The recipe of the Yummiest Healthiest Cookies on the planet. Just plants & love

The more I play with real food, the more amazed I am at the wisdom of Nature and her ways to deliver us all that we need to stay well, healthy and happy.
Everyone loves chocolate cookies, right?
I mean..... that sensation of the sweet crumble with a taste of chocolate taking over you... on my!.... imagine a bit of chewiness to that with a hint of roasted .................. now, that is a moment to experience, that is something that will force you in to the eternal NOW. Our taste buds do serve us well, don't they?

Anyway, I could describe the sensation that you might as well get ready for (if you are into a cookie- creating-adventure) the entire time of writing this article, but it will not make a point.

The point is that I am a real foodie, a real fussy one. I only eat once a day, but when i do eat - it is a sacred experience, a ceremony of some kind, and so, I expect my food to taste like heaven and be absolutely natural with zero-damage-factor & preferably super-food status, and some DNA activation in it (which these cookies have, by the way).
I could never get that feeling of JOY when I try something heavenly tasting yet not-so-good for me. The feeling of guilt that comes with most tasty morsels on this planet seems to be a norm for a lot of people. I used to be one of them....
a long time ago.
See, I don't believe in guilt, or any of those low vibe/tamasic feelings for that matter.
It is not good for us to feel bad, not about food, not about our SELF, not about anything. It keeps us trapped and stuck,
but we are here to fly. Joy is our birth right.
I believe in Harmony that is the law of Nature, of everything that lives.
You know by now how much I talk about vibration and food.
.. and I know that no matter where you are at this point of your own evolution, you would feel the difference between some vibrationally twisted chemical monster cookie, that will outlive you & me and a REAL thing.

The one is made with no love for you in it, and the other one is made by mama Nature herself with all her love in it. Do you think You would be able to feel that? Of course, You are breathing feeling being.
You might think it is too deep of a food thought, but we do live in a vibrational Universe, and everything is vibration... and we all can learn to read it & dance with it harmoniously. Some of us - smart cosmic cookies - do it with food as much as everything else.

So, that was a long intro to a cookie recipe, hey?
Let us just get to this heaven-on-earth deliciousness that has nothing but goodness to offer - to the palate, to the cells, and to the Soul.
You might want to consider to double the measurements of this recipe, as I need to warn you right now - these cookies have one strange quality to them, they seem to disappear....... magically..... mysteriously, real fast. Keep that in mind.
Please do not be concerned if you never baked anything in your life, these cookies will bake themselves, just create & treat them right.

Here is what we need:

1/2 cup of nuts, ground. I used macadamias, almonds and good (non-gmo) peanuts will probably taste as heavenly, so adjust to your taste.
1/2 cup of black raisins (chewiness factor covered!)
1 handful of oats
1 T tapioca flour
1/2 tea sp of baking soda (not powder)
1/2 tea sp of sea/Himalayan salt
1 cup of rice flour (brown and white both work), you choose
2 T unrefined cacao powder, my favorite is Peruvian one

1/2 cup of nut milk (not cold). I used coconut milk
2 T raw coconut oil, melted
2 T (use more if you have a sweet tooth!) of good sweetener of your choice - date/coconut/brown cane sugar OR maple/agave syrup. I used coconut flower sugar - my favorite

Mix all the dry ingredients first.
In a separate smaller bowl combine the last three (wet) ingredients and add them to the dry bowl.
Mix and kneed thoroughly (basically just play with it) until it becomes one solid yummy-looking ball.
Using the measurements here, I came up with this cuteness -

Now, let it chill for at least an hour. The oil will get the chance to harden up and will make our cookies easy to bake.
Preheat oven. 190 C/375 F.
When ready, pinch a little of the cookie dough, roll a small ball & flatten it (either with your fingers or between your palms) and set the cookies on a baking tray laid with parchment paper.
Bake for 12-15 minutes, depending on the oven.
You can check the cookies after 12 mins by using a toothpick - when the top is hard - the cookies are ready.
The smell in your kitchen will let you know as well, so you will not miss it.
Let the baked cookies cool down. Please resist the temptation to eat them hot (I did not find that too joyful).
Serve with a cup of a yogi tea or a glass of cold nut milk. Crumble the cookies over your vegan dessert (like in the previous post - pina colada nice cream).
And, if you are a real foodie like I am, then deep your cookies into a home made Chocolate Truffle Butter. Take a bite and get into the NOW & HERE faster then we can say "cookies."
Call these powered by plants creations anything You want - soul cookies, cosmic cookies, vegan/gluten-free chocolate cookies, enlightenment cookies... here&now cookies.
Just enjoy, be good to your self, and don't forget to share the JOY.
Thank you for spending time with me here in the cookie zone.
I appreciate you.

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02.10.2019 11:01

I would love to have some of these cookies

03.10.2019 00:08

They look so good. Now I am hungry again lol

03.10.2019 02:17


Would you mind if we included this recipe in a ebook we are creating as a fundraiser for Natural Medicine? The book will be exchanged for LOTUS token, and anyone featuring in the book will get it half price. We will fully credit your work, of course! Any profit made goes back into the account to be returned as upvotes for the community, and the #vegan tag is one we wholeheartedly support!

The book will be all healthy, vegan food with original recipes from Steemians. This one is just fabulous, and I'd be so honoured if you'd allow us to feature it!


20.11.2019 04:26