Little Self-Healer Starter Kit that anyone can make


Helping yourself heal without meds is easier then we were ever allowed to believe.

Decades ago....when I found myself ill and diagnosed with some scary - named dis-harmonies ( that is what all illnesses are ) I said no to Big pHarma and ran for the hills.... to NATURE.

No amount of fear-planting conversations, no doctor's convincing not-so-good prognosis could change my mind....or shall I say 'heart?"

I knew what was right for me.
I trusted Nature and my own ability to heal. I know some of you can relate.

It has been a fascinating journey of natural healing ever since.


For many years I got to observe the response of my own body to simple herbs/spices/super foods/nutriceuticals that mama Nature gifted us with.
I learned, researched, played and experimented on my self my entire life. It is so much fun to explore what Earth has for us.

For many years now I have been creating HPs- Healing Programs for my kinda people - Nature Tribe, risk-takers and heavenly trouble-makers, courageous souls who dared to go against the stream.

I have an honor to witness people self heal, drop weight, becoming fit, energetic & inspired....just by taking the right foods.
Today I wish to share it here with you, beautiful people.

Of course, there is more to healing then a bunch of edibles....but I have learned that just introducing certain new foods to our beautiful human form - is a good first step towards our personal ALIGNMENT.

I learned that
Super foods & high vibe medicinal edibles speak directly to our DNA, they kinda revive our original blueprint that has been numbed by modern chemicals and activate our own in-built self-healing mechanism.

There is nothing I LOVE more then to witness personal TRANSFORMATION, our collective EMPOWERMENT....our turning to mama Earth.

I live in a state of awe watching one transformation after another.
If so many of us could do it, so can You.
It is easy, simple.. and it works.

I am convinced that these easy-to-find these days edibles are real healers sent by NATURE herself.

simple, very basic one-day-self-healing-set lovingly prepared for yet another beautiful person ready to take his POWER back.


1 T FLAX SEEDS/CHIA SEEDs, goji OR other berries and oats can be added
1t TURMERIC with a pinch of black pepper and Ceylon cinnamon
1 t MATCHA TEA powder
a few cups of YOGI CHAI - I make my own
COCONUT YOGURT SHOT - homemade is the best.

We all have to start somewhere. Right?
I got to witness - this is a good way to start for those who are just about to unplug from the old world food paradigm, looking for a new way, but feel too overwhelmed by choices, detox programs and fasting.

Start NOW, as You are and where You are, one step ... one sip at a time.... and in no time You will feel the difference, and that will be your best motivation to take more steps towards your WELL-BEING.


May we all be HAPPY, HEALTHY and FREE.

Much love.
Self-healer. Well-Being Guide.
Nature Advocate. Author.

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