Money Heist postponed

Money heist is one of the most liked Netflix show since such a long time. It's fans has been waiting for the new Season to be aired in the April of 2021.
It got aired in 2017, as a Criminal show which has a main lead named and known as "Professor". Professor is a master mind who makes his way in the Royal mint of Spain and steal millions of Euros from there. First part consisted of two seasons which was full of action, emotions, story, drama, fun and above all suspense.
Second part continuous when, one of the member of the heist got caught by the cops and given cruel punishment, here professor act as an Angel and tries to get Rio from police and plans another Heist.
Netflix uploaded a list of shows that will be premiered in April 2021, and unfortunately "MONEY HEIST" was not one of those shows. This delayed Release might be because of COVID, that production of this thrilling show got a set back. Money heist got fame from the very first season, and has got 8.3/10 IMDb ratings. The season three that was premiered last year on Netflix has a very confusing and awaiting ending.


Season three ended when all the main leads "Professor", "Raquel" and "Sierra" all in the difficult situations. When Lisbon/Raquel was reunited with her team, that was the very moment police officer Sierra finds out the hiding spot of the professor.

Screenshot (10).png

Pointing A gun at professor and making fans wait for some more is another Heist happening around for the viewers, fingers crossed and hope for Netflix to announce a new date for release.

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