Meet the Judges for the "Achievements and Failures" Contest | Check out some more entries!

Hey amigos! You still haven't joined this contest despite it being a great opportunity to reflect about the year thats about to end... what are you waiting for? It's veryeasy and it's fun as hell!

Write about how was your 2019! Go deep into your Achivements and Failures, obstacles and milestones and get a chance to win one of the Prizes in liquid Steem!

Check out the contest here

You have until December 18th at 23:59 PST - Around 38 hours from now - to publish your entries

For this contest we will have three experienced content creators nd long time curators helping us pick the winning entries, if you haven't heard of them go check out their blog and follow them! You won't regret this decision :)

@Nelyp - OCD and Cervantes Curator, spanish and english content writer and Gods Unchained eager player. Steem Fest 2 attendee and pet lover.


@Derangedvisions - OCD curator, Creativecoin founder, Photography adept and Community builder. Steem Fest 3 & 4 attendee and Family man.


@Travelgirl - OCD Curator, travel blogger and food vlogger, Steemmonsters collector and part of Steemit mamas.. Steem Fest 3 & 4 attendee and Bear Mamma.


There's already a lot of great entries already, so right now it's your chance to get to know other Steemians, connect with amazing people and grow your Steem Network!

Check out some of the entries here:

Steemian Post Image
@sumit71428 In this video I talkabout my failures as well as achievements of 2019
@sacra97 I can not complain despite everything has been a good year, full of learning and health
@nachomolina The Good and the Bad
@reeta0119 Joining STEEM was one of the best decision that I have made this year
@chireerocks The Journey Of Dark Night Of The Soul
@hafizullah Success motivates us, while failure frustrates us
@firefly2020 I'm grateful and thankful for witnessing this year in good health and happiness
@ahmanik47 Achievements and Failures, industry key to success
@syllem I've gotten used to the site a little more, I feel a little calmer
@janaveda It is somewhat more difficult to weigh the advantages and qualitative gains
@dfacademy Failure is a condiment to success
@hendersonp There are good years and others not so good
@oppongk When each of these elements of life comes, we should admit and find possible way of amendment
@pablo1601 2019 is leaving and for many the time comes for the balance sheets
@alokkumar121 A Year filled with Great things
@certain Sorrow is contained in happiness, in the same way that failure is contained in success
@apnigrich Man proposes and God disposes
@wira8788 How do I interpret success todat
@steemflow Back to rythm - Rewinding 2019
@gooze The year of trying
@ayopeju My year of restoration and fruitfulness
@belkisa758 An optimistic road on Steem

This post rewards will go directly to the judges, so if you have a spare vote I'd appreciate it :)

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Keep doing the good work brother. Stay blessed.

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@anomadsoul very very thanks for mentioned me. This contest is so impressive.

17.12.2019 15:37

Perfect Panel. Nice to meet you Judges.

17.12.2019 15:57

Good to see and meet them. It's great to have them. Together we STEEM

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17.12.2019 16:10

Each judge is full of experience and my great pleasure and good wishes for the judges. thanks dear brother @anomadsoul

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Thank you very much for your mention and your collaboration in promoting all the incredible posts of this wonderful contest @anomadsoul. Big hug

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Nuevamente gracias amigo por esta iniciativa. Felicitaciones a los participantes mencionados en este post.

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Thanks for the support @anomadsoul

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My entry didn’t turn out pretty. I used a new mic and as it turned out the mic volume was so low.

18.12.2019 04:10

I almost missed this! You're right, it's a good way to reflect on this year :)

18.12.2019 05:22

Greetings to: @anomadsoul & @blocktrades.

Good luck to the judges of the contest:
@Nelyp, @Derangedvisions & @Travelgirl.

Total support, from #venezuela


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There's still more than ten hours to do it

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2019 - 2020 🎉 🌟

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Sorry I took so long, but got my post in just in time!!! Going to check out the other entries now xx

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awesome contest :D

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