Love The Clouds' Contest #54

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lovetheclouds contest by @tobetada


When the clouds and setting sun come together they perfectly create and an all awe-inspiring view.


Gratitude for this beautiful moment in time.
November 10th 2019

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@annephilbrick we also had a pink sky yesterday, not as pretty as yours but still pretty.

05.12.2019 04:08
So wonderful you were enjoying beautiful sky there too...!!
The colors look so very warm but it was definitely not warm outside when I was taking pictures. Very cold and really gusty winds coming across the marsh.
I took quite a few pictures. The clouds and colors were changing fast. Most amazing how it does that.
05.12.2019 13:18

@annephilbrick yes it is something how fast it can change when I saw the pink in the sky I grabbed my phone and by the time I got outside it had almost faded away.

06.12.2019 01:41

this looks like a really awesome and relaxing scenery ^^ .. I really would like to be there this evening ;)

05.12.2019 12:26

Thank You !
Very truly awesome it is indeed.
It was very cold and gusty winds outside. The clouds and colors were changing fast. I can see this view from the inside of my cabin but I always suit up and go outside to take pictures. I doesn't matter how cold it is I'm out there involving myself. It's the absolute best experience.

05.12.2019 13:38