Perhaps it's because you're not #POSH enough and you don't know about the OCD community

It's normal to not know about #POSH and "Original Content Decentralized", in fact it's kind of hard to know about everything that goes on the Steem Blockchain, especially since there are so many developers creating new apps every week, several frontends bringing updates every full moon and so many communities and Dapps navigating the Steem Ocean.

I don't blame you for not knowing about these two initiatives. In fact, if I wasn't an active part of them, I probably wouldn't know about their existence or perhaps wouldn't know how they work.

But wait, the post title is a bit clickbaity... what's with that?

Well, I'm not talking about your post rewards or engagement; It's not about how positive or negative your experience on Steem has been; this has nothing to do with any personal issues you may be facing.

Steem is not getting enough recognition outside of the Steem Blockchain, mainly in other social media sites where potential Steem users roam for hours every day. And that is perhaps because you're not #POSH enough.

But don't worry, I'm not blaming you - only -, I'm blaming us all as a group, because we are not sharing our amazing content with some of our other social media communities. We are not reaching out to our family and friends who follow us on Twitter or interact with us on Facebook or follows us on Instagram. We, as a Steem community, are not making them curious enough to make them open their Steem account.

So I ask you, why aren't you promoting Steem - by sharing your own posts on Twitter - if, the moment more and more people join Steem, it will only mean a better future for our Blockchain and thus, a better long term price?

I'm not trying to be confrontational or blame you for something that is not your fault. As I said, most likely you didn't even know that #POSH exists, and that we are actively pushing it on the Steem Blockchain to encourage people to join in. But wait, what the hell is POSH? I keep repeating it without even telling you what it is...

POSH: Proof of Share

The simple, yet effective effort of, after publishing on Steem any post (with the tag #posh and #oc), sharing a link of said post on your Twitter account. Writing a short tweet describing your post, inviting your followers to read it, and using the tags on Twitter #steemit #steem and #oc. Then, including a link to your tweet on your Steem post, to provide the Proof of Share on social media.

It's that easy. Takes 5 minutes and you'll be promoting Steem in one of the best ways there is.

The best part?

@ocd, @ocdb, @acidyo and me are manually curating all day, every day. Every time we see a post that we want to curate, we decide a voting percentage, but if we notice that the post was shared on Twitter, we rise the voting percentage by a small amount to reward a bit more those posts from people who make the effort of sharing Steem to their Twitter followers.

Yep, that simple.

But wait, then what is this all about the Original Content Decentralized community?

Well, this one DOES has a bit to do with your post rewards and the engagement you receive on your posts.

You might not be getting the attention you feel your posts deserve, and maybe you think your content could get a bit more rewards and comments from the community. Let's call it the way it is, you feel your content is underrated.

And that, my friend, is perhaps because you don't know about the OCD community.

The OCD - Original Content Decentralized - community is somewhat new, created by the curation project and Steem witness @ocd-witness. In this community we encourage Steemians to share their ORIGINAL CONTENT, meaning they can post to our community any work of their own, no matter if it is an art related post, a travel vlog, a food entry or a crypto analysis; as long as it is 100% original content and it was made in it's entirety by the Steemian posting it, it's game.

All you have to do to post to the OCD: Original Content Decentralized community is use the tag #hive-174578 and voilá, you'll instantly get more eyes in your posts by members of the OCD community and a bit more attention from the people curating with @ocd and @ocdb. Remember to check out the posts that use that tag, so the people using it also get more engagement! Let's keep nurturting the sense of community in the OCD gang.

Oh right, and don't forget to share your original-content posts on Twitter following the #POSH guidelines!

So there you have it, now there's no excuse to start using the tags #POSH and #OC while sharing your post on Twitter and using the tag #hive-174578 to become part of the OCD Original Content Decentralized Community.

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@tipu curate

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15.01.2020 21:36

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/20 - need recharge?)

15.01.2020 21:36

..ya, there I have it, thank’re completely right, that this could be a good way to get our posts out to people on other social media sites..will check and try it out..meanwhile, up..resteemed..and steem on!..
..let’s see what happens using this tool..I hope the best...

15.01.2020 21:41

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15.01.2020 21:41

@enjoykarma denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient! ----> Wer ist investinthefutur ?
@enjoykarma thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !----> Who is investinthefutur ?

15.01.2020 21:44

You are doing a great job I must confess, even the Nigerian steemians knows how effective and efficient you and your team really works. @ocdb, @ocd, you are working energetically to see the blockchain growing up so fast. Weldone @amomadsoul

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15.01.2020 21:49

Thanks for this post. I learned a lot from this especially the efforts your team are doing to help others in our community and making more people aware of Steemit. I also am not too knowledgeable about developments in our blockchain, in that you are spot on as far as I am concerned. I am not too engaged with the social media world. I just do FB and Steemit. I do not have a Twitter account or Instagram. I just do Steemit to post and share what I find interesting enough that are in my FB. Call me Jurassic. But I finally know what hive is and thanks to your post I will use this tag on my posts. As to POSH, my first reaction is never mind. But knowing this can help in growing Steemit I am willing to give this a go. I am sure my daughter @jacinta.sevilla can help me in opening a Twitter account and teach me how this works. Thank you once again.

15.01.2020 21:56
15.01.2020 21:56

I reckon I am quite #posh!

