Human things in Collserola Mountain

Posting about the walk in Collserola (Barcelona, Spain), three remarkable things that you meet during the walk :)

*The man who takes care of the little house of the fountain

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There is a little house that has been there for many years, with a small picnic area and a mini fountain. A man goes there every day (or almost) and takes care of it and keeps it in good condition. There is not once we have passed by there and the man is not there, for love of art :)

*Masia Can Masdeu

Can Masdeu is a squat social centre, residence and community garden. The building was a leper hospital abandoned for 53 years before its final eviction.
When I was a kid, the building was occupied and there were several days of a lot of tension as the police went to evict it and there were many protests as obviously the occupants themselves were against the eviction but also many other people. I remember that one of them even hung a bathtub on a pole and he was inside the bathtub :).
Finally all this problem ended since the house was accepted in the way it is now.

*The swing hanging from a tree

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A swing that someone once hung up when he went up that part of the mountain, and it keeps breaking but there is always someone to fix it right away.
Near the swing there was isa sofa that I don't want to know how they got up there 😂 😂, now the sofa is already quite broken.!/v/annamarina/iakyql7ks43

Both the swing and the sofa are next to the pine trees that can be seen on the mountain, so it would not have been so easy to climb up there haha

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