicide, would be if there was something coming, a catastrophe that would definitely result in my experiencing a slow, agonizing, and painful death.

So, to summarize, at this point of my life I believe that I am much better prepared to face being told I have one year to live. What I am experiencing as I get older, is that the idea of my death becomes more and more acceptable to me.

Death is part of life, and I believe that it’s probably normal for most of us to accept death more readily as we age day by day. That is my personal experience anyway.

06.12.2019 09:36

I asked myself almost the same question around 6 years ago and all that my heart yearned for was- to discover a passion, find a peaceful village in middle of the high mountains and learn meditation. I don't know why, but it was something my heart always longed for, since my early graduation days.. but I could never do it, due to my social and financial fears.

After many years of hesitation, one day, however, i finally gathered some courage to leave the security of society and taking a step into the uncertainty. I wandered from here to there for a few months, with empty pockets; and finally found a peaceful village where I always wanted to live. Thankfully, life also supported me well during all this. I got a cool source of income in the village and also discovered my passion for photography and blogging.

And, today, that's exactly where I'm. Living in the middle of virgin forest, putting my energies into my passion and learning meditation, along with a pretty good bunch of friends.

Thanks for initiating the discussion over such a life changing topic and giving me a reason to reflect back & write a few words in gratitude.

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06.12.2019 14:19

The same way im living right now, maybe i will add kiπ#&*g some leaders that are destroying our society with their Radical ideas.

06.12.2019 20:03

Then you should start today with the leaders, regardless your own death timer.
Just about 50 times less radical than kiπ#&g them (unless the "π#&" stands for "ddin" ;-)). The other kiπ#&*g is NEVER a solution in the long term.

08.12.2019 09:45

I probably will just abandon all my long term plans that spans more than 1 year and doing what I would normally do unaffected by the death countdown.

07.12.2019 08:18

It's a great question. I have had my own experience with death, and later found myself in a role where watching people pass was a part of day to day for an uncomfortably long time. Young and old, suffering and peacefully. Both my own experience and being a witness to others brought about what was first an unwanted clarity. However once I learned to accept the meaning in the minutiae something altered and for years has remained that way.

Having stated all this I can't say I would do much different than what I'm doing now. This isn't to say life hasn't had it's regrets and things have passed that I wished I had seized. But each point just lead me to a stage where I learned to look at regret and its roots. If what I wince over is a missed chance that I am the only beneficiary I tend to let it go. If it was a regret sourced from a past pettiness or unintentional wounding of a person I care about or don't for that matter, I hold onto it and use it as a reminder to not make the same mistake. Again it was my own experience with almost leaving that brought this about. I long ago learned to see regret as something that isn't carried like a weight, but rather something that's part of reflection. A mirror that when looked into isn't supposed to show what I want to see, but rather what's there and what can be done about it. A call to be more alert with the cause and effects I am part of and share with others. So knowing I was off in a years time wouldn't change much in my approaches to past and present interactions. Doesn't mean that tomorrow or those days in count down wouldn't bring about more moments missed or mistakes made. My outlook would remain the same.

I think that last year would boil down to quietly preparing. I would want to really ensure that anything monetary or of help I could leave behind to others I care about was beefed up and robust. A lot of double checking basically. I wouldn't notify others. I know the character of those who care about me and I wouldn't want to make them feel burdened. I would rather we all interact as we always have. I have people I care about who rely on me, I have people I care about who I rely on. We are all sharing our time in life together but the heavy meaning is in the minutiae of that sharing. I often look at those I share my life with day to day and think about every little and large event that lead them to a point where we could share a cup of coffee, have an argument, laugh at things. The walk and events that brought them to stare off and think about what they are going to say. A massive cascade of good, bad, small, and large events all coming to head in each newly arriving moment and all leading to something as simple as just sharing a cuppa. The perspective I just laid out is not a state of awareness I am always in. After my experience with death that reality or awareness started to just show up. Frequently and often uncomfortably. Now I am grateful for it. Knowing I was going to leave wouldn't alter much there. I'm sure I'd still slip into being an a**hole from time to time. I'd still have moments that were great as well. I wouldn't want the way things happen day to day expected or unexpected to change. After all I'd already know when I was dying right? That's a great notification bell to have. Far better than mind that bus. What bus? Splat.