15.01.2020 22:16

I'm currently working on blog post about how effective the Twitter outreach has been lately. Since I've been #POSH'ing, I've been connecting with a ton of Steemians on the platform, and cross-pollinating with my followers that aren't yet in the Steemit community but are wildly fed up with social media like Instagram and Facebook. I've been taking screen shots when some weighty influencers on other sites like one of my #POSH tweets. I didn't know about the OC hive tag. I'll start using that. Thanks for fighting the good fight, @anomadsoul!

15.01.2020 23:46

..ya, great motivation around!..can feel it, even if I wouldn’t want to feel it..and that’s real, let us #POSH ing!..thx again..steem and of course #POSH on!..

15.01.2020 23:55

Ha! So that’s what OCD stands for!

16.01.2020 00:16

Being #posh certainly have had added benefits, I've connected with other Steem and Twitter users, enjoyed the extra post rewards but need to push active Facebook friends some more for the benefit of all!
Thank you all for your efforts to make Steemit grow even more!

16.01.2020 04:29

This is great, thank you for your efforts :)


18.01.2020 23:38

Thank you so much!

21.01.2020 10:49

Thank you!

21.01.2020 10:48

In my case, and I'd suggest for a number of members here, they simply don't want their friends and family here.
For me, I consider this to be my personal space where I can meet and talk to people I don't know in real life. It reminds me a lot of the early days of the net where we were all making amazing New connections with people around the world on the many chat sites and blogging platforms that were around back then . I see the advantage of Steem in its worldwide communities of like minded people not in some Facebook group style family and friends thing.

I love the promotion efforts but in my case it is with pushing Steem to common interest communities as opposed to blanket family and friend invites ! Trust me, if you ever met my sister-in-law, you'd thank me for not inviting her here!

Best wishes with your endeavours here and your future studies .

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16.01.2020 07:00

There's a lot of Steemian in Twitter... I am not actively tweeting... But ya, I will start tweeting more because of STEEM! ❤

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16.01.2020 10:16

When are you announcing the winners of the last @blocktrades contest? The competition post was authored 3 weeks ago.

16.01.2020 12:41

All you have to do to post to the OCD: Original Content Decentralized community is use the tag #hive-174578 and voilá, you'll instantly get more eyes in your posts by members of the OCD community and a bit more attention from the people curating with @ocd and @ocdb.

This is inaccurate. You must use the #hive-174578 tag as the first tag or it will not be in the OCD community. For example, your post is not in the OCD community.

16.01.2020 13:08

Very good idea!! Never heard of this before! First I have to get a Twitter account!

16.01.2020 14:00

Excellent promotion, I've already been working on that, along with the call to promote our beautiful financial ecosystem. Thank you @anomadsoul!

16.01.2020 16:03

Hello @anomadsoul HAPPY 2020 from Venezuela

Steemit is a platform that we know when we start but not when we will finish, because the road is infinite and every day more innovations arise, so that we can participate in sharing our talents as writers, researchers.

Because publishing is not that and there is nothing else to study, to investigate, so we get excited about what we do, so much so that many of us have commented on whether our food is burning, that we spend hours sitting in front of a pc, to do and give the best of ourselves.

When I was invited to participate in one of your contests I didn't do it because I didn't have a Twitter feed. I did, but I couldn't remember the password, but it's ready now and since they taught me how to do it, I've already published several of my posts on Twitter with the tags "posh "oc .

Really this writing is easy for me, because as a teacher, I had to do a lot of research and study classes for my students.
I'm already looking forward to participate in one of your contests and if I would win it would be much better ha ha ha.

16.01.2020 18:47

I'll try to remember to use the #POSH tag, though I'm just getting back into my social media game, but begin as you mean to go on they say :)

17.01.2020 02:57

Very interesting, at last an explanation of what this hive-numbers business is. No one has yet explained any of it to me.

Great to see your cross-posting promotion with twitter links, I will pursue it with the hash tags as you suggest.

17.01.2020 08:33

Great post Eric. Thank you for bringing #oc and #posh to my attention. I have some questions:

  1. Can I share my original content that I have previously posted elsewhere?
  2. Does this only work with Twitter, or will you also notice the posta I share on FB, Linked In and other networks (which I do often, even though I've only been a Steemian for 11 days). I'm super enthusiastic about what I am finding here.
  3. What about posts I have already made here, like my #introduceyourself post which I shared yesterday. Can I edit the post (and if so how - I have noticed some posts have been edited but don't see how to do that?) adding the #posh and #oc tags to that post so they get noticed, or can can I somehow resteem them with the tags (by I don't think that's possible) or make a comment on the post and tag in the comment?
  4. What about other Steeemians original posts which I ahare externally? If I add the #steemit#steem and #oc tags when I share to Twitter (and other networks) will these get picked up and the Steemian who posted originally get reawarded with SP and attention in the #ox community?

Thanks for this initiative.


17.01.2020 09:14

Is there curation of #posh for community account as this? We endeavour to promote steem by sharing our links to Twitter and do encourage our members to do same.

24.01.2020 18:26

Is there curation of #posh for community account as this? We endeavour to promote steem by sharing our links to Twitter and do encourage our members to do same.

24.01.2020 18:30

Well now, I just read this and see the new requirement tag for Twitter has to have #oc in it too. I wasn't able to add that cause I based it on the original #POSH post. Even without the #oc tag in my tweet will my post still be valid to upvote? 🤔

18.02.2020 09:02