I would want to pick a spot. Isolated where when I left it was done alone. I hike and travel a lot. I always let someone close to me know where I'm heading and how long I will be gone. I would be sure to notify someone I know could cope with finding me and bring the news to others. I'd hope that as a plan that would work. I have three spots I'd choose from. One in the Smokey Mountains where I hunted once. It was one of the prettiest mornings I ever spent in solitude and a good spot to see a last sunrise. Another would be on a river in Florida where I spent part of my life. I used to fish in a quiet spot with my Father and one of my brothers. We where catfish fishing one evening and as the sunset and the moon came out I remember looking over and seeing them take in the same thing I was. Mirror water gently rippling like black mercury, the sound of a whippoorwill off in the distance, a gator cutting a curtain path across the surface of the water 30 yards out. A still and beautiful place. A good view to take in. But chances are I'd head up to Snowdonia over here in the U.K. There's a high point that offers a stunning view that I hike to from time to time. It would be a good last walk.

I've never seen a skeptic or an atheist have their skepticism and atheism survive in tact if they have had their heart stop as result of trauma, be clinically dead, come back due to medical intervention, AND have worked around dying people. I know the fear of death has many roots and it's tap root is comprised of our biological drive to keep going as long as possible. I know that due to the way our soggy computer in our skulls work we try to order it and assign meaning. Faith, religion, science and dismissal of any higher meaning. Most people base their faith and religion on experiences had and used to reinforce, science and the scientific method clearly break down at many levels when we reach past what we are able to observe and measure. Both churches are gunning for absolutes and both often use aspects of the other unwittingly. The reality is we don't know what the reality is. Every time we find what we triumphantly declare a new absolute it becomes tomorrows absurdity. Yet we have no antique facts outside of gravity, living, and dying.. I am being overly simplistic there but short on time. We stake a claim on knowing and defend it viciously unknowingly putting in more effort trying to comfort ourselves. It seems by searching for concrete meaning we miss genuine meaning. I'm not a fan of absolutes. I have suspicions about a number of things from my own experiences but those are my own. I don't sit under a tree going omm, I don't shake a floppy bible as a result of those experiences . I also think Dawkins work is something dumb people subscribe to to make themselves feel smart (read all his work, been to one of his talks). Atheism is one hell of an absurdity when we consider we can only observe 1% of the universe around us, yet we arrogantly declare we know what is or isn't. Our absolutes in one age rarely survive the next. Same as declaring it is something and we say that's God and it's nature is 1 2 3. Again, declaring the nature of something like that is absolute is... well... silly. I have a powerful suspicion regarding there being a broader reality once my meat suit quits. Not a suspicion I would declare as an absolute though. Not a suspicion that I'd want others to adopt either. It's born from my own experience and we all are going to have our own experiences with death. Our roads to it and our footing greeting it will widely vary.

Knowing I would die in a year or ten for that matter wouldn't alter much for me. I can honestly say that. My time between here and that moments arrival would, no different than it does today. But today like yesterday I'll do what I've done for years. Not assign meaning but rather let it do what it normally does which is smack me across the head which is always rewarding. Not close the door on anything but try to take people and places in in their entirety, reflect on any regrets I unwittingly accumulate so I can wittingly not do so again, and basically live.

Thanks for the great post. I haven't written much lately as have been seeing to tasks and tedium in the 3D world so not much time for good old steeming. Writing a response to your post has knocked the dust off a bit so it was a great exercise. Reading others responses has been rewarding to. So thanks for that. Looking forward to your next post @anomadsoul. Keep steeming.

07.12.2019 14:16

Thanks for the post.

08.12.2019 07:53

One year left.
Just one year.

Or... wow a whole year, would a fly say. Time has always been arguably the most relative attribute of life. Years may fly faster than you expect and minutes can take forever.

One year from now is actually a bit depressing.. would have wished for my family and friends to have a nice and warm funeral. Well, at least they won't sweat.

Guess the first thing i would do is to document my life more. Not for me, but my yet unborn child. Growing up without a father, it has to know at least how much I loved it and what kind of man I have been. What i would have wished for it but my expectations as well.

Second I would focus on finishing my translation of a well known book in my personal dialect (which i have no legal rights to do, or rather to make it public, but hey, won't bother me in heaven if it "leaks").

Now with 2 things left behind I expect me to focus on the third important (although the ranking is reverse currently) aspect of my life. Spend time with my beloved wife. But spending time doesn't only mean that we go on holidays etc. Spending time also will mean that we plan for the future after my death. My life will end at 2020-12-08, but theirs will go on. Time to build and improve the foundation of their life in the next 50 years.

Beyond these thoughts it gets more difficult. Guess I would become more reckless and would not care about my health much. Guess I would stop to try and learn/study things I expect to be needing in the longer distant future (like my English, sorry guys ;-)).

Oh and my last thought (for this post, not my life): Man it really bothers me, that my parents will be at my own funeral.. That is not how it is supposed to happen.

08.12.2019 09:41

I only have a year left to live,

Well as a 22 year old I haven't done much uptill now like fall in love get married travel the world. Now that I have just a year in hand I'll leave my studies I'm in my final year of engineering and just accomplish some of my dreams. Watching Barcelona vs Real Madrid at Nou Camp, getting to travel across the world and meeting new people and getting to know their respective cultures. I guess the first 6 months are enough for this after this I would like to spwnd the last six months with my family enjoying each and every moment in life with them. As a teen I know I've ignored my parents more than a few times but during these 6 months I just want be there for the family and finally die in thr hands of my parents getting their unconditional love till the end.

08.12.2019 17:31

Interesting topic. This question is difficult to answer for oneself. Any answer for the other will most likely be far-fetched. We always strive to look good in someone else's eyes.
There is a good motto: live as if it is your last day of life. But who remembers this motto every day? Most people do not value life time. They just live in response to changes in external conditions. There are not many people who have a goal that is not related to the satisfaction of desires or making big money. Everyone has been accustomed to the ideal of consumption.
I don’t know what I would do, what I’m not doing now, if someone would say that in a year I will die.
The first thing I did was to refuse to count the time. I would get rid of watches and calendars in any form. Then I would put in order all my earthly affairs, which concern not only me. There should be no debts left.
The rest is not important. I can set a small goal for myself, which can be approached during the year and follow this goal. In other aspects, my life will likely be the same.
Thanks for the good question :-)

11.12.2019 15:53

I deliberately didn't read comments from other steemians yet, to keep my own thoughts.

But to be honest, I believe no one can fully "imagine" the situation like this until it really happens. The realization that I will die soon would be a hard blow. On the other hand, one year is a plenty of time, and knowing that is a good chance to make the most of my chances.

It's a kind of blessing... My father died 2 months after we got known about his death disease, and none of us knew it would be so quick. Besides, my mother decided to not tell him about the real diagnosis. Now I'll never know how he (and we) would spend those 2 months if we all knew.

Anyway, my life would definitely changed. Not sure how much... My first thought was to give away as much as I can. And it is not about a material world, but about serving, helping and love. I'd meet all people I always wanted to see more often and I didn't because my life is too busy.

I would spend more time with my only daughter. Yes, I know I can love her in advance, but ... I can share with her my life and my experience.

I would make acquaintance with my neighbors just because I always wanted to do that but I've always been terribly embarrassed about it.

I would climb mountains, because it is my true passion and a source of my strength and inspiration.

The second important thing I'd definitely do is to struggle. Just recently, I've finished "Mind Power" by John Kehoe. and I do believe I have a power over any situation. And who knows... :)

Again, after I re-read my writing, I think we all should ask ourselves - why should I wait for such terrible news to do all this?

It was an interesting challenge, thank you, @anomadsoul!

17.12.2019 10:58

Deep question, but certainly everybody should think about. Life here is short; eternity long.

20.12.2019 23:40